Brigham Young University 2022

Brigham Young University ;- The goal of Brigham Young University is to produce students who are intelligent, have strong moral principles, and have a lifelong desire to learn more and help others. The university, which was founded in 1875, offers a top-notch education in a setting consistent with those of its sponsor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Brigham Young University 2022

Brigham Young University 2022
Brigham Young University 2022

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Master’s Programmes

  • Mathematics & Natural Sciences (14)
  • Enterprise & Management (10)
  • Knowledge & Training (10)
  • Humanities (9)
  • Healthcare & Medicine (9)
  • Science & Technology (7)
  • Behavioral Sciences (5)
  • Professions & Applied Sciences (4)
  • arts, architecture, and design (4)
  • IT and computer science (4)
  • Studies of the environment and earth sciences (3)
  • Media & Journalism (2)
  • Hospitality, recreation, and sports (1)
  • Law (1)

Academic Ranking of World Universities


On October 16, 1875, Brigham Young Academy was founded on a little more than an acre of property in what is now downtown Provo. Brigham Young University became the official name of the institution in 1903. The start of the university’s first doctoral program in 1957 served as a marker for the institution’s advancement academically.


The institution, which was founded in 1875, offers a top-notch education in a setting that reflects the values and tenets of its sponsor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

BYU is renowned for its intellectually inclined and globally experienced student body, its top-notch instruction, and its stunning mountain setting. It is also well-known for its vast language programs, superb performing arts ensembles, and exceptional sports programs.

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housing solutions
The institution offers relatively affordable student accommodation on campus for both single and married students. Visit the On-Campus Living website for more details regarding on-campus housing. Please be aware that housing possibilities depend on what is offered on any particular date for room selection.

To offer authorized off-campus housing, BYU has also entered into agreements with local landlords and apartment buildings. Brigham Young University wants to provide an atmosphere for its single students who live on and off campus that is supportive of both their academic success and moral and spiritual development.

libraries’ offerings
On campus, there are numerous libraries that offer informational materials and services to support educational endeavors, encourage knowledge discovery, develop scholarship, and foster long-term intellectual and spiritual growth utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Student Life

sporting events
As part of its intramural sporting program, BYU offers its students the chance to participate in a number of scheduled sports, such as soccer, flag football, basketball, volleyball, frisbee, and others, in addition to sustaining a number of Division 1 NCAA athletic teams.
This program aims to foster constructive relationships, guarantee that all students who participate in intramural sports always act with high moral standards, and assist students in demonstrating the elements of athletics that encourage wholesome attitudes in players and spectators.

College clubs
More than 100 different student clubs at BYU are available on campus to accommodate the wide range of interests of all students, from sports and recreation to academics to culture and the fine arts, etc. The student clubs provide a channel for the daily challenges of academic endeavors and the chance to join the campus community.


The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities has granted accreditation to Brigham Young University.

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities’ accreditation of a higher education institution signifies that it satisfies or surpasses standards for institutional quality as determined by a peer review procedure.

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