faculty of science 2022

faculty of science 2022
faculty of science 2022
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faculty of science;- The Faculty of Science is a complete, student-oriented science faculty where research and education are closely related. The faculty aims to be an academic community with an international character, where staff members from different backgrounds can combine their talents with the common goal of being a leading faculty of science in Europe.

faculty of science 2022

faculty of science 2022
faculty of science 2022

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Master’s Programmes

  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics (21)
  • Computer Science & IT (8)
  • Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (3)
  • Business & Management (2)
  • Medicine & Health (2)
  • Social Sciences (1)

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In Nijmegen, the Faculty of Science was established in 1967. It was widely believed that the new faculty would significantly strengthen the scientific knowledge infrastructure, which was strongly sought to go along with the post-war industrial advances in the Netherlands. The faculty has been housed in the majestic Huygens building since 2007, which has encouraged contact between teachers and students.

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The following study programs are available through the Faculty of Science:

  • (Health) Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy and Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Science of Computing
  • Sciences of the Molecular Life
  • Science

The faculty conducts research with a focus on the societal impact and applications in relation to the major difficulties facing our society, as well as the curiosity to push the boundaries of knowledge and expertise and find answers to important scientific questions. Because our research is integrated into interdisciplinary organizations that include members of our society, fundamental and applied sciences can support one another.


Our academic programs educate students for jobs in scientific research, business ventures, teaching, and professions centered on societal issues like energy, water, health, or innovation.


In the National Student Survey (NSE), our study programmes have been assessed very positively by students in the past years, especially regarding the level of education, the professionalism and accessibility of our lecturers, study guidance, the study facilities, and the contact with professional practice.

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