List of 7 Best medical schools in Cameroon 2022

Best medical schools in Cameroon
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Best medical schools in Cameroon;- Cameroon is frequently referred to as the Central African country situated on the Gulf of Guinea. After Cameroon was granted self-government, there were two distinct educational systems.

One of the nations in Central Africa, Cameroon is formally known as the Republic of Cameroon.

Nigeria, Chad, CAR, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of Congo are all neighbors to the Republic of Cameroon.

List of 7 Best medical schools in Cameroon 2022

Cameroon is frequently considered to be in both West and Central Africa due to its important location at a crossroads and its crucial crossroads.

Approximately 20 million people in Cameroon speak over 250 different languages.

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Education System in Cameroon

Prior to moving on to the topic of medical schools in Cameroon, it is imperative to be aware that, among other local languages in Cameroon, French has traditionally been regarded as the principal language of instruction. Best medical schools in Cameroon

Girls are underrepresented in Cameroon’s educational system relative to boys.

The two various educational systems are as follows:

  • The system in East Cameroon
  • The system in West Cameroon

While the West Cameroon’s educational system is based on the French model, that of the East Cameroon is based on the English British model.

Although most junior academic institutions in Cameroon may brag of excellence, the country’s higher institutions are not enough.

The state government of Cameroon oversees eight universities.

They can take pride in having fairly stable academic calendars as compared to other nations bordering Cameroon.

Among Cameroon’s eight public universities are:

  • College of Bamenda
  • Buea University
  • College of Douala
  • College of Dschang
  • College of Maroua
  • College of Ngaoundere
  • One University of Yaoundé
  • College of Yaoundé 2

In addition to these governmental universities, Cameroon has other institutions.

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Medical Schools in Cameroon and it’s system

In Cameroon, there are about 3000 physicians and pharmacists, 600 of whom are only pharmacists. It is well known that the majority of these pharmacists work in the private sector.

With more than 300 pharmacy locations, 57 percent of the qualified staff work in the littoral, west regions, and the center.

You can agree with me, then, that there is a shortage of medical and pharmaceutical personnel in Cameroon.

The population of Cameroon is divided into 400,000 people per hospital, 75,000 people per health center, and 14,000 people each health unit. Best medical schools in Cameroon

However, the list of medical schools in Cameroon where you can earn a terminal degree or PHarmD is provided below.

They have received complete accreditation from the Republic of Cameroon’s National Commission for Training in Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry.

List of Medicals Schools in Cameroon

The seven medical schools in Cameroon are listed below:

  • Yaounde’s school of medicine and biomedical sciences
  • Douala’s faculty of pharmacy and medical sciences
  • Buea College of Health Sciences
  • University of the Mountains in Bangor
  • Yaoundé’s Institut Superieur de Technologie Medicales
  • Bamenda Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Kumbo, CATUC Catholic University of Cameroon

Faculty of medicine and biomedical sciences Yaoundé( University of Yaoundé)

As a result of the university reform, Yaoundé’s faculty of medicine and biomedical sciences was founded in 1993.

The University of Yaoundé houses the Yaoundé Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The University Center for Health Sciences was replaced by it.

Their cutting-edge curriculum continues to catch the attention of the world community, and as a result, the UNDP and the World Health Organization have decided to support a medical school together at least for the first time.

Departments in this medical school

This medical school in Cameroon has a number of important departments, including:

Department of Medicine:

You can earn your BSc in Physiotherapy at this department. It is a degree program with a four-year average duration for better health and fitness.

It is an important area of medicine that uses things like heat, electromagnetic techniques, physical activity, and light.

The government’s ministries of health and sports are rife with employment opportunities.

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Department of Nursing

A) BSc Nursing

After completing your courses, you can acquire a BSc in Nursing.

It is a three-year program in two areas, including biology, for candidates with A/Levels.

When you are admitted, you are advanced to the third year if you already have an HND in nursing.

As a practical nurse, there are work options both domestically and abroad.

B) MSc Reproductive Health

For individuals who have earned their BSc in Nursing, this is a two-year program.

Graduates in this field can find jobs in both the public and private sectors.

C) BSc Food Science and Nutrition

It is a two-year curriculum in biology and chemistry for applicants who have A/Levels.

Jobs are available in the health and food industries as well as in international food programs.

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Faculty of medicine and pharmaceutical sciences Douala( University of Douala)

The Douala Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences was founded in 2006, and its first class of medical doctors received their diplomas in 2013. Compared to now, when the numbers have multiplied, there were only 100 students studying medicine and only 60 in pharmacy in the first year of school.

One of the medical universities in Cameroon is the University of Douala’s Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

There are more than 40,000 students and 600 administrators at the University of Douala.

Faculty of Health sciences Buea( University of Buea)

Up to 53 medical doctors have graduated from the faculty of health sciences of this medical school in Cameroon as of the year 2012.

