Top 9 Best Macau International Schools

Top 9 Best Macau International Schools
Top 9 Best Macau International Schools, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best Macau International Schools;-A growing number of people are choosing to relocate to Macau. There are now much more international schools. Parents who are relocating to Macau with children have a number of excellent schools to pick from. the best private international schools in Macau according to Little Steps (Macao).

1.The International School of Macao

They adhere to the Alberta curriculum from Canada and are appropriate for kids in pre-k through grade 12. It is a very global school because of the more than 40 different nations represented among its student body. Classes are limited to no more than 25 students so that their qualified teachers may spend adequate time with each pupil. To ensure that kids receive a well-rounded education, music, art, theater, physical education, and foreign language participation is encouraged.Top 9 Best Macau International Schools

2.School Of The Nations

With the inclusion of the IBDP in the secondary school for pupils ages 16 to 19, the curriculum is inquiry-based. They provide a wide range of after-school activities in addition to solid academics. Boys’ football, boys’ and girls’ basketball, girls’ volleyball, and tennis are a few of these. Simple application procedures are followed, and conclusions are reached quite fast.Top 9 Best Macau International Schools

3.Macau Anglican College

There are more than 1000 kids enrolled in this big school. They adhere to the IGCSE course of study. Numerous after-school activities are encouraged for students to participate in. They want to make sure that the students that graduate from here are well-rounded and prepared for college. Children can learn more about leading an active lifestyle at science and art fairs and during healthy campus day.Top 9 Best Macau International Schools

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4.Escola Secundaria Sam Yuk De Macau

One of Macau’s oldest schools is this one. A kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school are available. The curriculum emphasizes all important disciplines and is fairly conventional. There is a major religious component to school life at this Christian school.Top 9 Best Macau International Schools

5.Pui Ching Middle School

Another old Christian school in Macau with a history spanning more than a century is this one. They have a renowned music program, and you can frequently see students performing around the neighborhood. They compete, and they’ve recently had success in math and English. Your kids can increase their extracurricular activities with their fantastic sports program.

6.Yuet Wah College

This reputable secondary school offers instruction in both English and Chinese. Over the years, the school building has undergone numerous renovations. Students have access to excellent facilities and a diverse range of activities. They participate in a variety of regional, municipal, and national competitions. They have recently had success in competitions for building technological devices and calligraphy.Top 9 Best Macau International Schools

7.Escola Sao Paulo

Students will get a well-rounded education here. The church has influences that encourage students to develop into more well-rounded people. The school comprises elementary, secondary, and a kindergarten. They operate an extensive STEM curriculum, which is crucial for today’s pupils.

8.Colégio Diocesano De São José

Students in grades 1-6 attend this institution. Children will study the following topics: religion, civics, English, Chinese, math, science, geography, computer science, world history, music, and the visual and performing arts. The Production Team, Debate Team, Guided Tour, and Creative Writing are examples of extracurricular activities.Top 9 Best Macau International Schools

9.Macau Portuguese School

If you want your children to learn Portuguese, come here. The curriculum for the students will be in Portuguese, and they will participate in a wide variety of activities. Science fairs, art competitions, and athletics are just a few of the activities available to kids. The active parent-teacher association is a terrific way to get involved and support the development of your kid.


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