Top 9 Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya

Top 9 Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya
Top 9 Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya;-Helping a patient choose her preferred hospital for delivery is one of the goals of targeted prenatal care. Making this decision in advance is crucial since it will allow the woman to budget for delivery costs, familiarize herself with the hospital setting and staff as needed, and get ready for transit to the hospital in case of labor or other problems.

This decision may seem fairly difficult to some people while being very simple to others. Most people base their choice of hospital on the experiences of their family members and close friends who have received care there. The majority of women will think about things like closeness to the hospital and readiness to manage

1.Aga khan University hospital

One of the best maternity care facilities offering great services is the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), which is favored by many. They provide comprehensive maternity services, including prenatal care, labor preparation, delivery, and postpartum care for both the mother and the newborn.

It also houses princess Zahra Pavilion Labor, Delivery, and Recovery Unit, the priciest and most prestigious maternity unit. As a rule, AKUH supports routine delivery unless there is an emergency. They provide a variety of pain management techniques, such as nitrous oxide gas and epidural anesthesia. A caesarian section costs about Kshs 220,000 while a normal delivery costs about Kshs 120,000. (The hospital is situated in the Parklands neighborhood.) Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya

2.Nairobi hospital

The Nairobi Hospital is known for its advanced infrastructure and excellent standards. The hospital offers two maternity packages: one for a regular delivery and one for a Caesarean section. The Caesarian section package costs roughly Kshs 210,000, compared to the normal delivery package’s approximate Kshs 95,000 price.

However, a variety of expenses, such as doctor’s fees, anesthesia prices, pediatrician fees, theater fees, and antibiotics, are not included in these sums. (Argwings Kodhek Rd. is where the hospital is situated).Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya

3.Nairobi womens hospital

Due to Nairobi Womens’ primary concentration on issues affecting women, the majority of people favor using this hospital for pregnancies. For both common patients and private patients, they provide a variety of items. Patients have the option of having their babies delivered by a midwife, the hospital’s on-staff obstetrician, or a private obstetrician.Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya

4.Mater Hospital

Antenatal checkups, birth, and postpartum care are all included in the Mater Hospital maternity package. Its ideals are founded in the Catholic faith because the hospital is mostly owned by Catholic nuns. A typical delivery costs around 60,000 Kshs, whereas a Caesarean costs 165,000 Kshs.Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya

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5.M.P. Shah Hospital

The M.P. Shah Hospital is a multi-superspecialty, cutting-edge tertiary care facility that offers expectant mothers a range of options for maternity care, including hospital-based doctor treatment, midwifery care, and private obstetric care. At M.P. Shah, obstetricians—whether resident or private—typically handle deliveries. It’s important to mention that they do provide epidural for labor pain alleviation. The cost of a caesarian section is approximately Kshs. 260,000.Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya

6.Coptic Hospital

The coptic hospital provides tempting maternity packages that include free ambulance transportation from the patient’s home to the hospital. For mothers who desire a pain-free birth, they provide epidural anesthesia. A Caesarian delivery costs $100,000; a normal delivery costs around Kshs40,000. Opposite China Center on Ngong Road is where you can find the Coptic Hospital.Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya

7.AIC Kijabe

Most people compliment this facility on how affordable it is. With an NHIf card, shipping is completely free, and their maternity services are high quality yet reasonably priced. Also known to be friendly is their personnel. The biggest drawback is how far it is from Nairobi.Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya

8.Kenyatta national Hospital

Compared to other public hospitals, KNH has a significant pool of skilled midwives and physicians. Being a referral hospital, it is typically better equipped in terms of manpower and resources to handle emergencies. Both the private and general labor wards’ maternity services in KNH are excellent.

Normal deliveries in the private wing cost roughly Kshs 45,000, while cesarean sections cost roughly Kshs 135,000. NHIF cardholders can deliver for free in the general delivery units. Mothers who require privacy and individualized care may not find the general wards appealing because they are frequently overcrowded.Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya

9.Avenue hospital

This is yet another excellent option. Updated information will be provided on Maternity fees and packages at Avenue Hospital. Parklands is where Avenue Hospital is situated.

Do not miss our most recent rankings of Kenya’s top maternity hospitals by county. (The author of this essay is a licensed physician and a University of Nairobi School of Medicine graduate.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nairobi Hospital

The cost of a normal delivery is approximately Ksh 95,000; a caesarean delivery is Ksh 190,000–210,000. NB: You can visit their main hospital for a more precise breakdown of the delivery package and healthcare services.

  • Does Aga Khan accept NHIF for maternity?

Aga Khan Hospital Maternity Charges

Aproximately 220,000 Ksh. Additionally, NHIF and a variety of private insurance providers are accepted by the hospital.

Is maternity care in private hospitals covered by NHIF? It does, indeed. The sum paid for C-section deliveries was increased by the NHIF board from Ksh 18000 to Ksh 30000. Additionally, it increased the fee it charges for standard deliveries from Ksh 6000 to Ksh 10,000.

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