Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free 2022

Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free
Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free;-Memes are now frequently discussed in internet chats. They frequently appear in social media, particularly on sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Even now, people use meme keyboards to communicate with one another.

You might want to create a meme for yourself now that memes have taken over popular culture. You can achieve it by employing a meme generator! The top 10+ greatest free internet choices for making memes are shown below.

Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free 2022

1.Filmora Free Meme Generator

Filmora meme maker is a totally free meme generator without a watermark. Also, you don’t need to sign up or log in first to use it. It supports importing images, GIFs, and videos in one place. Just drag and drop to import, so easy to use. More importantly, if you want to select a white or black background to input the caption, Filmora meme maker can help you quickly. Changing text size, color and position is also available. After editing is done, just one click to export your work within a few seconds. You can also freely upload to social media platforms, like FB and IG.

  • Place text anywhere (inside and outside of image)
  • Support exporting to popular image and video formats, including jpg, png, gif, mp4
  • It is totally free to use, no subscription or cost

To give your humor a visual form, you might use the online meme generator. You can import films, GIFs, and photographs all in one place. Drag and drop is all that’s required to import, which makes it highly user-friendly. There are nine editable meme templates available on the meme generator.Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free 2022

You can select one, type a caption, and alter the font used for the text. Additionally, the user interface of this online meme maker is simple. With a few simple clicks, you can quickly and simply create humorous sticker memes. You must upload the video or image and begin altering it using the built-in meme template in order to create a meme using the meme generator. After you’ve finished editing,

Key Features

  • Comes with an intuitive and straightforward interface
  • Allows you to align the text with ease
  • Helps you change the font size
  • Provide nine built-in meme templates

3.Wondershare PixStudio

Wondershare PixStudio has a vast library of templates that can make making memes simple. You are welcome to submit an image and begin designing it with text, colors, and image effects.Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free 2022


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Ability to create memes with your images.
  • Option to add filters to images for your memes.
  • Option to change font and text color.


The finest meme generator for those who prefer a straightforward, uncomplicated experience is Quickmeme. Check out the most popular memes right now by visiting highlighted memes.

To start from scratch, simply go to “upload a funny” to make a meme. Using the “caption a meme” feature, you can choose a well-known image and add your own text.


  • Create a meme with your own images or famous images.
  • Login with Facebook to set up your account and save the memes you create.


Meme Generator is another website to keep in mind. Without any sophisticated tools, it is quite simple to use. The platform is only there to allow users to create and distribute memes quickly.

Click Generate to get directly to the site’s creation section from the homepage. Before adding the top and bottom text, you can upload an image or choose one of the available classics there. You’re done now.

The meme cannot be downloaded, which is a drawback, but you can upload it to the website for voting and comments, as well as for sharing on a number of well-liked sites.Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free 2022

6. Imgur

Imgur is the Reddit of photographs, where users share everything from funny GIFs to pictures of their dogs. Naturally, Imgur’s meme maker tool is included on this list.

Making your own memes on Imgur has the obvious advantage that you can post them right away and maybe even see them become popular. You can develop a meme library from the classics, but it tends to lag behind on the more recent memes.

If the templates don’t include the meme you’re looking for, you can upload an image from your computer. You can save or embed your meme after finishing the captioning process, as well as submit it to Imgur.Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free 2022

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7.Make a Meme

You may see pictures of all the most well-known memes from throughout the world the moment you visit Make a Meme. You can click on those pictures to bring up an interface where you can enter your custom title, the bottom text, and the top text. Your image will then be ready when you click “create a meme.

In a manner similar to this, you can also upload your own image and add text to it. Additionally, you have the choice to preview your memes before you make them.


  • Create memes from custom images or popular ones.
  • Add top and bottom text easily.
  • Create custom meme titles.
  • Preview memes before making them.


The livememe meme generator has a very simple interface. You will see a few carefully chosen, very well-liked photographs on the homepage. When you click the “make a meme” button, a drop-down menu containing thumbnails of all the well-known memes appears.

