20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies
20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies
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Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies;-A foundation in ethnic studies is very beneficial to have when pursuing a career after graduation. Since its inception during the civil rights movement, this interdisciplinary discipline has grown to examine culture, race, ethnicity, nationality, and other aspects of identity on a worldwide scale. Colleges with ethnic studies departments and degree choices are profiled in the following ranking. Details that a student will value in pursuing a career in this field are included in the appropriate descriptions.

A thorough ethnic studies curriculum, scholar-level faculty, extracurricular ethnic studies activities, organizations, related scholarships, high levels of cultural diversity among the faculty and student body, as well as any other resources that would be especially useful for ethnic studies students, were all factors we considered when awarding points. The 20 universities included below received the best grades out of 70 institutions with net prices of $34,000 USD or less, according to College Navigator.

The schools profiled below are ranked according to the number of points they received. The institutions with the lower net price are rated higher if there is a tie in the points.

20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

1.Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut

16 points
Student body: 12,336
$19,317 in total.

Yale University, which is renowned throughout the world for its scholarly academics, continues to cultivate future leaders and inspire members of the community. The research on ethnicity, race, and migration is one of Yale’s interdisciplinary programs. Students in this degree program complete coursework that covers racial conflicts, population displacement, territory reclamation, and numerous other topics associated with these ideas. The “Community Based Learning” option allows Yale students majoring in ethnic studies to work on a project in collaboration with numerous regional community organizations.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

2.Columbia University
New York, NY

16 points
Student body: 27,589
Total cost: $20,838

In one of the most culturally varied cities in the world, New York City is home to the well-known Columbia University. The Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race is a place where students interested in ethnic studies can feel at home (CSER). This academic division, which was founded in 1999, advances progressive theories regarding race, ethnicity, culture, and other aspects of an individual’s identity. Outside of the classroom, the CSER organizes conferences, movie screenings, art exhibitions, and other intercultural events that appeal to both the academic community and the broader public.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

3.Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, Ohio

15 points
Student body: 16,554
Finished Cost: $17,042

Bowling Green State University, which was founded in 1910 and is located a few miles south of Toledo, has a welcoming and varied campus community. U.S. News and World Report consistently names BGSU as one of the top public universities in the country. One of the country’s oldest programs of its sort is the ethnic studies department at BGSU. This multidisciplinary degree program focuses on the philosophical foundations of the subject, globalization, immigration, and a wide range of other cultural studies topics. Additionally, Bowling Green hosts unique events on its campus to raise awareness of problems that minority populations face.

4.University of San Diego

San Diego, California

11 points
Registrants: 8,349
Total cost: $32,482

The University of San Diego, a Catholic university with a Pacific Ocean view, has one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. USD has a whole department devoted to the study of history, identity, spirituality, and ethnicity for entering students interested in a career in ethnic studies-related fields. The institution works closely with students to provide internship and service opportunities in local and international communities. Students pursuing this degree are encouraged to investigate practical work experiences in local communities and overseas.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

5.Albion College

Albion, Michigan

15 points
Student body: 1,268
Total cost: $24,906

Albion College in Michigan is a small, Christian-based university that welcomes students from all backgrounds and faiths. The ethnic studies major at Albion is one of the various fields of study available to students, allowing them to develop their intellectual grasp of diverse historical periods, global ethnic traditions, and other topics. Students in this department have the chance to study at various locations within the country or abroad because Albion University values practical experiences. Alumni from this college who earned degrees in ethnic studies currently work in a variety of fields, including politics, law, psychology, and medicine.

