10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa, Kenya 2022 That You Should Try

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Search and find the best and top restaurants in Kenya, here are the 10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa, Mombasa is home to some great restaurants serving traditional African cuisine and international dishes.

Whether you choose to dine on the beach, in the old town, or inside a luxurious facility in a shopping mall, Mombasa is home to some great restaurants serving traditional African cuisine and international dishes. 10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa

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10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa, Kenya 2022 That You Should Try

Here are the best restaurants in Mombasa.

  1. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

A truly unique dining experience awaits anyone who makes a reservation at Ali Barbour Cave. Dine under the stars in an eerie cave surrounded by candles and natural cave walls. The openings in the roof of the cave are natural and protected from bad weather with sliding covers. Enjoy delicious international cuisine and delicious seafood prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients by expert chefs. Order a Mediterranean cocktail or a full-bodied wine to complement your meal.

2. Porini Boko Boko Seychelloise Restaurant

At Porini Boko Boko Seychelloise Restaurant, authentic African cuisine will be served in a warm and serene atmosphere. Meals are made to order, served in clay pots and carried over the head, in the traditional African way. Enjoy delicious charcoal grilled meat and fish marinated in Seychelles special sauces and seasonings. A mud bowl of warm lemon water to wash your hands before and after meals is one of the cultural aspects that will make this dining experience an unforgettable one. 10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa

3. Bob’s Sandwich Bar & Grill

If you are looking for a place with good food, music and dancing, then Bob’s Sandwich Bar & Grill is your best bet. The main entertainment venue features five bars filled with beer, spirits and soft drinks, and dancers showcasing different genres of music and culinary delights with a selection of African, Continental and Seafood options. There is also a grill that serves delicious barbecue around the clock. Catch up on the latest sporting action from the big screens and plasma TVs at the venue’s Murphy’s Irish Pub.

4. Cafesserie

Inside the lively shopping center you’ll find a café, a little paradise where you can choose from a variety of delicious Italian-style meals, including sandwiches, salads, burgers, pasta, pizza, pastries, main course specials or some good Italian coffee. The café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with free coffee and tea until 11:30 AM with any breakfast. This stylish little café with a modern design boasts its own coffee roaster and in-house bakery that guarantees the most natural, fresh and delicious ingredients. 10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa

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5. Fisherman’s Cave Restaurant

10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa
10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa

What could be more magical than enjoying a delicious meal with a stunning view of the white sandy beach surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean ‘Fisherman’s Cave Restaurant, located on the premises of the Bamburi Beach Hotel, is the perfect place for anyone looking for a unique dining experience. Architectural elements of the ocean are similar to those of a charming cave with tables set in the recesses of the cave-like walls, enjoy a wide selection of seafood, continental and Asian dishes.

6. Koroga Country Club

Koroga Country Club (“korogo” meaning stir or cook in Swahili) is a great place for a picnic for those who enjoy gastronomy. The environment is green and inviting, with manicured lawns and lush native plants scattered throughout the property. In the middle there is a bar made of beautifully tanned Mvule wood where you can order beer, cocktails, juices and soft drinks. In the main restaurant, you can order from the à la carte menu or hire personal bands where you can test your culinary skills. Components are provided upon request.

7. Rozina House Restaurant

Within walking distance of the World Heritage Site of Fort Jesus, Rozina House’s relaxed and comfortable environment is the perfect place to unwind after a sick flight or tiring day at work. Rozina House Restaurant serves the best of African, Chinese, Continental, Indian and Italian cuisine. The establishment preserves the ancient Swahili charm that everyone loves. Order the Grilled Seafood Ginger Grill when you stop by. 10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa

8. Mikaye Fort Jesus Restaurant

10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa
10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa

Mikaye – the term means “honest woman” in Dholuo – provides a culinary experience you don’t want to miss. Located opposite the famous World Heritage Site Fort Jesus, stop by Mikaye Fort Jesus Restaurant after touring the site and enjoying delicious African dishes. This unique modern establishment offers a great ambiance, excellent customer service and delicious food. After tasting a mixture of African and international cuisines, Mikaye Fort Jesus Restaurant will be included as one of your most cherished culinary memories of old Mombasa. 10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa

9. Moorings Floating Restaurant

Moorings Floating Restaurant is located atop beautiful Mtwapa Creek, with a great waterfront and great view. The Moorings has been in business since 1994, making it one of the oldest seafood restaurants in Mombasa. Not only do they serve delicious seafood, but their menu also features steak, chicken, pasta and vegetarian options. Expertly prepared seafood dishes come in a variety, whether it’s fish, lobsters, crab or shrimp. Order the lobster diablo with a pot of fresh Kenyan coffee or tea to complement your meal.

10. Distant Relatives Restaurant

For anyone looking for a stylish place to dine on a budget, Distant Relatives is an eco-friendly spot located in charming Kilifi Creek. They serve up some of the most delicious gourmet dishes in town for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Choose from a variety of garden-grown salads, steak, delicious fish and calamari, pasta dishes, or grilled prawns. If it’s a Tuesday or Friday night, take advantage of the oven-baked pizza and “all you can eat” burger specials. Wash it all down with some local and international beers, wines and spirits from the fully stocked bar. 10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa

Its our hope that the above restaurants will help you to choose the best one which will be suitable for you and you can try any time.

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