What makes your baby a boy or a girl? | Boy or girl?

What makes your baby a boy or a girl
What makes your baby a boy or a girl
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What makes your baby a boy or a girl?;- The chromosome your child receives from her father determines whether he or she will be a boy or a girl. The sperm can have either a female or a male chromosome, whereas the mother’s egg always has an X (female) chromosome. When the egg is fertilized, the chromosomes combine, and depending on whether they are XY or XX, a newborn male or girl is conceived.

What makes your baby a boy or a girl? | Boy or girl?

Can you choose to have boy or a girl?

The odds of having a boy or a girl are almost equal according to statistics, and there is no medical support for the idea that we can change this.
However, you might be familiar with the “Shettles Method.” Dr. Shettles discovered that the properties of male and female sperm varied in the 1970s. He thought that by recognizing these variations, couples may try to produce a boy or a girl.

The diverse settings that are prevalent throughout the female reproductive tract during the menstrual cycle serve as the foundation for the Shettles technique of sex selection. The method’s most crucial component is timing sexual activity to coincide with the desired sex for the pair during the menstrual cycle. What makes your baby a boy or a girl

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When to have sex

It everything revolves around a race to the egg.
Shettles discovered that male sperm was smaller, swam more quickly, and had a shorter life span than female sperm. In his opinion, the male sperm would have a better chance of reaching the egg before the female sperm if a couple engaged in sexual activity around the time of ovulation.

The likelihood of the couple having a boy child increased if the egg fertilized. Making love earlier in the fertile window meant that the sperm would still be alive to fertilize the egg and increase the likelihood of having a daughter because female sperm were discovered to be slower, fitter, and would live longer than male sperm.
The timing of sex in relation to ovulation does not truly affect whether you conceive a boy or a girl, despite the fact that this is an intriguing notion that has now been disproven by research.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you only have a short window in each cycle to become pregnant, regardless of whether you want to have a boy or a girl. You may determine your two most fertile days using Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests or Visual Ovulation Tests, giving you the assurance that you are trying at the proper moment.
Additionally, the Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Test often detects 4 or more viable days, increasing your chances of becoming pregnant. What makes your baby a boy or a girl

Sexual positions

Shettles added that the father’s orgasmic posture during the pregnancy could affect whether a male or girl is conceived. When male sperm penetrate deeply, such as when swimming “doggy style,” they begin their race closer to the cervix and are more likely to reach the egg first, resulting in a boy. Shettles advised avoiding deep penetration and favoring the missionary position in order to try to conceive a girl.
Another intriguing thought, but once more without any evidence to back it up. Actually, Dr. Michael Thomas (a specialist in fertility) recommends that there are no ways to influence your child’s sex, including sexual position.

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Eating certain foods

When it is more alkaline during ovulation, cervical mucus is most sperm-friendly. Only the strongest sperm can survive since the mucus before ovulation is more acidic, which is not optimal for sperm. According to Shettles, increasing the vagina’s acidity increases the likelihood that the healthier female sperm will survive and result in the conception of a girl. A boy is conceived because a more alkaline environment benefits the quicker male sperm. Although there is no proof that varying your diet would affect the pH of your vagina, you could try it. What makes your baby a boy or a girl

Can I get pregnant with twins?

When more than one kid develops in the womb, twins can result. Non-identical twins (occurring when more than one egg is fertilized) and identical twins are the 2 types of twins (when one single fertilized egg splits in early pregnancy).
Over the past 20 years, twin pregnancies have increased in frequency, partly as a result of the use of reproductive medications.

Although it is impossible to select to become pregnant with twins, several circumstances can increase your chances:

  1. In vitro fertilization (IVF), in which eggs are fertilized outside the body, is an example of assisted reproduction technology (ART). The couple may have the option to have one or more embryos transferred back into the womb if several are created. There is a risk that more than one of these embryos will implant and the couple will give birth to more than one child if they decide to transfer two or more.
  2. A increased possibility of twins or multiple births exists for women who take ovulation-inducing medications, such as clomiphene citrate, which stimulate the ovaries to release eggs.
  3. Age: Twin pregnancies are more likely in women over 35. This is due to the fact that older women produce more follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which can lead to the release of several eggs during ovulation.
  4. Due to hereditary factors, a woman has a higher probability of becoming pregnant with twins if she is a twin or if twins run in her family. This results from a hereditary propensity to release several eggs during ovulation. What makes your baby a boy or a girl

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The existence of the sex chromosomes in the genetic code determines biological sex in healthy humans: two X chromosomes (XX) result in a girl, whereas an X and a Y chromosome (XY) result in a boy. In this way, the Y chromosome’s presence or absence in a healthy human being distinguishes boys from girls.


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