5 best Social media to get web traffic/pageviews

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Social media is the currently source of traffic/pageviews for many websites around the world due to its popularity than others. One more thing about social media is that; nowadays, even search engines tend to index and rank fast for those pages with social media signal than others which is among of SEO pillars.

So, social media is among of the best web traffic/pageviews for all projects around the world. Here are the top social media companies to generate reasonable visitors;


Facebook is currently a best web traffic source due to size of their users. Facebook has huge user base due to its popularity around the world, also presence of many tools to give user a higher fan base like page and groups which are more popular on the company. A best way to win this strategic is by establishing fan page, advertise to get more many followers, as you know, more followers means a greater number of visitors to view your site.


Twitter is another competitor of Facebook which has also huge user base due to its popularity for political, entertainment and lifestyle matters. Getting visitors from Twitter is quietly simple because even account with less followers can receive a reasonable page viewer due to presence of hashtags, which accelerate traffic. You have to establish your Twitter account, then tweet website posts with best hashtags, also advertise your account for more visibility.


Pinterest is another a best source to get web traffic with pins and boards which is alternative to above companies. Pinterest is the best network to get traffic for lifestyle, beauty, fashion, sports and celebrity contents. The number of users of this network is currently growing at higher rate, which gives web-owners another source to get page viewers.


Youtube is another source of traffic for magazine and tech sites due to availability of videos. This network has also a greater number of user base, which is simple to get enough traffic without advertisement. If you are tech web-owner, then this is the best shot to create site awareness and visibility.


No doubt Instagram is anther source of web traffic for many sites due to its popularity. Unlike other networks, getting many followers create many loop holes for other opportunities such as direct advertisement and much more that’s why many people are trying very hard to get many followers as they can.

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