Bei Mpya ya Vifurushi vya Azam 2022-Azam Tv, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Azam tv is one of the media outlets whose main function is to disseminate and provide information services to the public.
as well as spreading in different places Azam tv headquartered in Tanzania. Other countries where azam tv offers its services include Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi and other East and Central African countries. Bei Mpya ya Vifurushi vya Azam


To provide affordable, high quality television entertainment to families across sub-Saharan Africa.


Every TV household on the continent should have the opportunity to connect to the azamtv service at a reasonable cost to enjoy a wide range of exciting but wholesome family programming, both local and international, which will entertain, educate and delight them. Also read Senior Government Advisor Job at D-tree International Zanzibar 2022

Bei Mpya ya Vifurushi vya Azam 2022-Azam Tv

Bei Mpya ya Vifurushi vya Azam
Bei Mpya ya Vifurushi vya Azam
At that time Azam tv users were used to paying for packages at a price of
Tzs 20000
Tzs 13000
Tzs 4000
800 Tzs
Azam has now announced the new price for packages that will come into effect on 1/04/2022
The new package price will be:
Tzs 23,000
Tzs 15,000
Tzs 5,000
1,000 Tzs


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