List of Registered Nursing Colleges in Tanzania

List of Registered Nursing Colleges in Tanzania:- Search and Find All Nursing Colleges in Tanzania, Oodha ya Vyuo vinavyotoa Kozi ya Nursing Tanzania, Colleges offer Nursing and Midwifery, Ordinary Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery, Technician Certificate in Nursing and Midwifery, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)

Nursing is the backbone of any country’s healthcare industry. By definition, a nurse supports, cares and treats a healthcare user to achieve and maintain health and live in dignity until death.

There are different classes of nurse specialists in hospitals or private clinics, families, and communities. They must all meet different criteria and therefore undergo different training to achieve a diverse approach to medical practice. All nursing schools in Tanzania must be registered and accredited by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and TCU (for degree programmes) after meeting set quality standards. Listed below are the universities and colleges that offer accredited nurse training programs in Tanzania.

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List of Registered Nursing Colleges in Tanzania

Nursing in Tanzania

The job of a nurse involves a lot of commitment, patience, and service to humanity. The work of a nurse can sometimes be considered a technical carrier, especially those who work in the intensive care unit and the surgical unit.

However, the largest group of nurses are the ones who deal with patients and clients on a daily basis. The position of a nurse always focuses on care, which is the most important qualification of a nurse.

Hospitals mainly focus on caring for people and this is what makes the work of a nurse so unique. The main job of a nurse is to take care of the patient’s recovery process once his treatment has been completed by a medical professional.

List of Registered Nursing Colleges in Tanzania

Nowadays, the work of a nurse has evolved to be more specialized, such as the role of a practicing nurse. In general, the roles of nurses are more general compared to those of a medical professional.

Often, nurses are not seen as heroines, but they are always special in the care they provide patients.


Newala School of Nursing

Murgwanza Nursing School

Makambako Institute of Health Sciences

List of Registered Nursing Colleges in Tanzania

Kiuma Nursing School

Kairuki School of Nursing

Geita School of Nursing

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