6.Metropolitan State University

St. Paul, Minnesota

14 points
Registrants: 8,355
Total cost: $13,654

Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a flexible educational option that fits with the busy lifestyles of its students. It is situated in the Twin Cities. Metropolitan University offers a reputable program for entering students looking to earn a degree in ethnic studies that challenges students to examine our political, economic, intellectual, and cultural identities in contemporary society. At MSU, the majority of students interested in ethnic studies develop connections with neighborhood associations, advocacy organizations that work in tandem with them, and other groups that promote social change.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

7.Brown University

Providence, Rhode Island

14 points
Student body: 9,181
Total cost: $21,193

Scholars from all over the world have been a part of the highly selective and esteemed Brown University community since its founding in 1764. It is the seventh-oldest institution in the US, and there are students studying there from all 50 states and more than 115 other countries. Brown University features a department devoted to the historical investigation of racial groups both in the United States and overseas, for prospective students interested in ethnic studies. The curriculum for an ethnic studies degree is created to promote open-minded discussion and provide students a wide understanding of the theories that are currently in use.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

8.Mills College

Oakland, California

14 points
Student body: 1,542
Total cost: $27,403

In Oakland, California, Mills College is a small, forward-thinking liberal arts college that has been awarding bachelor’s and graduate degrees since 1852. This institution was recently listed on U.S. News & World Report’s “Great Schools, Great Prices” list. The diversity of Mills’ student body, which includes 51% people of color, 12 nations, and 43 states, is one of the school’s most notable features. The goal of the ethnic studies program at Mills College is to foster communication, analytical rigor, and critical thinking. American Indians, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, Arab Americans, Latinas/os Americans, and other cultures are some of those that are covered in the ethnic studies program.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

9.DePaul University

Chicago, Illinois

14 points
Student body: 23,799
Total cost: $29,756

The biggest Catholic university in the country is DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, founded in 1898. Nearly 24,000 students can choose from a wide range of academic and extracurricular options at the college. One of DePaul’s most competitive programs is the master’s in critical ethnic studies, which requires students accepted into this track to examine issues of race, ethnicity, and society’s exclusion of minority cultures. Graduates in ethnic studies from DePaul typically work in social justice, advocacy for people of color, community organizing, and a variety of other professions.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

 10.Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, Arizona

13 points
Student body: 27,705
Total cost: $12,946

The vibrant collegiate experience at Northern Arizona University is located on a beautiful campus in the warm city of Flagstaff. The ethnic studies programs, an interdisciplinary study of intellectual, historical, and sociocultural topic areas, are one of its many degree tracks. Students of ethnic studies are expected to reevaluate their surroundings and increase their understanding of the social problems that minority cultures face. Students who complete the NAU ethnic studies degree frequently work in social justice, minority advocacy, and other related fields.

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11.University of Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska

13 points
Student body: 25,006
$15,109 in net price

High rankings from magazines like the Princeton Review, Forbes, and US News and World Report attest to the University of Nebraska’s reputation as a reputable university. The Ethnic Studies Institute, which houses courses in several topic specialities, is one of the university’s outstanding academic features. Students from the UN examine current social issues affecting Native American, Latina/o, U.S., and African American cultures at the Institute. Successful professions can be found for Institute for Ethnic Studies graduates in a variety of fields, including commerce, law, government, non-profit, and more.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

12.University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

13 points
Student body: 12,856
$17,075 in total.

The University of Vermont in Burlington, which is situated in one of the most forward-thinking and diverse communities in the nation, has a lot to offer prospective students. This 460-acre campus near Lake Champlain is equipped with cutting-edge educational tools and infrastructure. The critical race and ethnic studies program is a group of scholars who investigate ethnicity through the lenses of economics, environmental studies, women’s studies, global studies, art history, and other academic fields. The University of Vermont’s faculty is made up of academic experts, the majority of whom have doctorates or equivalent degrees in their fields.

13.Kansas State University

Manhattan, Kansas

12 points
Student body: 24,766
$15,784 in total.

Kansas State University, located in a small town known as “The Little Apple,” is a lively campus with a variety of involvement options. The creation of the ethnic studies department was in response to requests from the student body. This major largely focuses on the ethnic experience of Americans, with a particular emphasis on civil rights and underrepresented communities of color. The fact that this American ethnic degree is taught by a diverse group of instructors contributes to its high value. KSU organizes exhibits, lectures by guest academics, film screenings, and other unique activities with an ethnic studies subject.

