10 Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest

10 Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest
10 Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest
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Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest;-The aesthetics of the environment and buildings are important factors in many students’ college selections. Of course, each person’s decision is based on their personal preferences. Ivy-covered brick structures are preferred by certain pupils. Others choose more cutting-edge, contemporary building techniques. There is also a lot in between. Nobody is arguing that aesthetics are the primary consideration for the majority of pupils. But when faced with two similar colleges, most people will pick the more attractive one.

The top 10 colleges in the Pacific Northwest, according to Great College Deals, are shown below. Idaho, Washington, and Oregon make up the northwest. In this region of the nation, there are more than 10 lovely colleges. The northwest is represented by these 10 colleges. The following universities were selected and ranked based on particular standards.

10 Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest

1.Lewis & Clark College

Portland, Oregon

Portland’s Lewis & Clark College offers a campus that encourages students to spend time outside. On Portland’s Palatine Hill, the modest liberal arts college occupies more than 130 acres. Beautiful Mount Hood vistas can be found at Lewis & Clark College. The Tryon Creek State Natural Area is situated close to the university. A wildlife reserve has emerged as the center of Lewis & Clark College’s ecological initiatives. There are many distinctive buildings on campus. The majority of the newest additions are LEED-certified structures. Many others are authentic, old structures. Princeton Review’s design experts have ranked the campus as one of the prettiest in the nation.Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest

2. Willamette University

Salem, Oregon

The historic Willamette University campus is located close to the Oregon State Capitol. Willamette University’s campus has a somewhat rustic air to it while being in an urban area. There are various paths that are lined with trees. Visitors can stroll through the campus botanical garden. Even the stream has a W shape to it. On campus, there are numerous beautiful buildings. The Late Gothic Revival style was exemplified in the construction of Eaton Hall in 1909. In 1867, Waller Hall made its debut. The oldest educational structure still in use west of the Mississippi is this one. In 1920, Lausanne Hall was constructed. It served as the institution’s first location for the Women’s College.

3.Whitworth University

Spokane, Washington

One of the top universities is continuously Whitworth University. Additionally to being regarded as one of the most beautiful, this 200 acres of pine-covered land surround the school in Spokane, Washington. A large portion of the campus is home to collegiate-style red-brick structures. A notable illustration is the 1913-built McMillan Hall. Whitworth has made modifications worth more than $100 million over the past 20 years. These consist of a brand-new, cutting-edge science center, a center for the visual arts, and a recreational area for students.Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest

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4.Western Washington University

Bellingham, Washington

Western Washington University is a serene Pacific Coast haven 90 miles from Seattle. Both current and former students have referred to the school as “wonderful.” The campus’ conifer-scented red-brick paths are used by both students and wildlife. The Wilson Library Reading Room, sometimes known as “The Harry Potter Room,” is one of the campus’s gems. The San Juan Islands are depicted on a crude map on the grassy mounds of Haskell Plaza. The spectacular Performing Arts Center Plaza is the next attraction. Most of the campus offers views of the islands and Bellingham Bay. Bellingham, a nearby town, has numerous live music venues, bars, and excellent eateries.Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest

5.University of Washington

Seattle, Washington

“Snow-capped mountain views in an urban setting is a good deal,” said Forbes Magazine of the University of Washington’s Seattle campus. The University of Washington does indeed have stunning natural beauty. Students and tourists can enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Range from much of the 703-acre campus. And if that weren’t enough, cherry trees that bloom in the spring surround the central quad space. But this public state institution can be proud of more than simply the natural beauty. Possibly the most stunning structure on campus is Denny Hall. Denny Hall, designed by Charles Saunders and completed in 1895, is a stunning illustration of French Renaissance architecture.Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest

6.Gonzaga University

Spokane, Washington

The main campus of Gonzaga University is located in Spokane, Washington. The 152-acre campus is made up of well-kept grounds, vibrant gardens, and classic red-brick structures. Gonzaga has a number of notable structures, but St. Aloysius Church is the main attraction. The towers of the church are recognizable in Spokane. Follow the path of statues that includes those of St. Aloysius, St. Joseph, St. Ignatius, and even Bing Crosby to get a nice view of the Gonzaga campus.

7.Whitman College

Walla Walla, Washington

It’s amusing to state that Whitman College is in Walla Walla, Washington. The natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest is a prominent theme of the school. There are pathways, streams, ponds, and outdoor sculptures on the Whitman campus. The campus has a large number of Victorian-style buildings. A variety of contemporary structures built in recent years serve to complement this. One of the biggest gathering places on campus is Ankeny Field. It also serves as the Johnston Wilderness Campus, a nearby environmental reserve. This is utilized for leisure activities, social gatherings, and research.Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest

 8.University of Puget Sound

North Tacoma, Washington

The North Tacoma campus of the University of Puget Sound is situated within a short distance from the city center. The neighborhood where the school is situated is primarily residential. This implies that the environment for the pupils here is the finest of both worlds. Students have plenty of area to enjoy the sunny days in Washington thanks to three grassy quads. Puget Sound views are always inspiring. The University of Puget Sound resembles one of the finest old universities in Great Britain thanks to its English Tudor-Gothic architecture.Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest

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9.Seattle Pacific University

Seattle, Washington

The famous Queen Anne Hill neighborhood and Seattle Pacific University are also close by. Charming brick structures, cutting-edge amenities, and some of Seattle’s oldest trees can be found on the 43-acre campus. Alexander Hall is unquestionably the campus’s most recognizable structure. When it was initially constructed to house the Seattle Seminary, it was known by the moniker “Red Brick Building.” Currently the campus’s oldest building, Alexander Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The two satellite campuses of Seattle Pacific are occasionally accessible to students from the main campus. These can be found on Whidbey Island and Blakely Island. Despite the university’s proximity to the city of Seattle, many of its students frequent Alki Beach and Madonna Beach. They can go boating, fishing, and scuba diving there.Most Beautiful Colleges in the Pacific Northwest

 10.Reed College

Portland, Oregon

St. John’s College at the University of Oxford in England served as inspiration for the layout of Reed College’s campus. Today, brick Tudor-Gothic structures like Eliot Hall coexist with structures in the Modernist architectural style. The Psychology Building is one such illustration. Students can take a stroll around The Reed College Canyon to get away from the college’s more metropolitan surrounds. The dormitories and the academic buildings are divided by a natural wildlife preserve.


  • What is the best school in the Pacific Northwest? 

The University of Washington is now ranked as the finest university in the area by U.S. News & World Report. The University of Washington, Seattle, has also been named one of the top schools in the West by Forbes. The “best school” for one student might not be the greatest school for another, therefore it’s still important to emphasize that.

  • What is the most prestigious college in Oregon?

The best universities in the state, according to honors, are frequently Oregon State University and Pacific University. The top Oregon schools are Reed College, Willamette University, and Lewis & Clark College.

  • What are the pros and cons of living in the Pacific Northwest?

The main drawbacks of living in the Pacific Northwest are thought to be the high expense of living, growing traffic, and frequent rain. The advantages include a wealth of natural beauty. This boosts the appeal of an active lifestyle. Its inhabitants are thought to be friendly.

  • What are the best places to live in the Pacific Northwest?

Your hobbies will play a big role in determining the ideal areas to live. Central Oregon can be the greatest spot for you to reside if you value good weather. Consider Washington’s Olympic Peninsula if you want sea vistas.

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