Best Restaurants in Nairobi 2022 That you Should try

Search and find out the best restaurants in Nairobi that you should try, Have you ever wondered what is the best restaurant in Kenya where you can get all the food and services? We have researched for you and made a great list of the best restaurants in Nairobi in 2022.

One of the best places to find restaurant services in Kenya is Nairobi, here we have put together a list of restaurants that are good and have good services. Best Restaurants in Nairobi

Best Restaurants in Nairobi 2022 That you Should try

1. Fonda NBO

Fonda is among four Mexican restaurants that have opened shop in Nairobi in the recent past. This restaurant is the best of the four, and it puts it at the top of the list of the best restaurants in Nairobi.

Fonda NBO Restaurant focuses more on serving authentic Mexican dishes.

Its walls are decorated with photos of the owners’ travels to Mexico City, which inspired the cobalt yellow, cobalt blue, and earthy red palette in the dining area.

Mexican ingredients like cornmeal, black beans, and avocado are on its menu.

On the other hand, Its drinks list includes agave spirits used in over 50 margaritas. Best Restaurants in Nairobi

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2. Sigiria Café

Sigiria is located on the Tigiri Trail at the entrance to the Karura Forest. This is an outdoor cafe mostly suitable for people who go or come for a walk.

They are famous for their fresh juices and coffee. A variety of cookies and other snacks are also available.

3. Sierra: Burger + Wine

The Sierra is located in green Mogoga off Brookside Road. You get a place in the best restaurants in Nairobi because of the New York vibe. They serve the best South African wine on the terrace.

The interior has leather seats, and the lighting is warm and low. The Sierra is a great place to create the right festive atmosphere.

Their horn is made from Angus meat that they raise in the foothills of Mount Kenya.

On select Tuesdays, a five-course menu is served. Best Restaurants in Nairobi

4. Wasp and Bud

This eco-friendly restaurant is located in Loresho Ridge. It’s a simple and friendly place where you can enjoy a healthy breakfast and meal.
They stand out due to gray milkshakes and omelettes.

In addition, you can enjoy reading a book while eating.

They play board games and open mic nights occasionally.

You can also purchase furniture made by craftsmen who have been mentored and trained by Wasp & Sprout.

5. Petma Restaurant

Petma Restaurant features a romantic ambiance, elegant interior design and varied meals. So, if you want your lover to sing along with you, this is the place for you.

Apart from romance, it is only available in Petma Restaurant where you can eat traditional dishes.

Its ambiance makes it a suitable venue for weddings or business meetings.

Finally, do you have a headache? Petma has a solution for that, hangover soup. Try it. you will not regret it.

Best Restaurants in Nairobi
Best Restaurants in Nairobi

6. La Tasca

Want a taste of Spanish wine? La Tasca is the best restaurant to visit.

Located on James Gichuru Road, the place is revealed by lamps suspended artfully from the ceiling.

While you wait for your meals, you will meet one of the owners, Mauzirio, who serves you a glass of Sangria.

The menu here is mainly Spanish tapas. Best Restaurants in Nairobi

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7. Abor

If you love the outdoors, this is the place for you. Known for its friendly staff, Abor Restaurant is also eco-friendly.

They pride themselves on being the healthiest restaurant in Nairobi. A bold statement on their part, but true.

Their meals are not only mouthwatering; Also their prices are reasonable. Meals are served in large portions.

So you can go with your friends and make sure you are satisfied. While you’re there, enjoy one of their many cocktails as you enjoy the garden breeze.

8. Silk Noodles

The Chinese are not only good at building roads and all the other public products that Kenyans have come to connect them with. Their kitchen is one to die for.

Do you want to practice Chinese this holiday season? Silk noodles provide the taste buds with the best Chinese food.

It is located in Hurlingham and has a menu written in Chinese. So if you are a non-indigenous, the photos are there to guide you.

With just $10, you can enjoy a healthy meal and drink to wash it down. Best Restaurants in Nairobi

9. Nook

Nook is located in Woodlands Ln. Open on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. On the other hand, his list is not static. It is constantly changing every week.

Here, meals are prepared with locally sourced, organic ingredients. They specialize in Southeast Asian recipes.

For less than $10, you can enjoy a meal and a drink. You can pay with cash or via Mpesa.

10. Tapas Ceviche Bar

Although it’s called a bar, it ranks among the best dining and wine spots in Nairobi. It serves the best of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine.

The ambiance is great, perfect for hanging out with friends or having a business meeting.

Visit Tapas Ceviche Bar to enjoy an excellent blend of Spanish and Mediterranean meals and classic cocktails.

11. La Cantina

La Cantina, owned by Chef Dario, is one of the many Mediterranean restaurants in Nairobi.

The restaurant has wooden tables and chairs, dark red pillows and checkered red napkins.

The menu includes pizza and pasta, but above all this, it is famous for its tiramisu (Italian coffee desert).

Factors to consider when choosing restaurants in Nairobi

There are certain factors to consider when you decide to eat out before going to a particular restaurant.

All of these restaurants rank highly in Nairobi. But you agree that they differ in cost, ambiance, service, meals and drinks.

It also depends on your budget. You can’t go to a restaurant you can’t afford. Best Restaurants in Nairobi

Without wasting any more time, here are some factors to consider when choosing a restaurant;

  • Cost: The restaurant you decide to visit should be affordable according to your standards. It is necessary to know the cost of transportation, food and drinks. You also need more in case of emergency.
  • Location: Where is the restaurant located? For example, if you intend to have alcoholic drinks after your meals, it is wise to do so in a restaurant that is easily accessible by car or on foot.
  • Customers Service: Nobody wants to spend their money in a restaurant that treats you poorly. Therefore, it is necessary to research the customer service of the restaurant before visiting.
  • Purity/Tidiness: A clean restaurant means clean food and minor food poisoning issues. So, make sure you go to a clean restaurant and never do unhealthy practices.
  • Food Menu: Food and drinks served in the chosen restaurant should be of different types. It should be a place where every member of the family can have the kind of meal they want the way they want it. Best Restaurants in Nairobi

Top Restaurants In Nairobi Conclusion

There you have it. The top restaurants to check out as we end this year. You have no reason to stay indoors alone and bored.

Do your due diligence and treat yourself and your loved ones to one of these exotic cuisines in one of the locations above. Happy holidays!

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