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Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois;-Illinois offers higher education opportunities for almost any job objective. Students can discover a first-class small college education with investment-worthy tuition rates anywhere, from rural settings to urban campus life in Chicago.

The 20 top small college offers in Illinois are ranked in the list below. This list of 20 reasonably priced institutions is the product of careful study that targeted features that students seeking a minor college degree would find appealing.

Points were awarded based on affordability, tuition return on investment, faculty expertise, student-to-faculty ratio, alumni engagement, published recognition, career placement services, and any other features that specifically enhanced the college’s offerings in order to rank Illinois’ top small colleges.

Out of about 85 schools, these top 20 Illinois small colleges received the best scores. With a total student enrollment of approximately 8,000, this initial pool of 70 had a net price under $34,000 USD. The primary sources of this information were Payscale, Niche, and College Navigator.

The schools profiled below are ranked according to the number of points they received. The institutions with the lower net price are rated higher if there is a tie in the points.

Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

1.Benedictine University

Lisle, Illinois

17 points
enrollment total: 5,954
Total cost: $20,931

Benedictine University is a private Catholic college in the Chicago suburbs that has been named one of Forbes’ “America’s Top Colleges” for five years running. 56 undergraduate majors are available at BU, and they are all split up into schools of science, liberal arts, business, education, and health services. Additionally, this college offers fifteen graduate and four doctoral programs on campus for students looking to expand their specialization in their professions. There are no graduate assistants in charge of any of the seventeen-student classes at BU. Benedictine University is the greatest small college deal in Illinois with a $377,000 return on investment.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

2.Saint Xavier University

Chicago, Illinois

16 points
Enrollment overall: 3,949
Finished Cost: $16,355

Saint Xavier University, which was founded in 1846 and is the city’s most varied college campus, is the city’s oldest Catholic university. The Saint Xavier University School of Nursing is one of only seventeen centers of excellence recognized by the National League of Nursing, together with the schools of arts and sciences, education, continuing adult education, and management. This reasonably priced tiny institution in Illinois assesses each new student for available need- and merit-based scholarships. Some of these awards are based on geography, the arts, music, religion, and athletics.

3.McKendree University

Lebanon, Illinois

16 points
enrollment total: 3,001
Net cost: $19,210.

McKendree University, founded on Judeo-Christian principles, develops its students’ academic and leadership abilities. This college offers approximately 45 degree majors in the arts and sciences, education, nursing and health professions, business, and other fields through its four specialized schools. Recent studies of student satisfaction have revealed favorable comments about MU’s financial assistance procedure, career placement programs, and faculty commitment. Alumni wage estimates indicate one of Illinois’ greatest small colleges offers, with a remarkable $363,000 tuition return on investment.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

4.Aurora University

Wheaton, Illinois

15 points
Number of Students: 5,423
Total cost: $18,082

High-achieving students are drawn to the intellectual community of Aurora University, which is located on a charming campus in suburban Illinois. The main degree programs offered by this college are in professional studies, teaching, social work, human performance and recreation, and nursing. In addition to its classroom curriculum, AU has collaborated with nearby elementary and middle schools in an effort to broaden STEM education; these collaborations result in internships and ultimately jobs in STEM industries. The college maintains a 17:1 student-to-faculty ratio to encourage mentoring, and Aurora instructors are regularly available for advice.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

5.Concordia University

River Forest, Illinois

15 points
Number of students: 5,239
Total cost: $18,557

Just west of Chicago, Concordia University is a prestigious institution of higher learning that was founded in 1864. This reasonably priced Illinois college provides a wide range of degrees in the arts, sciences, education, and business. In addition, CU’s college of Graduate and Innovative Programs features a reputable graduate program. Due to its well-known involvement in the neighborhood, Concordia has been named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. The average return on investment for Concordia University graduates is $241,000, and need-based financial aid is taken into account for every accepted student.

6.North Park University

Chicago, Illinois

15 points
Enrollment overall: 3,159
$19,158 in total.

North Park University is a tiny Christian liberal arts college located on 30 acres on the north side of Chicago. With an average class size of seventeen students, this college maintains a student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1. NPU provides minors in pre-professional programs in addition to more than 40 majors. Each major is broken down into specialized schools, such as the schools of arts and sciences, theology, business, nonprofit management, music, nursing, and education. North Park University offers numerous merit- and talent-based scholarships to qualified students, making it one of the top college deals in Illinois.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

 7.University of St. Francis

St. Joliet, Illinois

14 points
Enrollment overall: 3,957
$17,616 in total.

