List of Cheapest Universities in UK for International Students

Cheapest Universities in UK
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Cheapest Universities in UK for International Students;- The cost of attending school in the UK is very high. While some students may aspire to a British degree, they nevertheless go for the most affordable option. In some ways, everyone looking for an economical choice will likely find one because there are so many universities in the UK, each with a different tuition charge and other costs. What’s even great is that your degree isn’t sacrificed in order to accomplish this.

As a result of a 2017 government ruling, British universities are permitted to charge home students tuition fees up to £9,250. Universities separately set their tuition policies for visiting scholars at the same time.

This is a fairly large sum of money and may not be within the means of many. Imagine accounting for additional costs that arise in your life as an international student, given that the UK is one of the most expensive places to live. This would make studying in the UK an unfeasible task for the majority of us.

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Some universities in the UK charge overseas students the same minimum tuition of £9,250 as domestic students.

List of Cheapest Universities in UK for International Students

University of Stirling, Stirling – £13,650

The University of Stirling, established in 1967, has built its reputation on brilliance and innovation. It provides a top-notch education and a variety of study options for potential pupils. The University of Stirling is undoubtedly one of the least expensive universities in the UK, yet having a stellar reputation. This university will charge undergraduate students £12,140 for a classroom-based course and £14,460 for a laboratory-based course. The postgraduate level’s bands (A, B, C*, and D) of tuition costs range from £13,650 to £18,970.

Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh, East Lothian – £13,000

The Queen Margaret University campus lies in the seaside hamlet of Musselburgh, just six minutes by train from the great city of Edinburgh. This city is the sunniest district in Scotland, making it a great spot to live if you love the sun. An extensive selection of study options are available at this university. In comparison to British standards, the tuition it charges is relatively modest. International undergraduate students will pay between £12,500 and £13,500 in tuition fees for the forthcoming academic year, while postgraduate students will pay considerably less.

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Southampton Solent University – £12,500

Numerous overseas researchers are interested in the study programs offered by Southampton Solent University. Students from approximately 100 different countries make up its student body. The following are the tuition costs for students from outside the country for the academic year 2018–19.

Full-time undergraduate fees:

  • Bachelor’s degree £12,500
  • Foundation Year/Certificate £11,000
  • Higher National Diplomas/Certificates (HND/HNC) £11,000 (additional registration fee may apply)

Full-time postgraduate fees:

  • MA: £12,500
  • MSc: £13,500
  • MBA: £15,000
  • Full-time postgraduate research: £12,500

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University of West London – £12,000

The University of West London is known as one of the best universities in the world. It is placed 50th in the 2019 edition of the Guardian University Guide due to its high caliber. Its cutting-edge campus, comprised of first-rate amenities where everyone can advance, is where its exceptional education and research are conducted. However, the University of West London is one of the more affordable universities in the UK thanks to its relatively low tuition costs. The average tuition cost for this university’s 2018–19 academic year is £12,000.

Leeds Becket University – £12,000

Based in Leeds, a bustling city with the largest financial area outside of London, this university describes itself as a university with distinct educational goals. Their objective is to provide students with a superior education and set of skills that will help them in the future. To guarantee that its students have the best possibilities to obtain a good career after completing their studies, the university maintains a variety of collaborations with various organizations and businesses in the area. The university currently has approximately 28,000 students who represent nearly 100 different nations. Additionally, of all British universities, Leeds Becket University has among of the lowest tuition costs. You must make the following payments to attend this university:

  • Undergraduate (most courses) – £12,000
  • Postgraduate (most courses) – £11,500 – £12,500
  • Research – £12,000 (may change in 2019/20)

Teesside University – £11,825

Both domestically and internationally, Teesside University has a solid reputation. The institution ensures that it will provide its students with an extraordinary education through a wide range of study options, top-notch instruction, and cutting-edge research. This university continues to be more alluring to overseas students thanks to its affordable tuition rates. An international foundation program will cost £9,750 for the 2018–19 academic year. You must spend £11,825 for a full-time undergraduate course within a given academic year. The tuition cost structure is very varied at the graduate level. A part-time distance learning research degree costs £5,875; a master’s in business administration costs up to £17,000. (MBA).

