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Establishing a web project is not hard than generating reasonable traffic/pageviews that’s why I wrote this article to help both beginners and those with intermediate level a knowledge of achieving it without using a long way.

For web owners, generating enough traffic is the main target but it needs strategic plan which it needs more time to achieve this because without traffic it is simple to shut down a web.

These are the best sources to get web traffic/pageviews;

Social media

Social media is the best source of web traffic, recognition and awareness. Nowadays, many people worldwide spend a lot of time on social media than other media for source of information, entertainment and lifestyle matters. So, if you want to get faster page viewers to the web, then Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram are the best source to achieve your goal.

Search Engines

Getting traffic from search engine is strategic plan, and it is not like social media, it needs more time for creating a best structure for SEO. To win this goal you should establish attractive contents, unique which target specific aspect. Not only that, you have to understand factors affecting indexing and ranking speed to make it to the top.


Google is the top search engine that generates many searches worldwide than any other tool. Soo, you have to integrate to Google updates to enjoy best on search by implementing AMP pages for mobile devices because majority of traffic came from it. AMP is Google’s current mobile project which gives pageviews a best experience than responsive and mobile apps.


Forums are the best source for web traffic that generate both search traffic and direct one which is good to achieve your goal. You should register yourself for forums that deals with contents that match your niche to get more traffic. This can give you reasonable traffic only if you don’t post false contents that match people’s problems and solutions like tech tips.


Backlinks are the links linked to other sites as referrals. Backlinks is among of the fundamental of SEO strategic which improve page authority and much more. You can achieve this goal only if you write good quality content, unique which attracted other website to show credit link of your site.

Mobile App

You should create web app for your site to achieve a best user experience for mobile devices. AS you know, a lot of traffic comes from mobile devices, so it is important to create pages which suite visitors needs with best interface.

Buy traffic

There are many sources to buy web traffic like Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and other many networks worldwide. Sometime buying traffic can even create search signal only if you buy traffic from good companies like Google. So, Adwords is the best tool to buy web traffic for all web. Facebook is another second network to buy web traffic through contents or fan page, to get better results, advertising Facebook page is the best idea than content.

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