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List of Teachers Training Colleges in Gauteng 2022:- Search for list of the best teaching colleges in Gauteng South Africa, Mancosa, St. Augustine college, Academia NPC, Afrikaanse Protestantse, All teaching colleges in south Africa.

South Africa has one of the best education systems in Africa. It has most of the leading universities that rank higher than many universities in other African countries. The growth of the educational system in the country was not only due to educational policies but also due to the provision of well-trained teachers. Teachers Training Colleges in Gauteng

South Africa is home to some of the most prestigious teaching colleges in the region. Competitive teaching programmes, offered at these higher education institutions, attract both local and international learners. If you are seeking to enroll in an institution that focuses on quality for your educational studies, we have a comprehensive list of South African teaching colleges for you.

List of Teachers Training Colleges in Gauteng 2022

When considering where to study teaching in South Africa, you will never run out of options as every part of the country has sufficient higher education institutions to meet the educational demand.

Gauteng has about eight public colleges and more than two hundred private colleges, all of which are registered with the Ministry of Higher Education and Training. Among the courses offered at the Open Learning Group are teaching and education, while the private SANTS institution of higher education specializes in teaching for grade R as well as ECD. Teachers Training Colleges in Gauteng


Therefore, these two institutions offer the best teaching degree or teaching diploma in South Africa today, specifically in the province of Gauteng. What are the registered colleges in South Africa? Other registered colleges in Gauteng include:

Teachers Training Colleges in Gauteng

  1. Equipment Management College (A4FM)
  2. Belgian campus
  3. BMT. College
  4. Centurion Academy
  5. College of Production Technology (CPT)
  6. CTI Education Group
  7. Midrand Graduate College (MGI)
  8. Monash South Africa
  9. Rosebank College
  10. Sonnet International Academy
  11. St. Augustine Institute of Higher Education in South Africa
  12. Da Vinci Institute
  13. Chuan South College
  14. Academic Institute of Excellence (Pty) Ltd
  15. College in Val Triangle
  16. Computer and Business Training College – Pretoria (Head Office)
  17. African College of Built Environment
  18. Aranda College of Education
  19. Be Competent Training Institute (PTY) Ltd
  20. Technical University (Pty) Ltd.
  21. Churchill College of Technology (Pty) Ltd.
  22. CTU Training Solutions
  23. Dam Technical College Pretoria
  24. Delcom Training Institute
  25. Denver Technical College
  26. University of Gauteng
  27. Gauteng City College
  28. Goldman College
  29. Greenview Development Training and Skills Development Center
  30. Ikaji SD College
  31. Faculty of Commerce and Clean Engineering
  32. Gibe College of Business and Computer Training – Johannesburg
  33. Java Square Technical Training Institute
  34. Johannesburg City College
  35. Johannesburg Institute of Engineering and Technology
  36. At the Johannesburg Institute of Engineering and Technology (Pty)
  37. Mbua College
  38. College of Professional Public Service
  39. Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology (Pty) Ltd.
  40. Rock of Springs – Rustenburg (Pty) Ltd – Brits College
  41. Rostec Technical FET College (Pty) Ltd
  42. Sedco College of Technology and Commerce – JHB


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