Top 20 Best Restaurants in Egypt: Find Famous Places to Eat

Best Restaurants in Egypt
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Top 20 Best Restaurants in Egypt: Find Famous Places to Eat;- Smaller towns have a rather limited selection of restaurants compared to Cairo and Alexandria, which both have a good selection. Although there may be an occasional Egyptian dish on set menus and buffets in hotels, Egyptian cuisine is unquestionably worth trying. Five-star hotels frequently fly in European chefs for week-long ethnic extravaganzas in addition to the standard fare.

Top 20 Best Restaurants in Egypt: Find Famous Places to Eat

A good meal in an Egyptian restaurant can now cost almost as much as one in London or New York, although the more modest eateries are still very affordable. Prices have increased dramatically in recent years. While more upscale establishments might only serve pricey imported wines, cheaper restaurants frequently don’t serve alcohol. Best Restaurants in Egypt

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Street food

Although Egyptian street cuisine is frequently delectable, if your stomach is sensitive, proceed with caution. Popular dishes include fuul and tamiyah as well as koshary, a dish made of rice, macaroni, fried onions, lentils, and chickpeas and topped with a fiery tomato sauce.

Due to the high cost of meat, street food is likely to be vegetarian for those who prefer it. Make advised that Egyptians only classify a meal as “vegetarian” if it contains no beef, so be sure to inspect your food before consuming.

There are numerous sandwiches available that include tamiyah, white cheese, chopped liver, kidneys, and pasturma, a native dried meat. In the winter, baked sweet potatoes, chicken soup, and roasted corn are common street foods.

Best Restaurants in Egypt

Akher Sa’a

Akher Sa’a, which enjoys a devoted local following, is renowned for serving some of the best fuul and ta’amiyya sandwiches in the city, spiced up with fantastic sauces and “extras” like soyuk (spicy sausage). The meal is delicious and freshly prepared, and the prices are incredibly low. There are lines at the takeout area, while there is a small seating space next door, and the sign (and menu) are exclusively in Arabic. Best Restaurants in Egypt


This restaurant, owned by an ex-belly dancer from Alexandrine, is renowned for its creative preparation of a variety of fish and seafood, including calamari, clams, and crab. It offers wonderful bread, mezze, salads, and rice accompaniments in a cozy, personal setting.

Citadel View Restaurant

A pseudo-Fatimid palace with the aptly called Citadel View offers stunning views of the Citadel, Old Cairo, and the Al Azhar’s formal gardens from its restaurant terraces and café. The cuisine has French influences, although it focuses on traditional grilled meat fests in the Egyptian style. Weekends feature a well-liked open buffet. Intimately illuminated by lanterns, it’s a great spot for a romantic dinner for two or, during the day, a calm lunch.

Koshari et-Tahrir

Many Cairo residents believe that this restaurant is the best spot to get koshari, Egypt’s renowned, almost national cuisine. Busy and buzzing, it’s worth the lines, crowds, and waits, especially on weekends.


The calm, laid-back roof patio with stunning views of the Nile is this basic, rustic Egyptian restaurant’s best feature. The pleasant customer’s famed for his homemade tagines is Mahmoud (casseroles cooked in covered clay pots baked in the oven). His “rosemary chicken” is well-known, and it is accompanied with sweet oriental rice. Best Restaurants in Egypt

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The well-known Sequoia is situated near the water on the island’s northernmost point. It is incredibly well-liked because of its relaxed and casual ambiance, reliable and affordable food, quick service, soothing music, and the largest range of waterpipes in Cairo. It’s imperative to make reservations, especially on the weekends.

Aswan Moon

The Aswan Moon, the most well-known floating restaurant in the area, has a great location, welcoming staff, and a fun environment. During the peak season, entertainment is typically presented every night. You come for the atmosphere more than the food—traditional Levantine favorites like kebabs and roast chicken—which is inconsistent. Best Restaurants in Egypt

1902 Restaurant

The premier restaurant in town and the pride of the Old Cataract, 1902, has had a stunning renovation, much like the hotel, and is now serving up its delectable French-Levantine menu in the elegant dining room. There are European wines available, but they are outrageously overpriced.

Koshary Ali Baba Restaurant

Ali Baba is regarded as the best koshari restaurant in town, despite its unassuming appearance. It’s a terrific place to visit if you want to enjoy the well-known, carb-heavy cuisine from Egypt. Prices do tend to go up for tourists though.