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Wrexham Glyndwr University – £11,750

One of the newest universities in the entire UK, Wrexham Glyndwr University was founded in 2008. But despite its little existence, this university is renowned for the outstanding caliber of its academic programs. Additionally, it is an institution that is inexpensive for most people to attend because international students pay comparatively less in tuition. The University of Glyndwr’s tuition costs for the 2018–19 school year are as follows:

  • Undergraduate – £11,750
  • Postgraduate – £12,500

University of Bedfordshire – £11,500

The University of Luton and De Montfort University, two campuses of Bedford University, were combined to become the University of Bedfordshire in 2006. More than 20,000 students attend the college, who represent over 120 different nations. In addition to being a highly respected and recognized institution, it offers low tuition rates for students from outside the country. International undergraduate students must pay £11,500 for a BA or BSc degree program, £12,000 for an MA/MSc degree program, and £12,500 for an MBA degree program, under their real tuition price policy.

University of Cumbria – £10,500

Just ten years after the University of Cumbria’s doors first opened, it already has 10,000 students. Their overarching goal is to equip students with the skills necessary to realize their potential and pursue successful careers. Despite being a well regarded institution, Cumbria University is among the least expensive in the UK. The tuition costs vary depending on the kind and academic level of your course for overseas students. International students will need to pay between £1,554 for a 6-week Presessional English course and £15,500 for the BA (Hons) Social Work and Health Pre-registration Program at the undergraduate level. Tuition for postgraduate courses may cost as little as £3,500 (Young People Community and Society) to as much as £15,500.

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University of Chester – £9,250

In the distant year of 1839, the University of Chester first welcomed students. The university has developed a distinct reputation as a top institution of higher learning throughout the course of its lengthy history. Their goal is to equip students with the knowledge and abilities that will later enable them to advance their academic careers and support their local communities. This university offers degrees at a very reasonable cost. These are the tuition costs you should anticipate as an international student at the University of Chester depending on the type and level of the programme of your choosing.

  • International Foundation Program – £9,250
  • Bachelor’s degree including Foundation – £9,250 Year 1 – £11,950 Years 2-4
  • Undergraduate – £11,950
  • UG Pre-Reg Nursing Pathways – £9,250 + £3,000 placement
  • Postgraduate – £12,000
  • MBA – £12,250
  • Research Degrees – MRes/MPhil/PhD (Lab-based) – £16,228
  • Research Degrees – MRes/MPhil/PhD (Classroom-based) – £16,635

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the cheapest University in UK for Masters?

cheap master’s degree programs offered by universities in the UK

Masters degrees at the University of the West of Scotland start at 2,300 GBP annually. Masters degrees at University of Strathclyde start at 2,400 GBP annually. Masters degrees at University of Bedfordshire start at 2,665 GBP annually. Masters degrees at the University of Buckingham cost 3,000 GBP each year.

Which UK University has the cheapest tuition fees for international students?

The best institution in the UK for international students offers a variety of degree programs from which to choose in accordance with needs and financial constraints. The International Foundation Program budget is £9,2000 per year.

Is UK cheap for international students?

Which prestigious UK institutions provide the lowest tuition rates to international students? Unfortunately, studying in the UK is not inexpensive; just for living expenses, you’ll need about £12,200 (or US$16,120) (and that’s if you don’t study in London, which is more expensive).

Is there any free University in UK?

Despite the absence of tuition-free universities, the UK offers a large number of private and public scholarships to foreign students. Here is a list of available scholarships for UK students, all of which are completely supported.

Can I work and study in UK?

working when you are a student

Students with student visas who are enrolled in full-time degree-level studies are allowed to work in the UK. The following conditions and guidelines apply: during the academic year at a university, up to 20 hours a week.


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