Scholarships For International Students in Canada

Scholarships For International Students in Canada;- Scholarships are a great way for international students to finance their studies in Canada. These non-repayable financial awards are usually awarded to students with exceptional academic achievement. Sometimes they also recognize volunteer work.

Scholarships For International Students in Canada

Some scholarships are automatically awarded and some need to be applied for. However, scholarships for international students are not always easy to find. This is why it is crucial to first explore funding options in your home country. To do this, contact the education department in your country of citizenship.

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Vanier CGS

To be considered for a Vanier CGS scholarship, applicants must have demonstrated excellence in academics and leadership in their field. The program evaluates applicants on three criteria: academic excellence, potential for research, and leadership. Nominations are made through institutions. If your institution recommends you for a scholarship, submit your documents in PDF style to the Vanier CGS secretariat. They will coordinate the review process and present their recommendations to the steering committee.

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is a competitive scholarship program open to all international students. Approximately 166 scholarships are offered each year to international students pursuing a doctoral degree in Canada. These awards support international students in their graduate studies for up to three years. The program is managed by three government-sponsored research agencies: the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (VCGS) program supports world-class students pursuing doctoral degrees in Canadian universities. It awards up to $50,000 per year for up to three years. International students must be nominated by a Canadian university to be eligible for a scholarship.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation has a number of scholarships available for international students who want to study in Canada. The scholarship is available to international and Canadian students who are enrolled in full-time master’s and doctoral programs. To apply for this scholarship, you must register on the foundation’s website. To do so, create a username and password.

To apply for a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship, you must visit the Foundation’s official website. There, you’ll find the application form and contact information. To apply, you will need to attach a letter of recommendation (LOR), academic transcripts with certified translations, and a statement of interest in the cycle’s theme. Once you have completed the application, the Trudeau Foundation will review it. If you are selected, you will be invited to interview with a Trudeau Foundation selection committee.

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Scholarships are valued at up to $60,000 CAD each and can be applied for in one or two years. The Foundation also provides a travel allowance of $20,000 per year to recipients. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and are pursuing a doctoral degree in Canada, you can apply for a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time in the first or second year of a doctoral program in Canada or abroad.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation awards scholarships for excellence in the humanities and social sciences. The program provides a stipend of up to $40,000 per year, as well as additional financial support for research travel and Foundation leadership training. Scholarship recipients are paired with a distinguished Trudeau Mentor. The program also provides an opportunity to network with a remarkable community of leaders.


The government of Canada provides a variety of international scholarships for international students. The Canadian Ministry of Education provides information on these programs and can help you apply. For example, the Anne Vallee Ecological Fund supports doctoral studies in animal sciences, and it is available in Quebec and British Columbia. Another option is the Canada Memorial Scholarship, which offers full tuition and housing to British postgraduate students in Canada.

Carleton University offers several scholarships for international students. One is the Campus Saint-Jean International Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement. This scholarship is available to students who have applied and been accepted to the university. Another is the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Award for International Students. Students are awarded this scholarship if they have outstanding academic achievement and are on a study permit.

There are specific requirements for each scholarship. To qualify, students must be citizens of one of 31 countries. To qualify, students must be pursuing a postgraduate degree in a field of study that combines the arts and humanities. The program will also cover expenses such as housing, food, and books. Scholarships are renewable for a maximum of four years, provided the student maintains an average grade of 80 per cent or higher.

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Applicants must have a valid Canadian study permit and must meet academic requirements of the program. Applicants may also be considered for the International Scholars Program, which offers grants valued at $2,500 per term. This award may be combined with other scholarships.


Applicants from outside Canada may apply for University of Ottawa scholarships, bursaries, and other student support programs. The application process can take several months. For best results, candidates should apply early. The university provides a comprehensive guide for international students, which provides information on how to apply and submit the necessary documents. Depending on the country of origin, students may have to complete language requirements and prerequisite courses.

Applicants should also consider the Financial Aid Bursary to supplement their own financial resources. A financial aid bursary is given to students who would otherwise be unable to pay for university. This scholarship is intended to supplement the student’s own funds, as well as those of their parents or guardians. The application process for this scholarship can be found online through the Online Scholarships and Bursaries search engine.

