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Law School of Tanzania Fee Structure 2022-2023:-If you are looking to study at Law School of Tanzania here is the fee structure, Fees For Tanzania Students, Direct Students Allowances, Direct Costs For Students.

Law School of Tanzania Fee Structure 2022-2023: The Law School of Tanzania (the School) was established by the Law School of Tanzania Act 2007 (the Act) that came into force on 2nd May 2007. This was an important milestone towards improving practical skills of aspiring lawyers in the country. Before the establishment of the School, aspiring lawyers were trained in practical skills through the internship program run by the Attorney General’s Chambers. Later on some Universities adopted the Externship system to impart practical skills to aspiring lawyers. These systems have now been replaced by the Practical Legal Training Programme to be run by the School. The Law School is under the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Justice.

Law School of Tanzania Fee Structure 2022-2023

Please note that if you have applied for admission to a law school in Tanzania, a law school in Tanzania or if you are already a student, you are advised to know the current tuition fees for all students, this knowledge will help you avoid making mistakes that will cost you your admission.

Tanzania Law School Fee Structure for Postgraduate Programs

Table 1: Student fees in Tanzania

 (a)  Application Fee  20,000.00
 (b)  Registration Fee  20,000.00
 (c)  Tuition Fee  1,300,000.00
  (d)  Examination Fee 50,000.00
 (e)  Field (Attachment) Supervision Fee 50,000.00
 (f)  Library Fee 50,000.00
 (g)  Institutional Stationery and Photocopy Services 50,000.00
(h) Caution Money (Deposit) 10,000.00
(i) Identity Card 10,000.00
(j) Student’s Organization Fee 10,000.00
(k) Admission Ceremony Fee 20,000.00
 TOTAL 1,590,000.00

Students bear all direct and indirect costs or fees related to their training at the school. These costs or fees include a field allowance, allowance for personal books and stationery, research/project, accommodation, meals and health insurance. Recommended allowances and costs are up to TZS. 3,465,000.00. The table below provides details of the recommended rates for guidance only. Sponsors are free to make necessary adjustments.

Law School of Tanzania Fee Structure 2022-2023

Table 2: Recommended Direct Student Allocations and Other Expenses

First Semester 

 S/N  Particulars  Amount
 1  Meal and Accommodation Allowance  1,155,000.00
 2  Books and Stationery  200,000.00
  3  Research Expenses 300,000.00
 4  Special Requirements (Advocates’ Attire) 300,000.00
 5 Compilation of Basic Statutes 100,000.00
 SUB-TOTAL 2,055,000.00

Second Semester

 S/N  Particulars  Amount
 1  Field Placement Expenses  1,200,000.00
 2  Meals and Accommodation Allowance  210,000.00
SUB-TOTAL 300,000.00
TOTAL 3,465,000.00

Law School of Tanzania Fee Structure 2022-2023

Table 3: Summary of Tuition and Allocations/Direct Costs for Students

 S/N  Particulars  Amount
 1  Field Placement Expenses  1,570,000.00
 2  Recommended direct student allowances and other costs  3,465,000.00
SUB-TOTAL 5,035,000.00

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