To make your own meme, you can upload your own photo and provide the necessary text, or you can use one of those photos. The image can be downloaded to your computer and even shared online.Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free 2022


  • Includes nearly every popular meme as preselected images.
  • Ability to create custom image memes.
  • Easily share created memes.

9. Canva

Memes are just one of the many things you can make with Canva. Whether you want a quick and simple approach or to take extra care with your meme, you get a ton of tools to play around with.

For instance, you can select a pre-made template and make as many changes as you wish. Alternately, include personalized text, icons, audio, and other elements along with an uploaded or stock image. When finished, the meme can be posted on social media, downloaded in various file types, used in a presentation, or even printed on clothing. And the majority of these features are free.


  • Large collection of stock images.
  • Ability to create memes with your own images.
  • Option to add filters to images for your memes.
  • Option to change font and text color.

10. iLoveIMG

Although iLoveIMG lacks some of Kapwing’s image editing bells and whistles, it still has all the necessary components for you to create your own meme. You can choose one of the two text templates, upload your image, or explore the library before adding and formatting your captions.

The beautiful thing about iLoveIMG is that you may select from a collection of well categorized memes. Not merely the outdated RageGuy templates can be found in abundance in the collection. For instance, if you type “dog,” you’ll get both Doge and the terrible pun husky.


  • Easy meme creation with uploaded or custom images.
  • Ability to add more than two lines of text.
  • Option to add an image on top of the existing image.


Kapwing is the ideal meme maker, according to users. With the most popular meme layouts, such as the one with white text at the top and bottom, there are many templates available. However, Kapwing makes it much better by giving you access to popular memes. Browse through what’s popular right now, simply edit the meme’s captions, and it will be ready to use.Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free 2022

A nice picture editor is also included with Kapwing, which lets you crop your joke to fit Instagram aspect ratios, change the color and brightness, add shapes, and more. You can download the meme after you publish it. But keep in mind that unless you are signed in to Kapwing, the image will have a watermark.


The Imgflip meme maker does a good job of staying current with fashion. It’s more than enough to use a template to add stickers, draw on the picture, and select from a variety of caption styles.

While it’s free to make your own meme with Imgflip, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • When you generate a meme, it gets automatically published on the website.
  • You’re going to need an account if you want to download the image.
  • You’ll need a paid subscription to remove the watermark.

Having said that, Imgflip is the best meme maker if you want to make something funny and share it with the world. It may not be the best if you want a meme for personal use, though.

Generally,You’ll create a meme most frequently to respond to something or to share to a friend. And most frequently, this occurs on your phone. Therefore, a mobile app like Mematic is helpful when using an internet meme generator is not an option. Here are some more free iOS applications to make memes if that’s more your style.

You begin by selecting a look, and after that, you upload a photo from your photo collection. Additionally, you can select a meme from the extensive collection, though the app will caution you that some of them may be protected by copyright. Free stock images from Unsplash and GIFs from Tenor are more picture choices.Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free 2022

Frequently Asked Qustions

  • What is the best meme maker app?

 Best Meme Making Apps to Boost Fun on Social Media

  • Meme Generator.
  • Meme Creator.
  • Memes Maker and Generator.
  • Memasik.
  • Video and GIF Memes.
  • Meme Faces.
  • Memeto.
  • Can I earn money by making memes?

Freelance Meme Jobs: Companies, event planners, and even private individuals pay for memes. On Fiverr and other freelancing platforms, you may find tens of thousands of projects relating to memes. You can publish your gig, but in order to attract more and better clients, you’d need to have a strong portfolio and positive reviews.

  • Who is the father of memes?

Richard Dawkins, a British evolutionary biologist, coined the term “meme” in 1976. He believed that memes controlled their own reproduction and were the cultural equivalent of biological genes.Best 12 Meme Makers Online For Free 2022

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