The University of Ottawa awards 42 million Canadian dollars in scholarships and bursaries each year. Its automatic excellence scholarships are the primary source of funding for international undergraduate students. Applicants must maintain an average of 8.5 or above for each term in order to qualify. In addition, the university also offers scholarships for master’s and doctoral programs. These are awarded through competitions held by individual faculties. The average admission average is 8.0, so applicants must maintain an average of at least 8 for the duration of their program.

Students from around the world can apply for various graduate scholarships at the University of Ottawa. The University is a top-tier research university in Canada. This means that graduate students who study at this university are provided with an opportunity to conduct research and build a network of dedicated professionals.

McGill University

International students are able to get into McGill University with ease. The acceptance rate of international students is high, around 40% for undergraduate courses and over 30% for master’s and doctoral degree programs. The university also offers a variety of extra-curricular activities for students, including athletics, professional development, and clubs.

Students may also apply for government aid to pay for their tuition. Government aid can provide up to eight thousand dollars for an undergraduate program. However, these grants can take six to eight weeks to process, so students should allow enough time for the application process. If they encounter delays in processing their government aid, students may apply for tuition payment deferment. The university also offers in-course scholarships to students enrolled in full-time undergraduate degree programs. These are awarded by faculty scholarship committees and disbursed through the University’s Scholarship and Student Aid Office. Students are considered based on their GPA and other factors.

Applicants must be on track to earn a bachelor’s degree or higher. In addition, applicants must have excellent academic performance and prove their financial needs through a comprehensive funding report. The application period for this scholarship is June to September 2021. Students must apply directly to one eligible full-time program and submit the application before the program deadline. If they are awarded this scholarship, they must attend classes for at least one year after receiving the scholarship.

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McGill University offers a range of scholarships for international students, from partial to full, based on the level of study and financial need. The university offers many undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as need-based awards. Scholarships for international students at McGill University can provide you with all the support you need to attend a university in Canada.

ACI foundation scholarship

The ACI Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships for International Students in Canada are offered primarily for Undergraduate and Graduate degrees. There is a cap on the number of scholarships and fellowships available each year, but applicants of any level of education are encouraged to apply. The application process is simple, and the foundation will work with you to determine if you are eligible.

Applicants must be eligible to attend an accredited institution in Canada. The ACI Foundation Scholarship Council will select the recipients based on their essays, submitted data, and recommendations. The deadlines for these awards are strict and applicants must follow all deadlines and provide all requested documentation. Once an application is submitted, the committee will review the essay and data submitted.

Applicants should have an interest in studying architecture, construction management, or materials science. They must be a full-time student at the time of the award. The scholarship will cover both educational and living costs. The deadline for applications is November 1, 2022. Scholarships awarded by the ACI Foundation will help international students pursue their academic goals.

There are many scholarship opportunities in Canada for international students. These programs are tailored to specific needs and eligibility criteria. If you meet these criteria, you can receive a scholarship worth up to 60,000 Canadian dollars. These scholarships can be used to pursue a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or PhD. To apply, make sure you meet the deadlines and follow the rules.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a scholarship as an international student in Canada?

Scholarships are non-repayable cash awards that international students can use to assist finance their studies in Canada. They are often given to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic accomplishment, however some also honor volunteer and professional experience.

Which university gives free scholarships in Canada to international students?

International students can receive a Fully Funded Scholarship at the University of Waterloo. This fellowship is available for studies at undergrad, master’s, and doctoral levels. A public research university in Canada is called the University of Waterloo.

How do I qualify for scholarships in Canada?

  • filled out the scholarship application.
  • a copy of your academic records or degrees.
  • a copy of your ID or passport.
  • a goal statement or motivation letter
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Test result (like SAT, ACT, GRE, GPA)

What universities in Canada offer scholarships to international students?

  • University of Winnipeg.
  • University of McGill.
  • York University.
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University.
  • University of Waterloo.
  • University of Alberta.
  • Queen’s University.
  • Simon Fraser University.