Why Study a Sports Management Degree? (and Careers to Choose after Graduation) 2022

Why Study a Sports Management Degree? (and Careers to Choose after Graduation) 2022
Why Study a Sports Management Degree? (and Careers to Choose after Graduation) 2022
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Why Study a Sports Management Degree? ;- For those who want to combine their love of sports with their financial acumen and pursue a rewarding career in this area, sports management degrees are appropriate.

Why Study a Sports Management Degree? (and Careers to Choose after Graduation) 2022

Here is some information to look through to help you decide if a Sports Management program is suited for you:

  • What is a degree in sports management?
  • Coursework and curriculum
  • How long does it take to obtain a degree in sports management?
  • What criteria must you meet to get admitted?
  • The top institutions for earning a degree in sports management
  • How much you’ll be required to pay in tuition
  • The benefits of earning a sports management degree online
  • the best career prospects and pay after graduation

Find Sports Management Bachelors 

Before we get started, here are a few colleges we advise for studies in sports management:

  • US-based Wichita State University
  • UK’s Leeds Beckett University
  • Switzerland’s Swiss School of Business and Management
  • Spain’s EU Business School
  • University of Sport in Lithuania

What is a Sports Management degree?

Students who pursue a degree in sports management learn concepts and abilities relating to management, finance, marketing, and law as they pertain to the sports sector. You can leverage the most recent trends and technologies to gain an overview of the business side of a sports organization by taking sports management classes.

Although you’ll learn a variety of skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and attention to detail are some of the most crucial ones. These will be useful in any circumstance. The skills you acquire while earning a degree in sports management are crucial whether you’re negotiating a sponsorship agreement for a small-town event or a multimillion-dollar agreement for a player or team you represent.

Why Study a Sports Management Degree? (and Careers to Choose after Graduation) 2022
Why Study a Sports Management Degree? (and Careers to Choose after Graduation) 2022

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Curriculum for Sports Management degrees

Bachelor’s degrees in Sports Management

You’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of the legal and business sides of the sports sector thanks to these programs.

Master’s degrees in Sports Management

The website for All Business Schools lists three different master’s degrees in sports management:

  • Your focus might be on enhancing your business abilities and securing management positions with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Sports Management.
  • A master’s degree in sports management will help you advance your career as an executive, head coach, or manager.
  • A master’s degree in sports medicine can help you develop into a fitness and health specialist who works with teams and athletes to prevent and treat injuries.

The more rigorous master’s programs in sports management build on the general knowledge you acquired in your undergraduate studies and enable you to specialize and earn expertise in the area of your choice.

How long does it take to graduate a Sports Management degree?

A typical study program in sports management lasts for:

  • Bachelor’s degrees: four years in North America; often three years in Europe and Australia
  • Master’s degrees: in North America and Europe, 1-2 years

Sports Management degree admission requirements

Although the documents we’ve mentioned below are the most typical, you won’t necessarily be required to submit each one. You can review the prerequisites for each university on the website for the study program.

Bachelors in Sports Management

  • English language requirements: minimum TOEFL (ranges from 60 to 80) and IELTS scores (6.0)
  • grades on the transcripts
  • recommendation letter
  • Motivational letter
  • Evidence that you can afford your education
  • Curriculum Vitae for a Masters in Sports Management (CV)

Masters in Sports Management

  • English language requirements: minimum TOEFL (ranges from 60 to 80) and IELTS scores (6.5)
  • GPA minimum (established by each university individually)
  • an undergraduate degree in sports, business, or a related field
  • two recommendation letters
  • Essay or personal statement
  • Academic resume (CV)

Best Sports Management universities and colleges

Our ranking of the top colleges for sports management studies was compiled using data from the Sports Business magazine and Eduniversal’s 2019 Rankings. Eduniversal’s ranking was determined on the following criteria:

  • Reputation of the educational endeavor
  • first paycheck following graduation
  • student happiness

Some of the top colleges for sports management are listed below:

  • Switzerland’s AISTS (International Academy of Sport Science and Technology)
  • American University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • German University of Bayreuth
  • French KEDGE Business School
  • Ireland’s University College Dublin

Tuition fees for Sports Management degrees

Depending on the university and nation in which you choose to study, tuition prices will vary greatly. While there are other expenses to consider, such as travel, lodging, and study materials, tuition is still one of the most crucial ones when selecting a study program abroad:

  • Bachelor’s degrees in sports management range from 1,500 to 21,000 euros each academic year.
  • Between 1,100 and 30,000 euros per academic year for a master’s degree in sports management.

Students can find Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in sports management in places like:

  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Turkey
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom

Your study expenses may be totally or partially covered by scholarships. Check out your university’s resource page and the financial aid programs that are offered in the nation where you plan to study. There, you can learn more about funding options that can significantly simplify life for overseas students.

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Online Sports Management degrees

The cost of online degrees in sports management is typically comparable to that of traditional on-campus degrees. The money you would have spent on travel, lodging, and living abroad would be saved, nevertheless.

People who have other obligations, such as a full-time work or a family, such as full-time study programs online, are fantastic. As long as you have the self-control to finish your projects by the due date and study at your own pace, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Don’t worry if you don’t comprehend something in class the first time. You are free to watch it as often as necessary. You may always get in touch with your classmates or even the lecturer who is available to aid you if that doesn’t work.

After completion, some online programs also provide career guidance and support to make it simpler for you to land a job in the sports sector. If the university offers this kind of mentorship program, check the course description.

Additionally, while you’re doing that, see if the online program is accredited. Many financial aid programs are only available for approved programs, thus it will be very challenging for you to get a job with an unaccredited degree.

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Careers and salaries with a Sports Management degree

Degrees in sports management will lead to many different employment options. You must choose whether you want to work mostly in the business world or work directly with the players and the team as a manager, coach, fitness professional, etc.

These are the yearly wages in the US for some of the most well-known positions in sports management, according to Payscale:

  • Manager of Contracts: 80,000 USD
  • Director of Athletics: $60,000
  • 58,000 USD for a sports agent
  • Athletic trainer: $43,000
  • Manager of Fitness – 43,000 USD
  • Coordinator of Events: 41,000 USD

Have you heard the expression “the sky’s the limit”? It also applies in this case. These salaries might sound hefty, but they are nothing compared to what some of the best football managers in the world are paid. For instance, Pep Guardiola earned 24 million EUR and Diego Simeone received 41 million EUR in the 2018–19 season.

Master of Sports Management page

Is a Sports Management degree worth it?

The value of a sports management degree mostly depends on the type of career you choose to pursue. You must have a strong sense of both business and athletic passion to succeed in the sports sector. Then, even if you select a free study program, you will need to determine how much time and money you are willing to devote.

Working with people and organizing them is a major component of the majority of employment in the field of sport management. Communication is essential, thus this degree or job may not be right for you if you are uncomfortable working with lots of people.

Just be sincere with yourself and admit if you envision yourself in a few years as a coach, manager, or event planner.

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