The University of St. Francis is a faith-based higher education school that serves a wide range of academic interests. It was founded in 1920. The top small college in Illinois is dedicated to individualized instruction on both a professional and spiritual level, and an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio guarantees that future graduates will have easy access to faculty knowledge and guidance. The University of South Florida offers degrees in a variety of fields, including the arts and sciences, education, business, nursing, biology, and more. USF boasts an impressive $235,000 return on investment, and all of the students who responded to a poll said they would recommend it to others.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

8.Millikin University

Decatur, Illinois

14 points
Enrollment as a whole: 2,152
Total cost: $21,093

Millikin University is a suburban Illinois college that was founded in 1901 and has a wide range of academic specializations. MU honors the independent spirit of its undergraduate and graduate degree seekers with a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1. The “Performance Learning” program at this prestigious little institution in Illinois features workshops and hands-on learning activities that were wholly created by the students. Numerous publications, including Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, and the Princeton Review, have praised Millikin for its exceptional academic value. According to recent statistics, after six months of receiving their degree, 99% of Millikin University graduates were either employed full-time or enrolled in graduate school.

9.Wheaton College

Wheaton, Illinois

14 points
Enrollment overall: 2,929
Total cost: $27,792

Wheaton College, a Christ-centered institution of higher learning, encourages students to pursue both their academic and spiritual objectives. Respected periodicals including the Princeton Review, Fiske Guide to Colleges, and U.S. News & World Report have all acknowledged Wheaton for its value and educational excellence on several occasions. This premier Illinois college periodically reviews its course offerings to guarantee that graduates are successful in the labor market. As seen by its 95% retention of first- to second-year students and its 89% overall graduation rate, Wheaton College has a friendly campus environment. This college generates a $221,000 return on investment based on the median earnings of recent graduates.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

10.Quincy University

Quincy, Illinois

14 points
total number of students: 1,293
Finished Cost: $17,186

Quincy University, which is ranked among the top small colleges by U.S. News and World Report and College Values Online, encourages all of its students to volunteer in local communities all around the world. This reasonably priced Illinois institution maintains its focus on helping its student body grow intellectually and morally. Accounting, history, graphic design, marketing, criminal justice, health services, mathematics, forensics, and sports management are a few of QU’s top academic disciplines. More than 92% of Quincy graduates either continue their education or land a job within six months of graduation.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

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 11.Moody Bible Institute

Chicago, Illinois

13 points
Enrollment as a whole: 3,922
Total cost: $18,575

Moody Bible Institute has been preparing students for full-time ministry positions in churches and non-denominational organizations since 1989. Degrees in Bible, biblical studies, counseling and psychology, theology, and a five-year bachelor of music degree are among the educational options offered by MBI. This top small institution in Illinois has increased its online degree options, making it easier for working adults to pursue a higher education. In recent evaluations of student satisfaction, all recent graduates said that the faculty’s expertise exceeded their expectations.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

12.Dominican University

Peoria, Illinois

13 points
Enrollment overall: 3,696
Total cost: $18,730

Dominican University is one of Illinois’s most reasonably priced small colleges and offers top-notch instruction at an excellent price. The 50+ undergraduate and 25 graduate degrees offered by this college have rigorous, well-rounded curricula; the most sought-after of these are those in business, accounting, biology, communication, public relations, primary education, and mechanical engineering. A student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1 guarantees the most individualized learning experience, and students receive constant guidance on their objectives inside and outside the classroom. Dominican University has a $247,000 return on investment and an 86% retention rate from first to second year.

