UDOM-How to Join The University of Dodoma 2022-2023

UDOM-How to Join The University of Dodoma
UDOM-How to Join The University of Dodoma
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UDOM-How to Join The University of Dodoma 2022-2023:- Search and Find The University of Dodoma (UDOM), How to apply to join The University of Dodoma, Entry Requirements, Check For Application Window, Registration Procedures.

The University of Dodoma (UDOM) is a public university in central Tanzania located in Dodoma, the country’s capital. Construction is underway on a 6,000-hectare site in the Chimwaga District about 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) east of downtown Dodoma.

UDOM-How to Join The University of Dodoma 2022-2023: The University of Dodoma was officially established in March 2007 after the signing of the charter by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. The first academic programs began in September 2007. UDOM is currently the fastest growing university within the country, larger than any other university within the country, and is praised for producing competent and qualified candidates who are competitive in the labor markets. UDOM-How to Join The University of Dodoma

The university of Dodoma (UDOM) is composed about seven (7) colleges:

  1. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. College Informatics and Virtual Education
  3. College of Education
  4. College of  Business and Economics
  5. College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
  6. College of Earth Sciences and Engineering
  7. College of Health Sciences


UDOM-How to Join The University of Dodoma 2022-2023

To apply The University of Dodoma (UDOM) gospopromotion.com has been put out here the few procedures to follow as mentioned below:

Step 1 – Make Choice of Programme

If you are considering pursuing undergraduate studies at UDOM, you have
made a right choice. UDOM provides a diverse of degree and non-degree
programmes. As a potential applicant, you will need to first, identify the
programme of your choice.

Step 2 – Be Familiar With Entry Requirements

UDOM has put in place academic qualifications and requirements that give
potential applicants the eligibility for the programme one wish to apply.
Eligibility for most of our undergraduate programmes are set in line with the
Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) minimum Entry requirements.
Further, each college/institute has set minimum entry requirements for each
programme. Applicants with foreign acquired qualifications will have to submit
their certificates to TCU for verification before application. UDOM-How to Join The University of Dodoma


Step 3 – Check for Application Windows

At UDOM, applications for undergraduate studies are done once in every
academic year between April and September. Prospective students are advised
to observe application dates and apply as soon as possible rather than applying
towards the end of closing dates. In case of changes in the application dates,
information will be made available and explicitly stated on the University

UDOM-How to Join The University of Dodoma 2022-2023

Step 4 – How to Apply?

At UDOM all applications are done via Online Application System (UOAS)
available at https://application.udom.ac.tz. The system is user friendly and it
allows applicants to smoothly and easily complete application exercise.
Applicants will be required to fill-in the online application form and upload
copies of relevant academic credentials as required. Once application is
completed, applicants will be notified about their selection status in due course.

Step 5 – Registration Procedures

All selected applicants shall be required to register for studies in a respective
academic year. For registration exercise to be completed, selected applicants
shall be required to pay full or half amount of the tuition fees and all other direct
costs payable to the University. International students are required to have a
valid study visa before completing registration and commencing their studies.

UDOM-How to Join The University of Dodoma 2022-2023



Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the courses offered by UDOM?

Degree Programmes

  • Bachelor Commerce in Procurement and Logistics Management.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Heritage and Tourism.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Statistics.
  • Bachelor of Arts in English.

Read More here all programmes offered by UDOM

2. How do I join the UDOM?

Admission letters from the University of Dodoma (UDOM)

All of this may be done with a single click from the applicant’s portal account. Selected Applicants can also obtain the Admission and Joining Instructions form from the college website or pick it up in person from the admissions office.

3. What is the mission of UDOM?

By teaching, conducting research, and offering public services in the fields of education, health and allied sciences, natural sciences, earth sciences, information and communication technologies, and business, the UDOM aims to “provide comprehensive, gender-sensitive, and quality education to a broad segment of the population.” Read More About UDOM


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