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Best Private Nursing Schools in Kenya: Search list of private colleges offering nursing programme in Kenya, top best nursing schools in Kenya, private institutions that offer diploma in nursing in Kenya.

A nursing school is a type of educational institution, or part of it, that provides education and training to become a fully qualified nurse. The nature of nursing education and nursing qualifications varies greatly around the world. Best Private Nursing Schools in Kenya

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Best Private Nursing Schools in Kenya 2022

Best Private Nursing Schools in Kenya
Best Private Nursing Schools in Kenya

There are more than thirty-seven (37) private colleges training nurses at diploma level in Kenya. They are working to complement government colleges that also offer a diploma in nursing. These private colleges offer courses that are accredited by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK). The Diploma of Nursing in most colleges is known as Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN).

Private colleges that offer diploma level nursing usually have their own hospitals and their students practice from the same hospital. Students who have been trained from private institutions perform well in both clinical and National (Kenya Board of Nursing Examinations) examination. some students are normally retained to work in the hospitals. Best Private Nursing Schools in Kenya

If you want to join the private colleges in Kenya that offer Diploma of Nursing (KRCHN), there are many of them and they are distributed across the country. They include:

  • Nairobi Hospital Cecily McDonnell School of Nursing.
  • AIC Kapsowar Nursing School – Kapsowar.
  • AIC Litein – Litein Nursing School.
  • AMREF Virtual Nursing School.
  • Catherine McCauley School of Nursing.
  • Clive Irvine College of Nursing.
  • Consalata Hospital, Nkubu School of Nursing.
  • Consalata Hospital, Nyeri School of Nursing.
  • Consalata Hospital, Ortum School of Nursing.
  • Consalata Hospital, Wampa School of Nursing.
  • Fidenza School of Nursing, Kenya.
  • Gertodis Training Center.
  • Joann School of Nursing.
  • Karen Hospital Training College.
  • School of Nursing, Kindo Adventist Hospital.
  • Kijabe School of Nursing.
  • Masino Mission Hospital School of Nursing.
  • Mawa Methodist Hospital School of Nursing.
  • Referral and Education Hospital, Ministry of Interior.
  • Nairobi Women’s Hospital.
  • Nazareth School of Nursing.
  • Kneipp College of Health Sciences.
  • North Coast Medical Training College.
  • Nzoia College of Nursing.
  • School of Nursing at Mrs. Lourdes Mission Hospital.
  • College of External Medicine.
  • PCEA surburb college Nakuru.
  • PCEA Tumutu School of Nursing.
  • Ram School of Nursing.
  • St Camillus School of Nursing.
  • St. Clair Caplong School of Nursing.
  • St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, Mokomo.
  • St. Joseph School of Nursing, Nyabundu.
  • Lukes Hospital School of Nursing, Calolini.
  • School of Nursing at St Luke’s Hospital, North Kinangop.
  • Tenwick School of Nursing.

What are the admission requirements for nursing?

Individual universities set academic entry requirements for an adult nursing degree. You will usually need at least five GCSEs at grade C or above (possibly in English or literature and a science subject), plus two A-levels or the equivalent of A3. Best Private Nursing Schools in Kenya

Qualifications include:

  • Diploma in KRN/M, KRCHN or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BScN)
  • At least two years working experience as a registered nurse in a hospital.
  • C- and above in the Kuwait Stock Exchange.
  • Be registered by the Nursing Board of Kenya and have a valid license to practice.


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