Unam Portal Login | University of Namibia Student Portal 2022

University of Namibia Student Portal 2022
University of Namibia Student Portal 2022
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Unam Portal Login | University of Namibia Student Portal;- For the benefit of its students, alumni, staff, and members of the public, the University of Namibia portal is an online service offered by the institution. Access to a variety of services, such as details on lectures, classes, and timetables; grades; admissions applications; and much more, are available through this site. This portal seeks to lower the costs related to printing and disseminating printed documents by enabling you to access university regulations and other important information while relaxing at home or at work.

Unam Portal Login | University of Namibia Student Portal 2022

A student’s key to success in university study is the UNAM portal. It provides educators and administrators with a reliable and secure framework to design individualized learning environments within the university.

The site also provides easy access to links that point to manuals for specific policies as well as connections that take you directly to information like costs, forms, and due dates.

 University of Namibia Student Portal 2022
University of Namibia Student Portal 2022










Unam Portal Login Guide

  • You can access your University of Namibia student portal once you’ve made an account.
  • You must enter your student number and email password in order to access the UNAM portal. You can seek assistance at the Computer Center if you’ve forgotten your password.
  • Starting by going to the Unam Portal’s official website at this address: https://my.unam.edu.na/login then provide the necessary information and click the login button as indicated in the above image.

What’s on Unam Portal ?

  • Your academic data can be found via the portal, which also serves as a center for applications and other resources. It’s a fantastic resource for finding academic knowledge that is targeted to your particular need.
  • You can access a variety of resources when you sign in to your unam portal account, including course enrollment and grades.
  • You can monitor your academic progress and view your personal profile.
  • Depending on your institution, you may also access vital University of Namibia information via your UNAM portal login.
  • These resources are simple to find thanks to the portal’s direct links to them.


The login page where students enter a username and password to access the programs of an educational institution as well as other learning-related resources and information is known as a student portal. For instance, a student who has registered in an online certification program can access online course materials, such as articles, lectures, and videos, held on the school’s servers, using a student portal. The school, special events, course information, calendars, academic resources, and contact information can all be found on student portals. In order to give students quick access to personal information such as tracking bursary awards and campus medical insurance, the University of Namibia, UNAM student portal can also link with other systems. Essentially, this article

  • UNAM Registration for Classes;
  • UNAM fees are paid;
  • examining your semester grade;
  • viewing your UNAM entrance standing and printing your admission letter;
  • paying the acceptance fee;
  • viewing your transcript from UNAM;
  • keeping track of the academic calendar for the semester;
  • requesting additional credit hours;
  • Admission Postponement, etc.

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