Makerere university Mubs online registration 2022/2023

Makerere university Mubs online registration 2022/2023
Makerere university Mubs online registration 2022/2023, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Makerere university (Mubs) online registration;- Makerere University Business School’s online registration instructions are available at Makerere University’s website.

Makerere university Mubs online registration 2022/2023

The Makerere University Business School has provided a step-by-step guidance on how to begin your academic career there. You can register online effectively by following the instructions we provide.

Makerere University Business School online registration

Makerere university Mubs online registration 2022/2023
Makerere university Mubs online registration 2022/2023

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Make sure you have the following in place before beginning your online application at Makerere University Business School.

  1. Letter of Admission, Original
  2. birth certificate, original
  3. a student ID from the O’ Level and “A” Level schools of the past.
  4. Holders of certificates, diplomas, and degrees must present identification cards from their prior colleges, universities, or other institutions. Employer-issued ID cards are not allowed for registration.
  5. Authentic O-Level diploma or pass slip (UCE or Equivalent)
  6. Original A-Level transcript or certificate (UACE or Equivalent)
  7. Original Certificate, Diploma, or Certificate Transcript, or Mature Age Entry Scheme (where applicable).
  8. from the school health center, a medical examination form.the National Council for Higher Education’s payment of $20,000 is documented (NCHE).
  9. Include copies of the deposit slip or pay-in receipts attesting to the payment of
  10. The following fees are listed on the bursar’s office statement of fees: tuition, registration, examination, medical fee (treatment), library, development, research, identity card, medical examination, guild fee, rules and caution, academic gown, and computer fees.
  11. The “O” and “A” Level Results, each in two (2) photocopies.
  12. Certificates, Transcripts, and certified Transcripts from the awarding institutions in the case of holders of a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  13. MUBS Online registration printout in two (2) photocopies (attached is procedure).
  14. The financial statement confirming the payment of the tuition and applicable functional fees mentioned in (ix) above in two (2) copies.

How Can I register online at Makerere university?

Guide for Mubs online registration Follow the instructions below to register online:

Step 1: Go to to enter the system.

Step 2 Navigate to Students Registered, fill in your registration number, and press the Login button.

Step 3
On the menu that is visible on the left, select the Registration tab.

Step 4
Go to the table that is directly below the sentence that says, “To be able to register, please select one of the registration values supplied below.” After that, select 2014/2015 AY or Register.

Step 5
Select Normal by clicking the “Select the Progress” button. On the left side box, you will see a list of the courses being taken for semester two.

Step 6: Choose the topic(s) to be completed, then click on the right arrow button. Alternatively, you can choose the topics (such as Business Law) by blocking or highlighting them and dragging them to the right-side box. If a subject that you have chosen is on the right side box and you do not wish to register for it, select it and click the left arrow button to move it back to the left side box.

Step 7
select “Save” from the menu (this is a must to complete registration; courses will appear in a blue colour once saved and can not be removed thereafter). Only those who would have paid 100% of the functional costs and 60% of the tuition would be able to register online.

Step 8
On the menu on the left, select View Registration Details. The list of registered courses and subjects will be available for you to view.

Step 9
Click the Print button after selecting the Preview option (bottom left) to print the Registration Printout (top right). Clicking the X next to the Print button will close the current page.

Step 10
Click View Financial Statement in the menu on the left to print the Financial Statements. Click the Print button after selecting the Preview option (bottom left) (top right). Guide for Mubs online registration.

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