13.Elmhurst College

Elmhurst, Illinois

13 points
Enrollment as a whole: 3,298
Total cost: $23,688

Elmhurst College, a private college south of Chicago, is a well regarded hub of intellectual brilliance. All kids at this small, reasonably priced Illinois school have distinct professional possibilities, according to the school. Students at Elmhurst declare majors in a variety of disciplines, such as business management, speech communication, nursing, psychology, sports management, and more. Elmhurst has a well-run alumni networking program, and students frequently have the chance to receive advice from EC alumni. This college provides numerous academic scholarships, grants, and other financial aid programs in an effort to keep tuition as cheap as feasible.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

14.Bradley University

Peoria, Illinois

13 points
Number of students: 5,338.
Total cost: $27,211

Bradley University is a well-known liberal arts institution located on 85 acres of suburban land in Peoria. This college was recently named a “best value” Midwestern school by Great Schools at Great Prices in their yearly edition. Bradley University offers undergraduate degrees in education and health sciences, engineering and technology, liberal arts, communications and the fine arts, entrepreneurship, and business, in addition to five master’s degree options. Bradley University ranks among the best small Illinois colleges because 93% of its graduates land careers-related employment and because of its $330,000 calculated return on investment.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

15.Lewis University

Romeoville, Illinois

12 points
Enrollment overall: 6,679
$19,986 in total.

Lewis University is unquestionably one of Illinois’ top small college values with a tuition return on investment of $150,000. This university offers a thorough liberal arts education in addition to recently added degrees in business analytics, data science, aircraft systems, and computer engineering. The University of Louisville offered more than $30 million in merit-based scholarships and fellowships in only one academic year, providing financial aid to almost 97% of new freshmen. Lewis consistently retains 85% of first-year students into their second years, demonstrating a positive campus climate from day one.

16.Illinois Institute of Technology

Chicago, Illinois

12 points
7,792 students in all.
Total cost: $23,371

One of the top universities in Illinois for STEM-focused students is the private, research-intensive Illinois Institute of Technology, which provides a distinctive combination of qualities to students who are open to unconventional thinking. At IIT, whose degree programs place an emphasis on the most crucial 21st-century skills, innovative and entrepreneurial minds will flourish. Academic life at IIT is almost too good to be true, from the Armour College of Engineering, which focuses on initiatives connected to security, water, health, and energy, to the College of Architecture, which makes “global urbanism” a major component of any discussion.

17. University of Illinois at Springfield

Chicago, Illinois

10 points
Number of students: 5,402
Total cost: $12,308

One of the lesser universities in the U of I system, the University of Illinois at Springfield, offers a high-quality education at a reasonable price. This college has been listed as one of the “Best Colleges” by US News & World Report for nine years running, placing it in the top ten Midwest public universities. UI Springfield provides 20 master’s and 29 bachelor’s degree programs. Computer science, business administration, accounting, criminology, biology, and psychology are among the most well-liked majors among these. The University of Illinois at Springfield is one of the best minor colleges in Illinois, with returns on investment that vary from $109,000 (out-of-state) to $135,000. (out-of-state).Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

18.Roosevelt University

Chicago, Illinois

10 points
Number of students: 5,352
Total cost: $23,274

Roosevelt University was established in 1945 and is a small, prestigious university with a very varied student body. With more than 116 academic degree possibilities and award-winning teachers at the top of their fields, this top small college deal in Illinois is unmatched. Arts and sciences, pharmacy, business, education, professional studies, and performing arts are a few of the major fields that are available. With RU’s wide online education program, working individuals can more easily and flexibly complete their degree requirements. This college boasts a $167,000 return on investment, and alumni who were questioned were pleased with the services provided by its career counseling department.

19.Olivet Nazarene University

Bourbonnais, Illinois

9 points
4,892 students in total.
Total cost: $20,437


Historic Olivet Nazarene University has seen significant expansion in enrollment since its modest beginnings as a one-room schoolhouse. More than 120 different fields of study are accessible at ONU, and they are all broken down into schools of business, education, the arts, the sciences, Christian ministry, life and health sciences, engineering, and music. This prestigious Illinois small college has a great reputation and consistently ranks among the top institutions of higher learning in the Midwest. High student ratings have been given to Olivet Nazarene in the areas of post-graduate counseling and career counseling.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

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20.Augustana College

Rock Island, Illinois

9 points
Enrollment overall: 2,478
Total cost: $22,715

For those who like learning in and out of the traditional classroom, Augustana College, one of the state’s most scenic campuses, is a fantastic choice. This college places a strong emphasis on the value of caring for personal growth while pursuing academic objectives; there are roughly five counselors accessible for every registered student to address a variety of issues. The achievement of its graduates is well-respected by AC, which routinely honors them with awards and provides them with chances to connect with current students. According to recent data, Augustana’s tuition provided a $120,000 return on investment, ranking it among the top small college deals in Illinois.Top 20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Illinois

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