Yona of The Dawn Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & All Things You Need To Know

Yona of The Dawn Season 2
Yona of The Dawn Season 2
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Yona of The Dawn Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & All Things;- Yona of the Dawn is a Japanese manga series that Mizuho Kusanagi both wrote and illustrated. Since August 2009, it has been serialized in Hakusensha’s shjo manga magazine Hana to Yume, and as of May 2022, the chapters have been compiled in 38 tankbon volumes.

Yona of The Dawn Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & All Things You Need To Know

Since the 2014–15 season, Yona Of The Dawn has been broadcast on television. It is based on the fantasy Shojo manga by Mizuho Kusanagi. The story ends on a suspenseful cliffhanger with a number of unanswered secrets as we watch action sequences with Yona and her fellow warriors returning to the Kingdom of Kouka. As a result, fans are forced to guess as to whether Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 will be released. For additional details, keep reading.

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Release Date of Yona of The Dawn Season 2

Yona of The Dawn Season 2
Yona of The Dawn Season 2

As of right now, it is unknown if “Yona of the Dawn” will receive a second season. Although anime programs occasionally take a year-long break, the show’s creator, Studio Pierrot, has been unusually slow to declare any changes to the series’ status.

She tweeted that the 2016 Kunamoto earthquakes appeared to temporarily halt inventor Kusanagi’s progress; however, that was five years ago. Anime Next Season asserts that the series has ended due to low item sales and the show’s social media sites stopping to promote it, despite the fact that the 34 volumes of the manga that are still available provide a lot of source material and have decent ratings.

Less likely it is that an anime will be revived the longer it goes without being renewed. If a renewal is not forthcoming by 2021 or 2022, fans should quit up, according to TV Season & Spoilers. The show won’t run again for at least a year, even if a renewal is revealed this week. Unfortunately, it seems that time is running out. Yona of The Dawn Season 2

Cast of Yona of The Dawn Season 2

Both dubbed and subtitled versions of “Yona Of The Dawn’s” first season are available on Hulu; the dubbed version uses voice dubbing performed by American actors, while the subtitled version uses English subtitles. The anime also has a superb English dub, which stars veteran voice actress Monica Rial as Yona. Son Hak is portrayed by Christopher R. Sabat, while Yun, Su-Won, and Gija are portrayed by Clifford Chapin, Micah Solusod, and Ian Sinclair.

It’s tough to predict what will occur given the lengthy time between seasons, but predictions suggest that the voice cast won’t undergo any major changes. If this is the case, a different voiceover artist who is available would probably take the actor’s place. It is too soon to predict the casting challenges this series would have if it decides to come back, though. Fans should soon hear either good or bad news, hopefully both.

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Yona of The Dawn Season 2 Plot

The program takes place in a fictional nation that has been shaped by the civilizations of China, Korea, and Japan.
A narrative of retribution and forgiveness, the exhibition honors the exploits of Yona, the sole princess of the Kingdom of Kouka.

Yona is introduced as a queen in the Hiryuu Castle at the beginning of the episode, living a happy and healthy life while being shielded from the outside world by her father, the King of Kouka, and Hak, a childhood friend who now serves as her bodyguard.

As a result, Yona’s life is turned upside down as she is celebrating her sixteenth birthday when Su-Won, her childhood sweetheart and lover matter, shows up to show her respect.

Won goes to her father’s office to let him know that she likes Su-Won since Yona is upset with Su-approach. She enters the chamber and is horrified to see Su-Won killing her father to take the throne.

In Kouka, Su-Won installs power, and Yona is saved by Hak from certain death. The two leave the citadel and travel to Hak’s birthplace, the Village of Wind.

At the Village of Wind, Yona meets with Hak’s grandfather Son Mundok, who advises them to look for a minister by the name of Ik-Su.

The minister tells them about Hiryuu, Kouka’s first emperor, and the Four Dragon Warriors when they find him. The latter recognized the Kingdom of Kouka right away.

The history of Su-harsh Won’s rule needs to be preserved in order to save the kingdom from extinction, and Yona and Hak are motivated by the tale to set out on an epic adventure to find the Four Dragon Warriors’ offspring. Ik’s aide Su’s Yun leads the group. Yona of The Dawn Season 2

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 Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Trailer Available?

Yona Of The Dawn’s second season has no trailer, and there is no information on when it will be released. If any formal information becomes available, we’ll let you know. Keep a close eye on things!

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Overview

In the land of Kouka, the myth of the Four Dragons and the history of the area has been passed down through the years. Currently, Yona, a fifteen-year-old princess who had been well-raised, is the only one following in line for the throne at Hiryuu Palace.

The night of her sixteenth birthday eventually comes. With her peace-loving father Il, her personal assistant and friend Hak, and her cousin Soo-won, with whom she had affections, she anticipates a beautiful day. However.. Yona visits her father that evening to express her true feelings because he is against her being married to Soo-won. She learns a startling fact, though, as she enters her chamber. In this historical fantasy tale, Yona and the Four Dragons’ fates are intertwined. Yona of The Dawn Season 2

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Yona

  1. Who is the English voice actor for Yona?

In Yona of the Dawn, Chiwa Saito performs the Japanese voice, and Monica Rial performs the English dub.

2. Who plays Maya in Yona of the Dawn?

Ryan Reynolds as Maya in Yona of the Dawn (TV Series, 2014–2015) – IMDb

3. Who voices Haku in Yona of the Dawn?

Tomoaki Maeno (前野 智昭, Maeno Tomoaki, born May 26, 1982) is a Japanese voice actor.

4. Who voices the Green Dragon in Yona?

Japanese voice actor and musician Junichi Suwabe (, Suwabe Jun’ichi, born March 29, 1972) hails from Tokyo.

5. Who voices the Blue Dragon in Yona?

Yona of the Dawn’s Blue Dragon Ao has a Japanese voice by Mitsuru Miyamoto and an English version by Chris Rager.

6. How old is Sinha from Yona of the Dawn?

18 years of age
Hak, Soo-won, and Shin-Ah are all 18 years old during the course of the novel, however Shin-Ah is a month older than Soo-won and nearly five months younger than Hak.

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