10 Best Restaurants in Durban You Should Visit

Best Restaurants in Durban
Best Restaurants in Durban

10 Best Restaurants in Durban You Should Visit;- Durban is the economic capital of South Africa, home to a booming startup scene, and the third largest city in the country with a population of over 1 million people. It’s a vibrant and modern city that’s worthy of a visit.

10 Best Restaurants in Durban

Best Restaurants in Durban
Best Restaurants in Durban

Here are 10 of the best restaurants in Durban. 1.Jimmy’s Steak House Jimmys Steak House has been serving up fine, Steakhouse-Style meals in Durban for over a century. The restaurant was opened by Jimmy, a local native and an old-school steakhouse aficionado. The restaurant is famous for its straightforward and simple American steak and seafood dishes. But the food doesn’t end there. The atmosphere is also to die for. The restaurant has been recently refurbished and the interior has been beautifully designed to replicate the atmosphere of a Steakhouse. Best Restaurants in Durban

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The interior of the restaurant has been expertly designed with a historic touch and the walls are adorned with vintage photographs of Durban. The menu of the restaurant offers a vast array of Steakhouse-style meals with a twist. The signature dish of the restaurant is the Steakhouse Salad. You can also try the Steakhouse Burger, Steakhouse Nachos and Steakhouse Ribs. The restaurant also has a bar and a lounge area for group bookings. You can dine in or take away. This is the perfect place to dine with your friends and family.

What to order at Jimmy’s Steak House

At Jimmy’s Steak House, you can expect to find American steak and seafood dishes, along with hearty and traditional South African favorites. If you’re a meat-and-potatoes kind of person, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re more of a seafood kind of person, though, you’ll enjoy some of the best seafood in South Africa here at Jimmy’s.

Steakhouse Salad

This is one of the signature salads served at Jimmy’s. You can choose between several types of salad, but the Steakhouse Salad is always a crowd-pleaser. The salad comes with your choice of meat and cheese or bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and whiskey vinaigrette. If you love steak, you’ll love this salad. If you’re not a fan of steak, you’re still in luck. The salad is also available without the steak and with just cheese or bacon. Best Restaurants in Durban

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Steakhouse Bites

If you’re in the mood for smaller portions of steak at a cheaper price, the Steakhouse Bites are for you. These are finger-lickin’ good and can be ordered as a single or double portion. The Steakhouse Bites come with your choice of meat, cheese, or bacon and are priced at SFr23.

Steakhouse Nachos

If you want to eat your meal in one setting, the Steakhouse Nachos are for you. This is because they are a single-dish meal, which means you are served one type of food at a time. The nachos come with your choice of meat and cheese or beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and a spicy Szechuan dipping sauce. You can also add some veggies like smoked beetroot, avocado, or jalapeños if you wish.

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The Steakhouse Burger

This is one of the more popular items on the menu at Jimmy’s. It is a juicy and savory burger with American cheese and a hint of sauerkraut. The cheese is melty and the burger is cooked to perfection. You can order this dish with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles as well for a more balanced meal. The burger and cheese are the stars of this meal but don’t skimp on the condiments. You can order it with Thousand Island dressing or mayo as well. Best Restaurants in Durban

The Steakhouse Ribs

The Steakhouse Ribs are another popular dish on the menu at Jimmy’s. They are seasoned and cooked like American ribs but are seasoned differently to make them savory and spicy. You can order this dish with your choice of meat including brisket, pork shoulder, or lamb. The ribs are slow-cooked to perfection and paired with your choice of sides including mac and cheese or macaroni and cheese.

The Barbecue Chicken Wings

If you are looking for a unique and different type of meal at Jimmy’s, you should try the Barbecue Chicken Wings. This is not your regular wings and is served with Korean Kimchi and a signature sauce that is based on Korean flavours. You can order this dish with or without the sauce and salad. One of the best things about the wings is that you can take them home in individual bags.

The Crab Cakes are to die for!

Crab Cakes are a must-try at any South African restaurant and are always a crowd-pleaser. This is because they are savory and crunchy with a hint of crab. If you are a crab cake fan, you’re going to love these. The dish comes with your choice of meat and vegetables or mayo and a choice of bread or roll. You can also add some potato salad for a balanced meal.


Durban is a great place to visit if you are looking for a bustling city with exciting nightlife. The mix of old and new in this city makes it a perfect place to visit. If you are looking for an authentic and mouth-watering meal, you should try one of the many amazing dishes that are available at Jimmy’s Steak House.

Whether you are looking for American steak or seafood, or a meal that is a little more relaxed, Jimmy’s Steak House in Durban is the place to go. They have everything you could want in a steakhouse and more. So, if you are looking for a great meal in South Africa, give Jimmy’s Steak House a try. You won’t be disappointed. Best Restaurants in Durban


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