Jobs in Kenya-Latest Job Vacancies From Qualified Companies Offers January 2023

Jobs in Kenya-Latest Job Vacancies
Jobs in Kenya-Latest Job Vacancies

Jobs in Kenya-Latest Job Vacancies From Qualified Companies;- Find the Latest Jobs in Kenya 2023, Jobs in Kenya-Latest Job Vacancies From Qualified Companies, Job Vacancies That You can Apply for you, Apply For The Job you are Looking For in Kenya.

Jobs in Kenya-Latest Job Vacancies From Qualified Companies

UN World Food Programme Finance Assistant Jobs in Kenya


The largest humanitarian organization in the world battling hunger is the United Nations World Food Programme. WFP’s goal is to contribute to the world’s effort to eradicate hunger during our lifetimes. Every day, WFP works in every country to make sure that no child goes to bed hungry and that the most vulnerable and impoverished people, especially women and children, have access to the wholesome food they require.

Organizational Context

The Head of Unit, Chief, Finance Officer, or designate is the person in charge of these positions, which are located in Country Offices (COs), Regional Bureaux (RBs), and Headquarters (HQ).

At this level, job holders are required to assume responsibility for finishing a variety of procedures and tasks relating to finances and budgets that call for some interpreting of accepted rules and practices. Job holders can assign work to other support personnel and recommend a course of action to staff at various levels.

Job Purpose

to encourage the efficient and transparent use of financial resources by supporting the effective delivery of budget, finance, and administrative support services.

Key Accountabilities/responsibilities

  • Assist in providing the employees with the technical and procedural support needed to adhere to WFP financial policies, rules, and regulations in the areas of budget and finance.
  • To aid in making well-informed decisions, track monthly expenditure projections and give expenditure reports.
  • Regularly check the petty cash and sub-imprest bank accounts to make sure that sufficient monies are available and being used properly.
  • To make sure that suppliers are paid on time and in accordance with WFP finance laws and regulations, verify vendor claims, advances, and other receivables and follow the proper procurement procedures.
  • help with information gathering from numerous sources to create reports on budgeting, accounting, finance, and statistics.
  • Retrieve, prepare, and validate data from different financial information systems. Bring any discrepancy or error to the supervisor’s attention and follow up with corrective measures.
  • To ensure that the databases are appropriately updated, perform administrative tasks relating to the monitoring and recording of fixed assets, spending on fuel and spare parts for cars and generators.
  • To ensure that all paperwork is preserved and filed in accordance with WFP standards and rules, manage the web-based register for all invoices and payment transfers.
  • To make sure that payments to external suppliers, cash grants, and other supplier invoices are processed promptly, it is important to track and document all spending in accordance with the approved budget.
  • To ensure that services are provided consistently and in accordance with the necessary standards, offer direction and on-the-job training to other support workers.

Standard Minimum Qualifications


secondary school education is finished. It would be ideal to have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant functional area.


English language proficiency, both oral and written; knowledge of a second UN language, particularly French;

Drives Results and Delivers on Commitments

  • provides outcomes for maximum impact – Holds oneself and/or others responsible for the results they produce.
  • Delivers results in relation to responsibilities that have been delegated, and seeks advice and assistance when necessary.
  • Easily adjusts to change – Quick to react to changes and make necessary adjustments to work

Fosters Inclusive and Collaborative

  • It fosters inclusive teamwork and psychological safety by exchanging ideas and candidly bringing up concerns.
  • provides prompt and constructive criticism – Supports others’ growth by providing prompt and constructive criticism
  • Creates and shares new perspectives – Pays close attention to what others are saying in order to learn, create, and communicate new perspectives.

Desired Experiences for Entry Into the Role


Desirable qualifications include at least three (3) years in a comparable position and five (5) years of steadily increasing responsibility in the field of finance.

Knowledge and skills:

Have expertise gathering and monitoring financial data for projects and programs, evaluating the health and state of the financial situation, and communicating results to senior officials.