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Abu Ashraf

The well-liked Abu Ashraf is situated in Alexandria’s Anfushi neighborhood, which is well-known for its abundance of street-side fish restaurants. The fish and seafood are fresh and beautifully prepared, despite the fact that there are just a few tables under a canopy. Point to the fish you want, decide the price based on its weight, and then specify how you want it prepared. Another local favorite is the fish casserole, especially in the winter. Best Restaurants in Egypt


The Trianon, one of Alexandria’s gastronomic landmarks, includes wood paneling, elaborate decorating, and an Old-World vibe. The carefully refurbished restaurant serves vegetarian and meat dishes with Mediterranean and Levantine influences. Next door is a well-known patisserie with a terrace, which is a great place to people-watch while enjoying a filling breakfast (try the omelettes) or a rejuvenating cup of tea and cake.

1886, Winter Palace Hotel

Long regarded as Luxor’s finest dining establishment, 1886 is the Winter Palace’s signature eatery. In order to maintain its high standards, the restaurant requires a jacket and tie for guests, and the formal and attentive service is provided in the exclusive dining area. The food is inventive and opulent, prepared in a French style with Egyptian influences and ingredients, however the wine selection has a very high markup. Best Restaurants in Egypt

Mohammed Ahmed

Mohammed Ahmed provides both takeout and eat-in alternatives. It is well known locally for its fuul and ta’amiyya sandwiches served with a range of sauces and condiments, as well as fiteer and other Egyptian savouries. It’s a terrific option for vegetarians, and the menus are available in English and Arabic.

Abou as-Sid

This hipster boudoir-meets-orientalist fantasy is one of Cairo’s hottest dining locations right now. It is cozy and vibrant, with a distinct local flavor. The walls are decorated with Egyptian art, modern Egyptian music is played, and traditional Egyptian food and drinks are served, including regional takes on classic cocktails. It welcomes settling in since it is entertaining and atmospheric. This is the location to sample a sheesha if you’re interested.

Fish Market

The restaurant, which ranks among the greatest fish restaurants in Alexandria, offers stunning views of the harbor, upscale decor and service, and an excellent daily catch that is displayed on ice. Although frequented by more and more tour groups, the food and service continue to be of a high standard.

Moghul Rooms

Even though it may be the priciest spot in town, you can tell where your money is going from the exquisite interiors. The entertainment is surprisingly refined, and the traditional Indian food melts in your tongue.

Koshary El-Zaeem

One of Aswan’s top koshari spots, Koshary El-Zaeem has a devoted local following. Spicy tomato sauce and fried onions are liberally sprinkled on top of hearty quantities. Most people choose to order takeout, but if you can locate a table that’s free, you can sit down and eat at one of the dingy tables.

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Andrea’s Chicken and Fish Restaurant

The tastiest grilled chicken in town, along with some of the best mezze, are served with hummus and freshly baked bread. The majority of the seating is outside in a sizable garden on flimsy wooden and bamboo chairs. A small pool and a playground are also available to keep the kids entertained.

Orient 1001

On its own island, this restaurant serves tasty Lebanese meals and Egyptian seafood in a lovely oriental environment. every Sunday and Thursday, live performances.

Bombay Restaurant

The Bombay Restaurant might be ideal for those looking for a night away from kebabs and kofta. There is a respectable choice of traditional curries available, along with the customary naan breads, poppadoms, and samosas. It’s a terrific option for vegetarians, and the costs are fair. Best Restaurants in Egypt


At this popular restaurant among expats, Italy and Egypt collide over delectable baba ghanoush and real wood-fired pizza.

Café del Mar

a straightforward café serving substantial quantities of fresh food.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a famous restaurant in Egypt?

Tahrir Koshari Many Cairo residents believe that this restaurant is the best spot to get koshari, Egypt’s renowned, almost national cuisine.

  • What is the most popular food in Cairo?

10 Cairo Foods You Must Try While There

Molokhia. This leafy soup is an almost sacrosanct dish for many Egyptians. …

Falafel (taamiya) , Ful medames. Mahshi.

Koshary. Mesakaa. Kishk Ringa.

  • What is the famous food in Egypt?

Foods like feteer meshaltet, ful medames (mashed fava beans), kushari (lentils, rice, pasta, and other things), and molokhiya (chopped and fried bush okra with garlic and coriander sauce) are typical of Egyptian cuisine.

  • Do Cairo restaurants serve alcohol?

Things in New Cairo have been improving recently; there are now quite a few excellent restaurants there that also serve alcohol, so the days of having to choose between a bar with questionable food or a mall restaurant are long gone.

  • Where can I walk in Cairo?

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