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Who are we

D-Tree International is a global digital health organization dedicated to ensuring universal access to high-quality primary health care in underserved areas. We do this by working with governments to design, build and deploy digital tools for frontline health workers that improve their ability to deliver high-quality, evidence-based care. Senior Government Advisor Job 

D-Tree collaborates with governments to develop a shared vision of the potential for digital health, demonstrates the effectiveness of digital systems to improve health outcomes, and accompanies governments to scale and institutionalize these digital systems nationally within their broader health systems.

Since 2011, D-Tree has partnered with the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar to implement an innovative digital health programme, Jamii ni Afya (“Community is Health”) to support Community Health Volunteers to deliver health services within their communities. This program has consistently demonstrated improved health outcomes, an enhanced community health system, and increased use of data in decision-making. Over time, Jamii ni Afya has grown from a pilot program to a national program and has shown how digital technology can change the quality of the health system.

The Zanzibar government has committed to adopting the Jami Ni Aya at the national level; Integrate digitally empowered CHVs into their formal community health strategy. This represents the world’s first ever digital community health program to be scaled nationally, delivering quality health services to the doorsteps of all of Zanzibar. The digital health program reached its full scale in August 2021, allowing D-tree to focus on the program’s sustainability, quality and impact. Senior Government Advisor Job 


Senior Government Advisor Job at D-tree International Zanzibar 2022

Senior Government Advisor Job
Senior Government Advisor Job

An important aspect of our work is the ongoing government engagement and capacity building in order to fully transition Jamii ni Afya to the government in terms of financial, technical and operational management. We bring together partners involved in various aspects of community and digital health to provide multidisciplinary support to government throughout the journey to expansion.

At the same time, we act as a key trusted partner to the government as we collaborate to realize the potential of digital health to strengthen the broader primary health system in Zanzibar. This is an exciting opportunity to help deepen and broaden our work and impact.

JOB TITTLE: Senior Government Advisor

Reports to: Zanzibar Director

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Start Date: Immediate opening

Salary Range: 87,750,000 TZS to 135,000,000 TZS gross annual salary inclusive of all cash compensation

Who are you

We are looking for a Senior Government Consultant, based in Stone Town, Zanzibar, to lead government engagement initiatives at D-Tree to support the institutionalization of Jamii ni Afya and grow our portfolio based on government priorities. You are someone who has strong established relationships with the senior officials of the Zanzibar government, particularly within the Ministry of Health and the Office of the President.

You have a solid understanding of the Zanzibar government system and know how to make decisions, and you have experience developing and implementing strategies to enhance government ownership and financial sustainability of programmes. Feel comfortable and confident in high-level meetings with the government, and enjoy developing and implementing program plans and strategies to grow the organization’s portfolio and reputation. Senior Government Advisor Job

You have strong analytical skills and can assess the environment, needs and opportunities within Zanzibar and then identify strategic opportunities for D-tree. You are a strong public speaker with the ability to clearly articulate the vision of D-Tree and strategically position our work within the broader health landscape in Zanzibar. Finally, you are proactive and a strong communicator, which will promote fruitful collaboration with colleagues across international time zones.

What are you going to do

This is a dynamic, challenging and rewarding role that requires an individual with extensive experience working with the Zanzibari government and key stakeholders, with experience in transferring donor-led initiatives into government systems. Your main task will be to obtain a commitment from the Zanzibar government – including the Ministries of Health and Finance – to fully fund Jamii ni Afya over the next five years and to continue expanding the program to provide more comprehensive health care for every Zanzibari. Senior Government Advisor Job

You will work to cultivate relationships with key decision makers within the government and identify champions who will advocate for government ownership of Jamii Ni Afia. She will communicate regularly with managers from various departments of the Ministry of Health to advocate for digital health potentials to transform health systems and identify opportunities for expansion of D-tree programs. Specific responsibilities include:                                                                                                           Senior Government Advisor Job

  • Develop and foster strong relationships with officials at all levels, including within the Zanzibar Ministry of Health and President’s Office, to increase the visibility of Jamii ni Afya and D-tree
  • Cultivate relationships with government stakeholders who can act as Champions for government ownership of Jamii ni Afya
  • Working closely with the Zanzibar Director, develop and execute a government engagement and advocacy plan for government ownership of Jamii ni Afya
  • Represent D-tree to senior government officials, promoting D-tree’s mission and vision as a trusted digital health partner in Zanzibar
  • Research and develop presentations and guidance providing practical examples for government-led financing options for community health worker programs
  • Stay abreast of potential funding opportunities from multi-lateral funding organizations such as GAVI, Global Fund and World Bank
  • Communicate effectively through available fora at regional, district, ward and village level the position and role of D-tree International
  • Present project highlights and results at meetings and fora/conferences


We are looking for an enthusiastic and enthusiastic individual who is willing to wear multiple hats and do what it takes to support the continued growth of quality D-tree. The following attributes are a general overview, but we will consider individuals who do not meet all of the details below if you have the right skill set and behavior.                                                 Senior Government Advisor Job

  • Practical experience of at least 10 years
  • Substantial experience dealing with Zanzibari government officials at the national level, with a solid understanding of how decisions are made
  • Existing relationships with key decision makers in the Ministry of Health (required) and the Ministry of Finance (desirable)
  • Knowledge of the Zanzibar health sector
  • Experience in financing mechanisms that support government initiatives such as the Global Fund, GAVI and the World Bank
  • Superior analytical skills. The ability to think logically and rationally about problems
  • Must be able to work independently, multi-task, collaborate with a distributed team, be diligent and work under tight deadlines with minimal supervision
  • Excellent written and spoken Swahili and English.                                                                                                                          Senior Government Advisor Job

Mode of Application

To apply for this role please fill in the google form here. Only applicants who respond to all questions and include their CV as well as a thoughtful, tailored cover letter will be considered.

This position is open to Tanzanian nationals only


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