14.Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Blacksburg, Virginia

12 points
Registrants: 31,224
Total cost: $18,398

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (often known as Virginia Tech), which is ranked 38th in the country for university research, offers a wide variety of academic programs. The campus of this college, which spans 2,600 acres, contains over 135 buildings, its own airfield, and a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1. Numerous ethnic studies courses are offered at Virginia Tech through the sociology and political science departments. These classes teach students about their ethnic identities, which include Native American, Asian American, Latin American, and African American cultures.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

15.Edgewood College

Madison, Wisconsin

12 points
Student body: 2,980
Total cost: $22,112

Edgewood Collegiate of Wisconsin is a small college community with an average class size of 15 students. It was established in the thriving city of Madison in 1927. African American, Asian and Pacific American, Native American, and Latino American cultures are all academically integrated within the ethnic studies program. Students from other Edgewood majors are encouraged to study ethnic studies as well because it helps to extend one’s understanding of cultural diversity. To help new or transfer students with their tuition, Edgewood offers an ethnic studies scholarship.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

16.Marlboro College

Marlboro, Vermont

12 points
Number of students: 230; cost: $28,854

Marlboro College, located in picturesque rural Vermont, is an extraordinarily tiny academic community with an enrollment of little over 200 students. This college’s staff is dedicated to creating a tailored learning environment that values individuals from all origins and cultures. Numerous courses in ethnic studies education are offered at the sociology department at Marlboro. The classes in this course of study are exposed to ideas about gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity, as well as how all of these human identities co-exist on a global scale. Marlboro College uses an interdisciplinary teaching approach to create graduates who are well-rounded.

17.Minnesota State University – Mankato

Mankato, Minnesota

11 points
Student body: 15,387
Total cost: $12,464

Just outside the twin cities, Minnesota State University was established in the city of Mankato in 1868. There is a sizable, active campus community that welcomes participants in a wide variety of college-sponsored events. Popular curriculum that fosters a multicultural knowledge of universal identities is the ethnic studies department. The diverse backgrounds of the faculty at MSU help the program gain depth and insight. The “Multicultural Center” at Minnesota State serves as a focal point for activities and informal student meetings.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

18.University of Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

11 points
Student body: 24,096
$14,179 in net price

The University of Oregon in Eugene is a forward-thinking, liberal university that is excellent for students seeking an urban campus environment. The college takes great pride in celebrating diversity and embracing all cultures, faiths, and viewpoints. The department of ethnic studies combines the study of ethnicity, race, social justice, identity, and problems that people of color have faced in the past and present. The ethnic studies program at the University of Oregon promotes critical thinking and thorough analysis of a subject that is still quite difficult.

19.Boise State University

Boise, Idaho

11 points
Student body: 22,227
$15,847 in net price

Boise State University, which was recently named one of the “Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report, is a liberal arts institution that encourages its students to pursue a variety of interests. Ethnic studies, one of the more than 190 areas of study offered at BSU, is associated with the sociology department and prepares students to be knowledgeable, educated community participants. Additionally, Boise State has created a “Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Board,” which supports diverse activities including as community service, instructional programs, special events, and guest speakers.20 Best Deals on Colleges for Ethnic Studies

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20.Eastern Washington University

Cheney, Washington

10 points
Students: 13,453
Total cost: $11,954

Eastern Washington University is a 300-acre campus with more than 13,000 students located just west of metropolitan Spokane. A large variety of clubs and special interest activities are maintained by the EWU community, which is diverse and increasing. The race and culture major is made up of courses covering ideas in diversity, gender, class, and how these identities intersect, making it ideal for new students who are curious about ethnic studies. Students are instructed to widen their analysis of problems affecting local and international minority populations as part of the ethnic studies curriculum.

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