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Best Seafood Restaurant in Zanzibar: A tropical island in the warm Indian Ocean off the coast of mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar is a place full of history and multicultural heritage. It offers endless wonderful experiences for travelers, including dining out in Arabic-style homes, on rooftop terraces, or even on a rock in the ocean. Enjoy dining on Spice Island with our handpicked guide of the ten not to be missed restaurants in Zanzibar.

Best Seafood Restaurant in Zanzibar 2022

Here are the best Seafood restaurants in Zanzibar where you should enjoy:

  1. Cholo’s Bar, Restaurant

Absolutely awful place, to be avoided if you have respect for yourself and/or the planet! They privatize the public beach before sunset, setting up all their tables litterally on the towels of people, with no shame at all. Needless to say their total.. Best Seafood Restaurant in Zanzibar

2. Simba Beach Zanzibar Lodge & Restaurant

3. Waikiki Restaurant & Pizzeria

Rude owner (s), way over priced and they charge a 6% fee extra on cards. Mosquitoes are also killing you there. Won’t recommend or visit again.

4. Mzuri restaurant

This restaurant was for us a very nice surprise in Pwani Mchangani: it is opposite to the fish market, so the fish is fresh and the coocks prepare it in a delicious way. During our stay at Zanzibar, it was maybe the best fish restaurant that you should try. Best Seafood Restaurant in Zanzibar

5. Matemwe Rock Restaurant

Best Seafood Restaurant in Zanzibar
Best Seafood Restaurant in Zanzibar

Awesome food, very fresh and great taste, they serve unusually fast for Zanzibar, super friendly and stunning location! If you want a break from the usual Hotel food, this will make you happy! Best Seafood Restaurant in Zanzibar

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