Zantel Internate Bundle | Vifurushi Vya Zantel

Zantel Internate Bundle
Zantel Internate Bundle, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Zantel Internate Bundle | Vifurushi Vya Zantel

Zantel (short for Zanzibar Telecom Limited) is one of the award-winning investment, innovation and customer service companies.

After all, it is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Tanzania.

Cheap and quick internet access is a must. Because of this, all of your devices’ online experiences are enhanced by our technology. Connect to our ultra-fast, ultra-affordable internet experience to surf more.

Zantel Internate Bundle | bei za vifurushi vya zantel



    1000 TZS 600 MB 24 Hours
    2,000 TZS 1536 MB 7 Days
    3000 TZS 3072 MB 30 Days

500 TZS 150 MB 24 Hours
1,000 TZS 750 MB 24 Hours
2,000 TZS 3072 MB 24 Hours

3,000 TZS 2560 MB 7 Days
10,000 TZS 12288 MB 7 Days
15,000 TZS 20480 MB 7 Days

10,000 TZS 10240 MB 30 Days
20,000 TZS 20480 MB 30 Days
35,000 TZS 30720 MB 30 Days

Get 2GB with the Night Pack, just TZS 1,500

If you don’t sign up for another bundle before the bundle’s validity runs out or it is used up, your tariffs will revert to pay as you go.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you buy bundles on zantel?

Call *149*15# or *150*02# to enroll, or stop by a MIMINA agent nearby. There are three different kinds of bundles: daily, weekly, and monthly. The maximum validity of a daily bundle is 24 hours. Weekly bundles have a maximum validity of 168 hours.

2. Is zantel a 4G?

These phones may be purchased for Tsh 39,999/= in all ZANTEL stores, Zantel franchised stores, and via our sales representatives. The dual-SIM phone in question supports 4G speed.

3. Which network is best in Tanzania?

The biggest operator in Tanzania is Vodacom Tanzania, simply known as Vodacom. Although they charge the most, they also have the best coverage across the nation. As required by the Tanzanian government, Vodacom intends to provide 90 percent of the population with access to their 4G/LTE network.

4. Does zantel work in Tanzania?

When leaving Tanzania, there is no need to get a new SIM. With a Zantel SIM card, you may make calls, use data, and send SMS at fixed prices. Data is only applicable to postpaid roamers. Save money in participating countries on call, data, and SMS charges.

5. How do I set up Zantel network?

Change your internet settings according to these steps to take advantage of 4G: Android gadgets Go to Settings>More>Mobile Network>Access Point Names on your Android smartphone. Select the “+” sign (to add). Enter znet as the APN and Zantel as the profile name.

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