Jinsi Ya Kuomba Mkopo HESLB: How To Apply HESLB Loan 2022/2023

Jinsi Ya Kuomba Mkopo HESLB
Jinsi Ya Kuomba Mkopo HESLB
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Jinsi Ya Kuomba Mkopo HESLB: How To Apply HESLB Loan 2022/2023; HESLB Loan application guideline, In this article you will learn how to apply for HESLB loan for higher education students, namna nzuri ya kuomba mkopo bodi ya mikopo (HESLB)

Jinsi Ya Kuomba Mkopo HESLB: How To Apply HESLB Loan 2022/2023

One of the major responsibilities in managing loans for students pursuing higher education is carried out by HESLB. The Board creates the Loan Application Almanac each year to serve as a reference for the loan-issuing procedure for deserving and needy students.

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The Loan Application Window opens once a year, according to the almanac. Those who qualify, including undergraduate and graduate students, are asked to apply.
The Loan Application Guideline for the relevant year, which is available for download on this website, contains the eligibility requirements and the application procedure. Prospective applicants are urged to carefully read the instructions, get the necessary materials ready, and submit their applications online through the Online Application and Management System (OLAMS). How To Apply HESLB Loan

HESLB Instructions on how To Apply for a Loan | Online Application Step by Step

  • Stage 1: Registration

Sign up for an OLAMS account.

Two buttons will be visible on a form:

  • If you are an applicant who took the form four exams in Tanzania, click the NECTA button. You must complete the form that will show below.
  • Click this button if you are an applicant who took four exams outside of the U.S. You must complete the form that will show below.
  • Stage 2: Login

following registration. Clicking the Login link will allow you to log in and gain access to the system.

Two input fields are displayed on a form.

Username and password provided by the applicant during registration must be entered.

Clicking the Login button will allow you to enter the system after being verified.

  • Stage 3: Important Instruction

You will see crucial instructions that will direct you while applying for a loan after logging into the system.

  • Stage 4: Application Fee Payment

The Application Fee Payment link will provide information on how to pay the application fee as well as the current status of the payment.

  • Stage 5: My Application

Through the My Application link, applicants can access their loan application forms.

Once the My Application link opens an application form, it is separated into sub-forms that must be filled out in the order they are displayed.

The Followings are The steps You must Follow for HESLB  Online Loan Application (Jinsi Ya Kuomba Mkopo HESLB)

Before being given access to the Loan Application Form, each potential candidate must first register. For those who wrote Non-NECTA Exams and those who took NECTA Exams, there are distinct connections. Choose the relevant link.

How to Format Your Four Index?

Your form four index number must be formatted as follows. The Board uses it to specifically identify applicants. For instance, the index number S0332/12 of 2016 is expressed as S0332.0300.2016 using 15 characters.

NOTE: Overseas Applicants should use their examination index numbers as they appear in their certificates. How To Apply HESLB Loan

How To Login? | OLAMS Login – HESLB Online Loan Application 2022-2023

  • You already know the system’s USERNAME and PASSWORD if you are a registered user. Because the PASSWORD is case sensitive, a capital letter should be handled as such, and a small letter should be treated similarly.
  • First-time loan applicants are those who have never used the system before and do not have any accounts via which they could check in with their username and password. It is necessary for these applicants to register first.
  • Existing applicants are those who have already registered for this system and created accounts that allowed them to log in with their username and password. These applicants are free to log in at any time.
  • Existing applicants are those who had already registered for this system and created accounts that allowed them to log in using their username and password. These applicants are free to log in at any time.
  • The format for the NECTA Form Four Index Number should be S0XXX.XXXX or P0XXX.XXXX.
    S0750.0023 or P0750.0023, for instance.
  • The applicant can log in once registration is complete.
    By registering, a user can create an account in this system and receive a username and password.
  • Only one registration should be made. After finishing, the applicant should only log in using the login and password they were given.
  • The applicant’s NECTA FORM Four Index Number will serve as the username, which will be followed by the applicant’s completion year, for example: S0XXX.XXXX.YYYY or P0XXX.XXXX.YYYY. Example: S0750.0023.2006 or P0750.0023.2006.
  • Once logged in, the applicant can complete the loan application and pay the application fee.

How to Pay for HESLB Loan Application

  1. Only after the application fee has been paid will loan application forms be accessible for completion.
  2. The applicant must finish all stages under the My Application link in order to submit the loan application successfully.
  3. The following steps will be taken by the applicant:
  • Complete all online application forms.
  • submit the system with all of the completed forms.
  • Print the documents
  • Sign all paperwork that is necessary.
  • Publish the signed documents
  • The loan application package should be printed.
  • Put an end to the loan application.

You can get to the application form online. First-time candidates must complete a few forms. The menu items for first-time applicants will be visible on your left. Each subform will appear with a green check mark on your left menu once it is finished. There will be a link to print the entire application bundle. Jinsi Ya Kuomba Mkopo HESLB

The Online Loan Application and Management System will be used for all loan applications (OLAMS). The same Form Four Index Numbers used when applying for admissions should be utilized by applicants, it is REMINDED.


Help Desk Support : +255 5507910, 0739 665 533 helpdesk@heslb.go.tz 

HESLB online loan application system 2022/2023

  1. Loans for higher study are only available to Tanzanian natives.
  2. Soon, the loan application period for the academic year 2022-2023 will begin.
  3. All candidates are urged to carefully read WAOMBAJI MIKOPO 2022-2023 SOMENI MWONGOZO, which outlines the requirements and standards for awarding loans and grants to students for the upcoming academic year.
  4. It is advised that applicants read all of the instructions included under the instruction link in order to use the system efficiently.
  5. On the website of the Higher Education Student Finance Council, eligible applicants must register and submit an online application. Jinsi Ya Kuomba Mkopo HESLB

General Eligibility criteria require an applicant to meet the following conditions: –

i) Must be from Tanzania;

(ii) Must have used the Online Loan Application and Management System (OLAMS) to apply for a loan;

(iii) Must have received full-time admission to a recognized higher education institution;

(iv) For students accepted to the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), eligible candidates will be taken into account for financial aid for tuition, books, and stationery; must not get funds for schooling from any other sources;

(vi) For applicants who are undergraduates, there must be no official or regular source of income from employment, in the public or private sector.

(vii) Must be enrolled full-time and have results or progress reports proving that they have passed the tests required to move on to the next year or stage of their studies;

(viii) A student loan recipient who wants to reapply for a loan after leaving one program, college, or university must pay back at least 25% of the previous loan amount before doing so. Payment of 25% of the already issued loan does not ensure allocation of additional loans. Jinsi Ya Kuomba Mkopo HESLB

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