Top 10 Best Restaurants in Lusaka You Should Try

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Lusaka You Should Try

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Lusaka is the capital of Zambia, which has been an attraction for many visitors from within and outside the country. Many residents of this City are proud to have so many different visitors who help them in increasing the income of an individual but the income of the country as a whole.

Top best restaurants in Lusaka

The city of Lusaka-Zambia has been receiving many visitors, leading to the availability of many hotels and restaurants for the service of these guests. Some hotels have a number of hospitality criteria and others receive fewer guests. Best Restaurants in Lusaka

Below are the Tips that shows romantic restaurants in Lusaka

Some of these restaurants have the reputation of being romantic restaurants because:

1. they have good services
2. you can get any service you want: eg food, shelter
3. They are open 24hrs
4. Its services are cheap

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Below are the best restaurants in Lusaka Zambia that can give you the best service.

  1. Mint Lounge

Located in the Arcades Shopping Center, Mint Lounge serves international cuisine to Lusaka. Guests can enjoy delicious dishes in the comfortable and elegant dining room or on the outside patio. Highlights from the menu include Mexican-style tortilla wraps, fresh sandwiches, Malawi Chandi and shrimp baked goods. Those who love sweets will enjoy sweet pies and red velvet cake.

The coffee here is also loved by both locals and visitors, and those who want something a bit healthier can try the made-to-order juice. A sister venue to Mint Café, which is also found in the Arcades Shopping Centre, The Mint Lounge prides itself on using local and organic ingredients. Keep an eye out for local celebrities.

2. Sugarbush Café

Sugarbush Café is located on the stunning grounds of a Sugarbush farm, and it may be a little outside of Lusaka, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Formerly known as Design House Café, Sugarbush Café provides the perfect place to meet friends or celebrate an occasion with family. The café is located in a straw barn on Cape Dutch that also houses a shop where handcrafted Jackal and Hide leather handbags are sold. An oasis away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Lusaka, visitors can relax while enjoying handmade bread, pastries, salads, and sandwiches at the picnic tables outside. Best Restaurants in Lusaka

Sunday afternoons are also popular at Sugarbush Café where there is a specialty roast beef rump served with Yorkshire pudding. Other highlights include pancakes cooked in maple syrup, bacon, and scrambled eggs; roast pork sandwich with apple and fennel salad; Ripe cheddar cheese with tomato, chili sauce, potato chips and confit garlic aioli. With excellent food and a scenic location, Sugarbush Café should be included in every visitor’s itinerary.

Best Restaurants in Lusaka
Best Restaurants in Lusaka

3. Lilayi’s Restaurant

Located at the Lilayi Lodge, Lilayi’s Restaurant mixes traditional African food with contemporary cuisine. Taking advantage of fresh and high quality ingredients, like tender meat from the kitchen game farm, and organic vegetables and herbs from the garden, the menu is a feast of culinary delights. Starters include the west coast mussel pot, and poached pear and seed brittle salad.

Diners can choose from a variety of main courses, including the pan fried tilapia, pork belly confit and cured ham, and impala tenderloin. Desserts include dark chocolate parfait, and malva pudding sauced with brandy butter. With elegant food and a refined atmosphere, an evening at Lilayi’s Restaurant is an unforgettable experience. Best Restaurants in Lusaka

4. The Retreat at Roma

As the name suggests, The Retreat offers guests a haven away from the busy streets of Lusaka and the turmoil of daily life. Tucked away on the outskirts of town, The Retreat offers a calm and relaxing environment to its visitors, serving delicious food and great wine. Visitors can enjoy their meal either outdoors on the patio area or indoors in the intimate dining area.

The atmosphere is calm and amplified by the soft seating and lounge areas surrounding the central pool area. The menu is simple and fresh, with dishes created using locally sourced ingredients. From seafood platters to T-Bone steaks, to an exciting array of specials, there is plenty to suit every dish.

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5. The Misty Restaurant and Jazz Café

For those who want a livelier atmosphere with more buzz, Misty Restaurant and Jazz Café is just the ticket. With live music in a relaxed setting, as well as fresh continental cuisine, it’s no wonder Misty is a popular spot among locals. Generously decorated with fantastic lighting, The Misty is the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening in the capital of Zambia.

Visitors can sip on tapas while enjoying some smooth jazz or feast on fresh grilled chicken or beef thighs with a variety of sauces. Specialty dishes include braised oxtail and polenta, chicken clips, and linefish. The trendy bar also features a list of international wines, as well as an extensive selection of beers, ciders, spirits and cocktails. The Misty is truly Lusaka’s hidden gem. Best Restaurants in Lusaka

6. Four Seasons Bistro

At Four Seasons Bistro, chef and owner Jamie Townsend, a finalist at Master Chef Zambia, strives to create a menu made with only locally sourced ingredients. Four Seasons Bistro ensures that none of its ingredients are genetically modified – nothing is canned or canned, and everything that comes from the kitchen can be traced back to its roots.

When ingredients cannot be produced in Zambia, such as spices, they are sourced from local farmers in the markets. The menu is small but full of flavour, with an overall European feel. There are weekly specials and new dishes with each season. Dishes include tilapia fish cakes with a lime dip, grilled pork chops with grilled tomatoes and baked onions, and grilled pork chops with pineapple sauce.

7. The Royal Dil Indian Restaurant

An elegant place for every occasion, The Royal Dil Indian Restaurant is one of Lusaka’s newest attractions. Bringing the flavors of India to Lusaka, Royal Dil Indian Restaurant has created a menu full of exotic tastes. The spacious dining area is decorated in a modern style exuding a welcoming atmosphere. The exquisite wine and whiskey list has been created to complement the flavors of the dishes for a complete dining experience. There is also a takeaway menu on display, so a taste of India can be brought home too. A must visit for Royal Dil Indian Restaurant when you are in Lusaka. Best Restaurants in Lusaka

8. The Deli

Joining Zambia’s culinary scene in 2012, The Deli made Romy Isaacs and Melanie Bedford Shaw’s dream a reality. Trained as a chef in London, Rumi brings his culinary accent to Lusaka with artisan bread, gourmet sandwiches, wood-fired pizza, homemade pasta and more. The focus is on fresh, healthy and delicious foods made with organic and local produce. Dishes are accompanied by an amazing selection of wines and beers to suit all tastes. With its attractive garden setting and sophisticated ambiance, The Deli promises a great dining experience. Best Restaurants in Lusaka

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9. Eviva Mediterranean Restaurant

The Mediterranean may be a few thousand miles away, but its spirit and cuisine can be found at Eviva Restaurant in Lusaka. Promising a great dining experience to all who walk through the door, Eviva is run by husband and wife Akis and Eleni. The restaurant is divided into different areas, each suitable for different occasions, including a terrace, a bar and a large dining room. The menu has a Greek touch, with appetizers and seafood platters available.

There is also a fresh sushi bar, as well as salads and soups. A popular choice is the strawberry halloumi appetizer, which Chef George created as an experiment. Loved by locals for its contrasting sweet and savory flavours, it has become a permanent item on the menu. Other highlights include grilled steak to order and red snapper cooked over red charcoal. Desserts include creme brulee and rich chocolate mousse. For a culinary trip around southern Europe, Eviva is your ticket.

10. Marlin Restaurant

If you like steak, head straight to Marlin’s. The menu features an array of premium cuts of beef, which are carefully aged and grilled to perfection. The menu is inspired by classic Creole cooking style, but with a twist of Marilyn’s creativity. Marlin’s also serves seafood and vegetarian dishes, so there’s something to suit every plate. Best Restaurants in Lusaka