How to Apply

For more information and job application details, see; UN World Food Programme Finance Assistant Jobs in Kenya


UN World Food Programme Program Policy Officer – Climate Insurance and Financial Inclusion Jobs in Kenya

About WFP

The largest humanitarian organization in the world battling hunger is the United Nations World Food Programme. WFP’s goal is to contribute to the world’s effort to eradicate hunger during our lifetimes. Every day, WFP works in every country to make sure that no child goes to bed hungry and that the most vulnerable and impoverished people, especially women and children, have access to the wholesome food they require.

Based in Nairobi, the WFP Regional Bureau for Eastern Africa (RBN) supports WFP operations and activities in ten nations: Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda. It also provides strategic direction, technical advice, resource mobilization, and management support.

Background Information and Assignment Goals

The food security and well-being of millions of smallholder farmers and pastoralists residing in the Eastern Africa Region are constantly under risk due to their vulnerability to climate-related shocks.

Smallholder farmers and pastoralists face growing difficulties as the frequency and severity of climate shocks rise. To end hunger, boost resilience, and achieve food security, we must give them the tools they need to lower and minimize these risks.

WFP provides integrated climate risk management approaches aimed at anticipating, defending, responding to, and restoring the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and pastoralists in the Eastern Africa region. It does this by working within a Food Systems framework and along national policies and programs.

This strategy comprises thorough investigation of the effects of climate shocks on agriculture and livestock output, as well as the design and execution of effective interventions for strengthening resilience, including insurance, savings, financial literacy, market access, and other measures.

The Regional Bureau of the World Food Programme (WFP) in Nairobi (RBN) offers advice and support to WFP Country Offices in the region, the private sector (primarily insurance companies), and governments on a range of activities related to mainstreaming climate insurance and integrating financial tools and livelihood support for management of climate shocks.

Microinsurance for smallholder farmers (R4-Rural Resilience Initiative), Satellite Based Index Insurance for Pastoralists in Ethiopia (SIIPE), and ARC Replica are a few of the programs WFP is putting into place in the area.

In order to safeguard smallholder farmers and pastoralists against climatic shocks, improve their resilience, and eventually graduate from subsidies, WFP envisions the integration of insurance and other financial instruments as crucial tools.

Additionally, WFP is aware of the necessity of combining insurance with other initiatives, such as market connections, early warning and anticipatory action, and social protection.

In order to assist country offices with operations, technical expertise, partnerships, capacity building, communication, and evidence generation in the areas of micro, meso, and macro insurance as well as financial inclusion, the RBN Food Systems unit is hiring a Program Policy Officer – Climate Insurance and Financial Inclusion.

In particular, assistance is anticipated in streamlining insurance distribution channels for crop and livestock insurance, supporting grassroots entry points such as VSLAs, SACCOs, Associations, Cooperatives, and others, coordinating with public and private sector partners, and assisting in country program operations, among other things.

The Regional Insurance Advisor will be in charge of the Program Policy Officer.

Major Responsibilities (not all-inclusive)

Operational Support

  • Assist COs in implementing and expanding the programs for crop and livestock insurance. This will entail helping with technical proposals and programming tasks, assisting with feasibility studies or first evaluations, and assisting with pilot projects, among other things.
  • Encourage the diversification and enhancement of livelihoods as part of a comprehensive strategy.
  • Support the adoption of credit (risk management) and saving (risk retention) strategies by improving the Village Savings & Loans approach (or similar).
  • Ensure that country offices are adhering to guidelines and recommendations in terms of procurements, reporting, and budget monitoring. This includes creating Terms of Reference (TOR) for service providers and reviewing legal documents, particularly those pertaining to insurance companies, in coordination with the legal unit.

Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagements

  • Support the development of indexes and the operationalization of economically viable distribution channels for the delivery of index insurance products and financial inclusion services to Country Offices (COs) and their implementing partners (insurance companies, NGOs, and government partners).
  • Support integrating climate risk management with other initiatives, such as anticipatory action, social protection, etc., both within and outside.
  • Aid in the creation of alliances that advance the programmatic and strategic goals of the climate risk and agenda.

Technical Support

  • In order to analyze, assess, validate, customize, and improve index insurance products, help WFP Country Offices (COs) and public/private stakeholders.
  • To supply the necessary technical assistance, coordinate with technical service providers, WFP partners, and WFP country offices.

