NIDA Online Application {Jinsi ya Kuomba Kitamburisho Cha Taifa Mtandaoni}

NIDA Online Application
NIDA Online Application

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A national identification (ID) is a form of identification that is issued by a government agency to all citizens or residents of a country. It is typically a document that includes the holder’s name, date of birth, photograph, and other identifying information. National IDs are often used as proof of identity when accessing government services, opening bank accounts, traveling, and for other purposes. In some countries, national IDs may also include biometric information, such as fingerprints or a facial scan, to increase security and reduce the risk of fraud. NIDA Online Application

National IDs may be issued in the form of a card, a document, or both. They may be required by law to be carried at all times or only when accessing certain services. The use of national IDs varies from country to country and may be governed by specific laws or regulations.

In Tanzania, the national ID is known as the National Identification Card (NID). It is issued by the National Identification Authority (NIDA) and is required for a variety of purposes, including accessing government services, opening a bank account, and traveling within the country.

The NID is a plastic card that includes the holder’s name, date of birth, photograph, and other identifying information. It may also include biometric data, such as fingerprints or a facial scan.

To obtain an NID, individuals must first apply at a NIDA office. They will be required to provide proof of identity and pay a fee. Once the application has been processed, the individual will be issued an NID card. The NID is valid for a period of 10 years, after which it must be renewed.

In addition to the NID, Tanzania also issues a Birth Certificate, which is a legal document that records an individual’s birth and is used to establish their identity and citizenship. The Birth Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children.

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How To Get Tanzania National ID?

To obtain a National Identification Card (NID) in Tanzania, you will need to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Gather the necessary documents: You will need to provide proof of identity and citizenship. Acceptable documents may include a birth certificate, passport, or national ID card from another country.
  2. Find a NIDA office: The National Identification Authority (NIDA) is responsible for issuing NIDs in Tanzania. You can find a NIDA office by visiting the NIDA website or contacting them by phone.
  3. Make an appointment: You will need to make an appointment to apply for an NID at a NIDA office. You can do this online or by contacting the office directly.
  4. Attend the appointment: Bring all of the necessary documents with you to your appointment. You may also be required to have your photograph taken and provide biometric data, such as fingerprints or a facial scan.
  5. Pay the fee: There is a fee for obtaining an NID in Tanzania. The fee may vary depending on your age and other factors.
  6. Wait for your NID: Once your application has been processed, you will receive your NID card by mail or you can pick it up at a NIDA office. The NID is valid for a period of 10 years, after which it must be renewed.

Note: The process for obtaining an NID in Tanzania may vary slightly depending on your location and other factors. It is a good idea to check with a NIDA office for the most up-to-date information and to confirm what documents and fees are required. NIDA Online Application

How To Apply Tanzania National ID online? (NIDA Online Application) | Jinsi ya Kuomba Kitamburisho Cha Taifa Mtandaoni


This is a service that enables the National ID applicant (Citizen or resident alien) to fill out the National ID application form electronically from anywhere. After filling the form, the applicant will be required to print it and submit it together with other documents to the NIDA Office (district) near him to complete the registration of biometric marks

   Mambo Muhimu ya kuzingatia wakati wa ujazaji fomu | Things To Consider While You Apply NIDA Online;




Important things to consider when filling the form

  1. The applicant must have an email address that he will use to register and receive a link that will enable him to complete his registration.
  2. The applicant must have at least two documents that will be used to prove his identity. Examples of those documents are; Birth certificate etc.
  3. The applicant must scan his documents and put them in PDF format (no more than one page per attachment) or images in JPG or PNG format. NIDA Online Application
  4. It is important for the Applicant to fill in his mobile phone number.
  5. The applicant must attach a birth certificate if he was born in 1980 and onwards. In addition, if the Applicant was born before 1980, he must attach a birth certificate or “Affidavit”.
  6. For Applicants with other names; it is better to write those names so that in case there is a need to modify their names it is easy to recognize.
  7. The applicant must know the names of his father and mother.
  8. An applicant who has National Identification Numbers (NIN) of his/her parents; he is required to keep the original documents (for parents who have already obtained national identification cards).
  9. The applicant must know the house number, street and ward where he lives.
  10. For Tanzanians who are abroad, they need to obtain proof of residency in the relevant country from the Tanzanian Embassy Officer in order to fill in the residence, Street/County section correctly.
  11. If the Applicant has obtained School certificates, Taxpayer Number (TIN) and Voter’s Card; it is better to attach.
  12. The applicant must fill in the Form correctly and ensure that his/her attachments and the information he/she fills in the system do not conflict with other information, such as School or Business information.
  13. The applicant must fill in his information correctly, and print the information in a form and go to the Local Government Office where he lives to get the Seal and Signature of his Local Chairman.
  14. The applicant must come to the NIDA Office located in his District of residence with a completed form (Form stamped and signed by the Local Government Chairman), along with hard copies of the attachments he uploaded in the system during registration to complete the procedures of registration. NIDA Online Application
  15. For the Applicant who needs to get additional information; do not hesitate to come to the nearest NIDA office.




  1. Passport Number.
  2. Resident Permit / Work Permit. NIDA Online Application



  • Mamlaka ya Vitambulisho vya Taifa
  •  12324 Dar Es Salaam,
  •  *255 735 201 020


  • 0689088888 au 0687088888
  • 0777740008 au 0777740006
  • 0735201020 au 0736201020
  • 0743000058 au 0752000058
  • 0677146667 au 0677146666

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