One of the Cameroonian medical schools, which runs from the main campus, has pledged to keep teaching doctors of medicine, medical laboratory technicians, and nurses.

A new teaching hospital and student housing are being built, making it one of the medical schools in Cameroon that has pledged to boost the teaching staff.

But the new approach will train 80 additional medical students.

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Université des Montagnes Bangante

The University des Montagnes, which has three campuses, a library, and teaching hospitals, is also one of Cameroon’s medical schools.

60 pharmacy students, 80 medical students, and 50 dental students will all receive care at this teaching hospital.

As long back as 2011, this medical school graduated over 176 medical physicians. Best medical schools in Cameroon

Medical schools provide courses in:

  • Clinical Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Medical Sciences
  • Health Biology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Health Imaging
  • reproductive fitness
  • nursing etc

Institut Superieur de Technologie Medicales Nkololoum, Yaoundé

One of the private medical schools in Cameroon is this one.

It can accommodate 50 medical students and is situated on the outskirts of Yaoundé.

Courses offered in health science at this institution include:

  • Biomedicine
  • Medicine
  • Health Public Medicine
  • Anatomy
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gynecology
  • Medical Innovation
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pneumology
  • Surgery
  • and urology

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Faculty of Health Sciences Bamenda( University of Bamenda)

  • seven-year medical program
  • 4 year nursing/midwifery degree program
  • Technology used in Medical Laboratories (MLS)

In its inaugural academic year, this university, which is only a few years old, graduated 60 students.

It currently has several part-time instructors in addition to some permanent lecturers while they wait to hire more staff.

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The School of Health and Medical sciences(SHMS)( Catholic University of Cameroon)

The Catholic University of Cameroon is home to one of the private medical schools in the country.

Private university Bamenda, located in the nation’s northwest, is home to the Catholic University of Cameroon.

The School of Health and Medical Sciences offers top-notch instruction based on research and the provision of services in several important areas of the nation’s health care system.

The doctor of medicine degree program offers the greatest instruction and ensures that only dedicated medical students are graduated.

Their acclaimed clinical and academic staff teaches a cutting-edge curriculum.

They also feature a pharmacy program with a respected learning environment that enables students to get very advanced hands-on training and acquire all the necessary skills to work in the pharmaceutical business.

They collaborate with reputable organizations from Cameroon, including hospitals and pharmaceutical firms.

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What are the importance of the medical education?

The portion of education that deals with the practice of being a medical professional is known as medical education.

Different nations around the world have quite different approaches to medical education.

While some courses are 5-, 6-, or 7-year undergraduate programs, others are 4-year graduate admission programs. After attending one of Cameroon’s medical schools, you need to be able to:

Recognize the importance of personal wellness. Best medical schools in Cameroon

You will be able to understand how illnesses or poor health affect your quality of life.

The financial effects of either a healthy or an unhealthy population will be known to you.
You will be able to learn information on mother and child health.
You’ll be well-versed in nutrition, exercise, and the prevention of obesity.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is medical school in Cameroon?

In Cameroon, medical school lasts seven (7) years.

  • How much are doctors paid in Cameroon?

In Cameroon, the average monthly salary for a doctor or physician is roughly 1,080,000 XAF. The lowest average wage is 397,000 XAF, while the highest is 1,820,000 XAF (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the typical monthly wage, which also includes housing, transportation, and other amenities.

  • What is the best medical school in Cameroon?

  1. Yaoundé University’s faculty of medicine and biomedical sciences
  2. Douala’s faculty of pharmacy and medical sciences ( University of Douala)
  3. Buea College of Health Sciences ( University of Buea)
  4. University of the Banganese Mountains
  5. Yaoundé’s Institut Superieur de Technologie Medicales
  • How many doctors are there in Cameroon?

In Cameroon, there are roughly 48,000 medical practitioners. 2000 of those are medical professionals, and 700 are specialists. Hospitals in the referral, district, and central areas house the majority of these specialists.

  • What is the biggest university in Cameroon?

Université de Dschang
ranking World Rank University
1 3230 Université de Dschang
2 3459 University of Buea
3 4095 Université de Yaounde I
4 4130 Université de Ngaoundéré
  • How many states universities are in Cameroon?

(8) states

Even though Cameroon has a vast array of top-notch junior academic institutions, there aren’t nearly enough of them for higher education. In Buea, Bamenda, Douala, Dschang, Maroua, Ngaoundere, and Yaounde I & II, there are eight state-run universities.

  • How many hospitals are there in Cameroon?

The Cameroon health system is made up of 1,888 public health centers, of which 1,600 are operating, four general hospitals, four central hospitals, 11 regional hospitals, 164 district hospitals, and 155 area medical centers.

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