National University of Singapore 2022

National University of Singapore;– Academic excellence is a long-standing reputation of the National University of Singapore (NUS). Highest academic standards are what our students can anticipate, along with opportunities for interaction with top business people through internships, research attachments, incubator programs, and the BLOCK71 entrepreneurial hub. National University of Singapore

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National University of Singapore 2022

Reasons to study here.

  1. Obtain a renowned degree from the university that is ranked first in Asia and eleventh overall (QS World University Rankings 2021).
  2. With more than 200 student organizations and a variety of facilities and activities on campus, you can experience a vibrant student life.
  3. Utilize NUS’s links with businesses and institutions around the world, as well as through the NUS Overseas Colleges program, to access its global network of contacts. National University of Singapore
National University of Singapore 2022
National University of Singapore 2022

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Master’s Programmes

  • Enterprise & Management (42)
  • Science & Technology (24)
  • Mathematics & Natural Sciences (17)
  • Healthcare & Medicine (16)
  • Behavioral Sciences (16)
  • IT and computer science (14)
  • Studies of the environment and earth sciences (12)
  • Humanities (10)
  • arts, architecture, and design (9)
  • Law (9)
  • Professions & Applied Sciences (5)
  • Knowledge & Training (1)


A dedicated group of businesspeople led by Tan Jiak Kim launched NUS as a small medical school with 23 students in 1905 to meet the requirements of the neighborhood.
NUS was founded more than 100 years ago, and since then it has expanded to three campuses in Singapore, 17 faculties and schools, and 154 postgraduate degrees.
By offering cutting-edge educational programs to develop a pipeline of talent prepared to make an impact in the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and beyond, NUS, Singapore’s flagship university, continues to serve the nation and society. National University of Singapore


Programs in more than two dozen subjects are regarded among the best in Asia and the globe, making NUS education one of the best in the region.

Researchers from several domains get together at NUS to conduct research using an integrated strategy.
We have established eight integrative research clusters through the combined efforts of our faculties, schools, research institutes, and centers: health innovation, ageing, energy, environmental, and urban sustainability; risk management and financial system resilience; smart nation; materials research; maritime and offshore research; and Asian studies.

Three of Singapore’s five Research Centres of Excellence (RCEs) are located at NUS, and a fourth RCE focused on environmental life sciences and engineering is a partnership between NUS and a fourth RCE specializing in cancer, mechanobiology, and quantum technologies. In 2019, funding for research at NUS totaled more than S$750 million, and more than 10,000 research articles were produced. National University of Singapore

Take advantage of NUS’s favorable employer reputation and maximize the career guidance we provide to our students and graduates through the Center for Future-ready Graduates and initiatives for lifelong learning.

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Student assistance

In order to serve and support the NUS student community in all facets of student life outside of the classroom, including community engagement, integration and service learning, student support and wellness, housing admission and residential life, student organizations, student leaders’ training, and disability support, the Office of Student Affairs seizes every opportunity.

housing solutions

Residence Services
For full-time NUS students, NUS offers three different kinds of residential options: Halls of Residence, which are renowned for their extensive co-curricular activities and experiential learning outside of the classroom, Residential Colleges, which provide a residential living experience entwined with distinctive academic programs, and Student Residences (opportunities to participate actively in campus-wide activities and interact with peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures).
There are five residential colleges, two student residences, and seven residence halls.

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Dining and retail

More than 30 restaurants and cafes

There are many canteens and food courts.

  • 10 stalls
  • two quick-food outlets
  • Dual banks
  • a bookseller
  • a travel company
  • a personal care shop and a hair salon

libraries’ offerings

  • Downtown Library
  • Mandarin Library
  • Library of Law C J Koh
  • Libreria Memorial Hon Sui Sen
  • Health Library
  • Music Archive
  • Technology Library
  • Library of Yale-NUS College

Librarians of resources

  • region studies
  • Business
  • The Environment & Design
  • Reference Control
  • Mechanics and Computer Science
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Pharmacy, Medicine, and Nursing
  • Music
  • Patents
  • Management of Research Data
  • Measuring the Impact of Research
  • Science
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Yale-NUS University


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medical assistance

Services for Health

A variety of primary care services are offered at the University Health Centre (UHC). Our team of doctors and healthcare professionals are here to take care of your medical needs, from routine health screenings to addressing acute and chronic disorders. In the event that you need specialized help, we organize your care with reputable specialists taking care of your particular needs.

The Office of Student Affairs’ Student Wellness team promotes students’ well-being as they make their way through their time at NUS. The group is happy to assist you with self-care management advice, provide emotional support, or simply give a sympathetic ear.

Student Life

College life

The quality of academic instruction and interactions with faculty members are only a small part of what determines a student’s experience. Life on campus is convenient for students, residents, and visitors thanks to a variety of amenities and services that are available, including food courts, book stores, pharmacies, and many other necessary facilities. Trains and buses provide excellent public transportation connections to NUS.

sporting events

  • (2) two pools
  • 4 fitness centers
  • two multifunctional sport halls
  • one rock climbing facility
  • Dance studios and rehearsal spaces
  • Tennis courts
  • Tennis courts
  • tables for table tennis
  • courts for tennis outside

College clubs

Realize your full potential and excel outside of the classroom. More than 200 student clubs and organizations await you, whether you’re looking for culture, music, research, adventure, or something else.

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