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Arusha Technical College (ATC)-Courses Offered (Ordinary Diploma):- Find all Courses/Programmes Offered by The Arusha Technical College (ATC), ATC Fee Structure, Entry Requirements to Join Arusha Technical College, ATC Degree Programmes, Diploma Programmes, Certificate Programmes.

Arusha Technical College (ATC)-Courses Offered (Ordinary Diploma)


The College provides an opportunity for the successful applicant to enter the College on a three-year course leading to an Ordinary Diploma (OD) in one of the following programmes:

1.Laboratory Sciences and Technology

2.Computer Science

3.Information Technology

3.Auto-electrical & Electronic Engineering;

4.Automotive Engineering

5.Civil Engineering

Arusha Technical College (ATC)-Courses Offered (Ordinary Diploma)

6.Civil & Irrigation Engineering

7.Electrical Engineering

8.Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

9.Mechanical Engineering

10.Civil and Highway Engineering

11.Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

12.Pipe Works Oil & Gas Engineering

Arusha Technical College (ATC)-Courses Offered (Ordinary Diploma)


a) Eligible applicants must have a Certificate of Secondary Examinations Education (CSEE) with a minimum of four (4) passes of grades “D” in Physics or Engineering Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry and English Language.

b) Applicants for the Laboratory Science and Technology, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering programs must have passed Biology in addition to the above requirements

c) Applicants for Computer Science or Information Technology must possess at least four (4) grades of “D” in any subjects except Religious, Nutrition and Needlework

d) For a degree in Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science (CS) aspiring to join a Diploma in Information Technology and Computer Science must be submitted directly to the college. A certificate qualification holder will be accepted into NTA Level 5 (Technician Certificate award leading to a two (2) year Ordinary Diploma award).

Arusha Technical College (ATC)-Courses Offered (Ordinary Diploma)

Applicant aspiring to apply for Ordinary Diploma and Basic Technician Certificate Programmes offered by Arusha Technical College should apply through College Online Admission System .The college will provide a helpdesk for support to all applicants wish to join ATC on how to apply through the College Online system.




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