10 Best Restaurants in Capetown South Africa You Should Try

10 Best Restaurants in Capetown South Africa You Should Try;- Capetown is the capital of South Africa, and one of the most happening places on Earth. The laid-back charm of this sleepy city is best experienced when you sit down to a local meal. When you’ve exhausted the nightlife options in your own town and are ready to be transported to another world, look no further than one of Africa’s most charming cities. With its cobblestone streets and colonial buildings, Capetown is a classic example of a South African town.

10 Best Restaurants in Capetown South Africa You Should Try

The capital of the former Transvaal Colony, Capetown has been an important region throughout its history, and is home to some of Africa’s most iconic landmarks. Here are some of the best restaurants in Capetown that will take you back in time and leave you refreshed and ready for more.

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1. Savara

The first place on our list is none other than Savara, the restaurant that started it all in 1986. Savara was known for its Modern African-influenced cuisine and its raw bar, which is still open to the public. Savara is now a member of the “House of Gratitude”, which means that they are celebrating 20 years of operation.

For many residents of South Africa, their first taste of authentic African cuisine came at Savara. The restaurant was the brainchild of former employees of the now-defunct The Limerick in Johannesburg, and it quickly became a hit among locals.

Today, Savara is a hub of innovation and provides training to aspiring chefs around the world. The restaurant is also known for its commitment to sustainability and the creation of good jobs for local people.

2. The Dining Room

The Dining Room is arguably South Africa’s greatest restaurant institution. The Dining Room opened in 1964, and for the next 50 years, it was known for its core mission: serving quality, affordable meals to the masses. The Dining Room has since evolved into an international restaurant chain, with more than 100 locations in 18 countries around the world. At its core, The Dining Room is a value-driven chain with a strong emphasis on sharing and community.

The Dining Room received three Michelin stars in 1999, making it one of the only two dominant South African chains to achieve this honor. The restaurant’s popularity has ensured that the chain has remained open and relevant in a changing world, with more than 650 locations around the globe. Best Restaurants in Capetown 

3. Folly Road

We know what you’re thinking: why the Folly Road? The answer is simple: it’s the best place to start your meal in Capetown.

Folly Road is perhaps best-known for its brunch, which is known as the “breakfast of champions” and is always highly anticipated. The brunch menu at Folly Road changes annually, and for the past few years, it has served up some of the tastiest items on the continent.

The food at Folly Road is hearty, simple, and homey. The decor is rustic and the service is fantastic. After a meal at Folly Road, you won’t be able to help but feel full and happy.

4. Top of the Hollywood

Top of the Hollywood is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. The restaurant is one of the largest in Capetown, and it is also known for its happy hour, which runs every day from 3pm to 6pm.

Top of the Hollywood specializes in American cuisine, with items such as steak and eggs, steak tips and fried chicken. However, the restaurant is known for its wood-fired pizzas, which are not to be missed. Best Restaurants in Capetown

Top of the Hollywood is elegant, with a beautiful view of Table Mountain, and offers an excellent dining experience.

Best Restaurants in Capetown
Best Restaurants in Capetown

5. Gondwana

Gondwana is a historic building in central Capetown, which was once the home of the Transvaal government. The building, which was once the pride of the town, now houses five different restaurants. The oldest of these, Gondwana, was originally a hotel, which served as the restaurant for the local government. Best Restaurants in Capetown 

Gondwana is known for its authentic South African cuisine, which is steeped in history. The restaurant is open to the public, and you can still visit the hotel where the restaurant is located today to experience a taste of old Capetown.

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6. Cango

Located on the south bank of the Tugela river, Cango is another of South Africa’s iconic restaurants. The restaurant was originally a gas station, which is believed to have been the first gas station in South Africa. The gas station was later converted into a restaurant, and today, it is one of the most popular places in town.

What made Cango famous was its extensive raw bar, which is still open to the public and is always a hit with tourists and locals alike. Cango is known for its healthy and balanced menu, and for good reason: the raw bar is packed with delicious seafood options, and there’s plenty of room for sharing.

7. At Home

At Home is a no-frills hotel located in the historic district of downtown Capetown. It is one of the oldest hotels in the city, and was once a private home. The hotel dates back to 1886, and it is one of the most-revered hotels in South Africa.

At Home is one of the most popular hotels in the city, and it is famous for its friendly atmosphere and cozy rooms. The hotel’s famous Dutch door leads to a bustling public lounge, where you can relax and take in the panoramic view of Table Mountain.

8. The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is a family-friendly restaurant and vineyard located in the hills above the city. It is one of South Africa’s most recognizable tourist attractions, and it is best known for its restaurant, which is open to the public.

At the Greenhouse, you can enjoy a delightful meal in a beautiful high-ceilinged room. The menu at the Greenhouse is filled with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and you can expect a healthy meal that will keep you going all day.

9. Pinnacles Bar and Grill

Pinnacles Bar & Grill is located on the top of a nearby mountain, and it is known for its International cuisine. The Pinnacles Bar & Grill menu changes seasonally, and for the most recent season, it featured pescatarian options.

The Pinnacles Bar & Grill features an extravagant Modern European-influenced menu, and you will be spoilt for choice with the choices available. A visit to Pinnacles is a must-do when in Capetown. Best Restaurants in Capetown

10. Asia House

The last but certainly not least is Asia House, which is actually a chain of restaurants. However, it is one of the most recognizable dining destinations in the country.

Located in a historic building in the city’s east end, Asia House is a fun and casual place to dine. You will find most of the menu items at Asia House to be authentic, as they are all named after dishes from the region. The menu includes pasta dishes, curries, salads, appetizers and dessert options.

If you are looking for an affordable and delicious meal, Asia House is a great place to head. The restaurant provides a warm and friendly atmosphere, and the food is delicious. Best Restaurants in Capetown 


There are many great places to dine in Cape Town, but these are the best. From the casual neighborhood spots to the elegant hotels, you will find plenty of places to eat in Cape Town. If you are feeling adventurous, try one of the many different restaurants that offer a more international cuisine. If you are looking for a quick bite, try one of the many fast food chains that are found in Cape Town.

Don’t forget to try out these great places to dine in Cape Town before you move off the coast!


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