VETA Online Application form (Apply For VETA Admission)2022

VETA Online Application form
VETA Online Application form, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

VETA Online Application form;- Coverage includes the 2022 VETA Online Application form, the 2022 VETA Chang’ombe Application Form, and the 2022 VETA Joining Instruction.

VETA Online Application form (Apply For VETA Admission)2022

VETA Online Application form
VETA Online Application form

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The Act of Parliament No. 1 of 1994, Chapter 82 [Revised in 2006], established the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA), an independent government agency. The main reason VETA was founded was to manage Tanzania’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. Its duties include promoting, coordinating, offering, providing, regulating, and funding VET in the nation.

VETA Chang’ombe Application Form 2022 | Apply Here for the VETA Online Application Process

“Tanzania with sufficient and capable artisans” is VETA’s stated mission.


To “guarantee quality vocational skills by offering, regulating, coordinating, promoting, and financing vocational education and training for national socio-economic development,” according to VETA’s mission statement.

Primary Values

  1. services based on demand;
  2. superior customer service
  3. Objectivity; and
  4. group effort

VETA’s Functions

providing occupational training and education;

  • Through 33 of its own vocational training centers and institutions, VETA offers training. Additionally, it trains teachers of vocational subjects through its Morogoro Vocational Teachers Training College.
  • coordinating career training and education;

VETA’s Functions

More than 700 VET institutions operated by various VET providers are coordinated by VETA, which offers training through long courses, short courses, and specialized courses. In order to ascertain the skills in demand by the labor market, VETA also conducts labor market surveys. Additionally, the Authority creates and upholds strong connections and partnerships with other training organizations at the national and zonal levels.

  • regulating technical and trade schools;

Through registration of VET institutions, accreditation, standard-setting, curriculum development, auditing for compliance, assessment, and certification, VETA regulates the delivery of vocational education and training throughout the nation.

  • funding and overseeing the VET fund;

The VET Fund for Vocational Education and Training is financed and administered by VETA. Employers’ contributions to the Skills Development Levy are the primary source of the VET Fund (SDL). Employers with four employees or more are required to contribute 6% of employee salary toward SDL. Government development programs, contributions from development partners, and monies from internal sources including income-generating activities and training fees are a few additional sources of VET funding.

  • Encouragement of Vocational Education and Training

Promoting vocational education and training throughout the nation is the responsibility of VETA. If the public is adequately informed about the objectives and actions of VET, VETA thinks that the public will support VET. VET is promoted through informing many stakeholders, such as the government, parents, employers, employees, and funders, about its benefits. Other targets include instructors, lawmakers, trade unions, NGOs, and the media. Current and potential trainees are also included.

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VETA employs a variety of media to share information about VET with stakeholders, including advertising, VET Week events, public speeches, trade shows and exhibitions, and publicity. Other types of promotional materials include newsletters, yearly reports, brochures, VET catalogs, websites, and others.

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  • Head office of VETA
  • 18 Central Business Park Plot (CBP),
  • Road VETA,
  • Postal Code: 802 Dodoma
  • Contact number: +255 26 2963661
  • Barua Pepe

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