Jinsi ya Kuweka Pesa Kwenye N-Card Kwa M-Pesa| How to Recharge Your N-Card

Jinsi ya Kuweka Pesa Kwenye N-Card Kwa M-Pesa | jinsi ya kulipia n-card kwa tigo pesa, jinsi ya kulipia n-card airtel money, n-card ni nini, jinsi ya kununua tiketi za mpira kwa n-card, n-card huduma kwa wateja.

ABOUT N-CARD (N-card ni nini?)

THE National Internet Data Centre (NIDC), has launched a payment card which allows people to make payment for tickets and goods all over the country without carrying around bulky cash.

Dubbed N-Card, it gives one comfort to transact with ease anywhere without carrying cash or your debit card, or even your credit card.

About Jinsi ya Kuweka Pesa Kwenye N-Card kwa M-Pesa

The government’s goal is to show how technology can revolutionize the day-to-day activities of people’s lives, that is why we came up with this card, and plans are underway to integrate this system with other payment systems in the country.

N-Card is flexible, it can be used to make payments on all social services and anywhere, our cards have no limitations, unlike other available cards in the market

Jinsi ya Kuweka Pesa Kwenye N-Card
Jinsi ya Kuweka Pesa Kwenye N-Card

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N-card huduma kwa wateja

Feel free to talk to our online representative at any time you please using our Live Chat system on our website or one of the below instant messaging programs.

Please be patient while waiting for response. (24/7 Support!) Phone General Inquiries: +255 22 292 6402

About Jinsi ya kununua tiketi za mpira kwa n-card

N-cards have made it easier to buy tickets to the stadium. Currently here in Tanzania Almost all stadiums use the N-card system to purchase those tickets.
In order to purchase Football Tickets you can purchase them via mobile phone.
If you use the Tigo or Voda network you will find it easier to buy football tickets. If you fail you can contact customer service for more helpful support.

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