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Jobs in Rwanda-Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc:- Search and Find the Latest Jobs in Rwanda, Apply as Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc, Key Responsibilities, Education and Experience..

About Urwego Bank Plc 

We provide access to financial solutions empowering people to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.


  • To provide a ladder of opportunity to underserved communities in Rwanda as we proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jobs in Rwanda-Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc

JOB TITTLE: Agric Program Officer

COMPANY:  Urwego Bank Plc

JOB TYPE: Full Time

LOCATION: Within Rwanda , Kigali , East Africa

CATEGORY: Administrative/Secretarial Jobs in Rwanda

DEADLINE OF THIS JOB: 25 February 2022

The Agriculture Program Officer (APO) will lead the development and monitoring of agricultural lending products at Urwego. APM will ensure that agricultural products are relevant to the target market and Urwego’s mission as well as financial sustainability while managing credit risk appropriately. APM will work with the Chief Credit and Agricultural Lending Officers to grow the existing portfolio and develop new agricultural business lines and partnerships. The Agriculture Officer will also be responsible for building the capacity of Urwego’s team of Agricultural Finance Officers in agricultural lending and risk management.

Jobs in Rwanda-Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc

Key Responsibilities

  • Promote and fulfill   Urwego Bank’s 3Ms as stated above while working in a messianic environment that is mission-driven, community-oriented and results-based.

Spiritual Integration and Christian Witness

  • Ensuring personal and healthy spiritual balance within the family, work, and church life by adopting biblical personal and spiritual disciplines; Conducting day-to-day business and making decisions and helping Urwego Bank make decisions in a way that bears witness to the presence, power, and love of Jesus and the truth of his kingdom on earth.

Jobs in Rwanda-Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc

Agricultural Products Management

  • Work with his supervisor to develop the strategic direction and vision for agricultural products.
  • Ensure that agricultural products are relevant to Urwego’s mission;
  • Ensure that agricultural products are relevant to the target market;
  • Ensuring the financial sustainability of agricultural products;
  • Review agricultural credit files to established limits and make recommendations for improvement, acceptance or rejection of the credit application;
  • Identification of key agricultural product risks and development of mitigations through well-thought-out loan product design, product labels, procedures and controls;
  • Work with the Risk Department to ensure effective and timely mitigation of the many risks associated with agricultural product design and methodology; And
  • Identification, monitoring, management and control of agricultural product risks within Urwego’s risk tolerance.

Jobs in Rwanda-Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc

Center of Excellence

  • Actively maintain and grow expertise in industry best practices for agricultural lending and product design and implementation.
  • Building the capacities of the agricultural finance officials team in the field of agricultural lending and credit risk management.
  • Sharing and developing agricultural expertise among service delivery personnel, especially sales officials and leaders, in our agricultural products.


Jobs in Rwanda-Human Resource and Administration Manager

Managing Policies and Procedures

  • Periodically review and recommend updates to policy and procedure manuals for critical operations associated with all agricultural products.

Jobs in Rwanda-Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc

Product design and development

  • Play a leading role in responding to industry trends and customer needs by developing enhanced products that keep Urwego’s offerings relevant to the Rwandan market. Incorporating best practices used throughout the HOPE International Programs Network.
  • Lead a data-driven pilot product that tests key assumptions of product design and oversees scaling up of the right product while managing risks appropriately.

Jobs in Rwanda-Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc

Portfolio Quality

  • Overseeing the overall quality of the agricultural portfolio, using the PAR as the primary measure of portfolio quality and keeping the PAR 30 below 5% on average.
  • Work with HO staff to address portfolio quality deficiencies, including credit management and default management, through staff training, product design and procedures.
  • Work with the HO staff to implement appropriate discontinuation measures that help detect and mitigate PAR at the lowest level possible for the organization.

Organizational alignment

  • Ensure adequate knowledge of regulatory guidelines for microfinance and agricultural lending products, and ensure that Urwego policies, procedures, systems and controls are in compliance with relevant directives.
    profitability and growth
  • Cooperating with the work team to set appropriate prices for agricultural products and efficiency standards for agricultural finance officials to achieve appropriate profitability.
  • Work with business and marketing staff to design appropriate agricultural product promotion strategies and techniques.
    Maintain updated product features that remain relevant to the market and enable service delivery personnel to achieve established growth targets.

Jobs in Rwanda-Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc

Stakeholder and Partner Relations

APO will partner with the business team to grow and develop existing agribusiness lines.

  • Act as the Bank’s lead representative to partners and non-partners in providing expertise and financing focused on agricultural products.
  • Develop relationships with strategic partners and potential partners that support agricultural lending.
  • Supervising and ensuring compliance with agreements with partners and vendors related to agricultural product subsidies.
  • As agreed, with the G & Agric Product Manager, develop partnerships with input providers, end market buyers, government agencies, participating lenders, international grant providers, escrow providers and insurance providers to support Urwego’s mission to agriculture clients.

Jobs in Rwanda-Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc

Qualifications, knowledge, skills and abilities.

  • personal acknowledgment of faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to the mission and vision of Urwego Bank Plc;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering, Agribusiness or any related field; 5 or more years of agricultural lending experience, preferably in the following value chains: Coffee, Irish Potatoes, Rice, Maize.
  • Experience in assessing and managing agricultural credit risks.
  • Ability to issue, negotiate and manage partnership agreements.
  • Proven training skills.
  • Strong organizational skills, including effective time management and prioritizing competing requests/multiple deadlines.
  • Specialization in project management disciplines.
  • Demonstrate analytical thinking skills.
  • Strong written, verbal and computer-based communication and presentation skills.
  • Intercultural listening and communication skills.
  • Fully fluent with Microsoft Office suite.
  • Good English language skills. Fluency in Kinyarwanda.

Jobs in Rwanda-Agric Program Officer at Urwego Bank Plc


Interested and qualified applicants must submit the following documents to in one folder or virtually at Urwego Bank PLc Head Office Umuyenzi Plaza – Remera Kisementi 3rd no later than February 25, 2021 5 PM.

Requests should be directed to the Human Resources Department

A motivation letter stating your suitability for the position,

A biography with the names of two referees,

Degree certificate, copy of ID and additional certificates, if any.

A recommendation from your church with a minimum validity of 6 months

A statement of faith.



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