Knowledge Management

  • Create content for knowledge management.
  • Participate in the yearly report on insurance against climate risk.
  • Participate in the annual insurance reporting at the regional and corporate levels.

Capacity Strengthening

  • Encourage the expansion of WFP’s internal capabilities as well as the collaboration of partners from the public and private sectors.
  • As required, assist country offices and partners in planning and carrying out capacity development activities.
  • Encourage the RBN country office to integrate climate risk transfer and other financial solutions into its country strategic plans (CSPs).

Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning

  • As directed by WFP HQ, monitor and routinely update the climate risk financing indicators (CRF) data base.
  • Promote efficient insurance and financial inclusion planning, organization, and participation. Webinars, trainings, workshops, and conferences are all examples of learning venues that offer top-notch reporting and communication resources.
  • Aid in the creation of monitoring and evaluation records, including outcome and post-distribution monitoring.

Standard Minimum Qualifications


A graduate degree from an accredited university in a related discipline, such as business administration, agriculture, economics, international relations, development studies, climate studies, social sciences, or environmental science, or a first-year degree combined with extra job experience.


  • At least one year of postgraduate professional experience that is applicable.
  • Five (5) years of experience working on initiatives focusing on resilience and the environment and closely involving public-private partnerships.
  • Five (5) years of job experience, education, or training in advocacy and communications-related fields.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • ability to complete autonomous tasks in a timely and orderly fashion.
  • excellent communication skills both in writing and speaking.
  • Ability to multitask as necessary, operate in a team, and build strong working relationships with people from various national and cultural backgrounds.


English speaking and writing proficiency is necessary. The ability to speak French intermediately is a plus.

How to Apply

For more information and job application details, see; UN World Food Programme Program Policy Officer – Climate Insurance and Financial Inclusion Jobs in Kenya

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Jobs in Kenya-Latest Job Vacancies From Qualified Companies

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Jobs in Kenya-Latest Job Vacancies From Qualified Companies

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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Jobs in Kenya-Latest Job Vacancies

  • How can I get a job fast in Kenya?

What is required to find employment in Kenya?

  1. Make the ideal resume.
  2. Look for jobs and apply.
  3. Directly send applications to employers
  4. Work on your interviewing skills.
  5. Take on volunteer or internship positions.
  6. Apply to small businesses, if possible.
  7. Obtain Skills That Are In Demand.
  8. You need these in-demand talents to land a job quickly.
  • How do I find vacancy?

7 Ways to Locate Job Openings

  1. Networking. Many job openings aren’t actually publicized, so job seekers need to figure out how to get their foot in the door in order to learn about these openings.
  2. Referrals.
  3. sites of businesses.
  4. websites for jobs.
  5. the internet.
  6. Job expos.
  7. agencies for hiring.
  • How do I get a job with no connections?

How to find employment without any contacts

  1. Organize your resume. A great CV can let potential employers know about your abilities, credentials, and experience.
  2. Make your cover letters thoughtful.
  3. learn interviewing techniques.
  4. expand your network
  5. Cite credible sources.
  6. Look for cultural fits.
  7. Showcase your distinct value.
  • Which is the best job in Kenya?

List of Kenya’s highest-paying jobs in 2022

  1. Accountant. Accountant ranks first on our ranking of the highest-paying professions in Kenya.
  2. Lawyer. Kenyan lawyers are in high demand and make a solid living.
  3. Flight Pilot.
  4. Engineer.
  5. Doctor of medicine
  6. Architect.
  7. Politician.
  8. College lecture.
  • How do you know if a company is hiring?

Going to the company and asking to talk with a hiring manager is the best approach to find out whether they are hiring. Dress professionally and carry a copy of your CV because there’s a chance you’ll meet the person in charge of hiring.

  • What are the easiest jobs to get with no experience?

Our list of the 15 simplest office jobs to obtain without expertise will now begin.

  1. Assistant in public relations.
  2. supervisors in charge of non-retail sales personnel.
  3. Clerks and loan interviewers.
  4. Assistant for promotions.
  5. Interviewers, excluding Loan and Eligibility.
  6. Assistant in administration.
  7. Healthcare biller.
  8. Order takers



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