Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Australia

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Australia
Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Australia, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best Boarding Schools In Australia;-Australia has over 10,000 boarding schools, which is a record-breaking figure! Senior students, or those in Years 7 through 12, have the option of boarding. Boarding is complemented by extensive pastoral care and mechanisms for students’ wellness, helping them academically, socially, developmentally, and in any other way they require.

When selecting an Australian boarding school for your child, factors to take into account include whether to send them to a co-educational, girls-only, or boys-only school. Both co-ed and single-sex schools have advantages and, arguably, disadvantages. Consider whether you prefer a denominational or non-denominational school, but keep in mind that all the schools on this list place a strong emphasis on tolerance and diversity regardless of their underlying religious beliefs.

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Australia

1.WESLEY COLLEGE, Melbourne (Australian Boarding School – Non-Denominational, Co-Ed)

Private, open-entry, independent Wesley College is a coeducational institution. The only school in Victoria that offers the International Baccalaureate from kindergarten through year 12 is this one, which was founded in 1866. Wesley supports inclusivity, diversity, and holistic development and thinks coeducation is the greatest approach to prepare boys and girls for the real world.

Its education is known for its intellectual quality, and among its graduates are 33 Olympic athletes, five supreme court justices, and two former prime ministers. Its cutting-edge, student-focused Study in Residence boarding program seamlessly integrates learning and living for the benefit of both weekly and full-time students. Find out more about Wesley’s admissions for international students here!Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Australia

2.ST URSULA’S COLLEGE TOOWOOMBA, Newtown (Australian Boarding School – Catholic, Girls-Only)

St. Ursula’s College pushes girls to develop critical thinking skills, a curiosity for learning, and self-assurance in speaking in order to become change agents in the contemporary world’s global community! It is an independent Catholic secondary school with a strong focus on understanding how females think, work, and feel.

Because of this, its spirituality is centered on the spirit of Jesus, which unconditionally acknowledges each person’s gifts. St. Ursula’s College has received the Australian Education national Boarding School of the Year Excellence Award in both 2020 and 2021 for its boarding program! Visit this page to learn more about admissions for overseas students!

3.THE HUTCHINS SCHOOL, Hobart (Australian Boarding School – Anglican, Boys-Only)

On August 3, 2021, The Hutchins School celebrated its 175th birthday, making it one of Australia’s longest continuously running schools. Hutchins is renowned for its academic success and provides a special learning environment created especially for the education of boys. This environment includes learning spaces, procedures, resources, and activities catered to the developmental requirements of males.

Nevertheless, the school uses a special co-operating school model that enables boys to take classes with girls at its sister school St. Michael’s Collegiate and its cooperating school Fahan School. Its recently renovated boarding home overlooks the River Derwent and is surrounded by Tasmania’s breathtaking countryside, where guests can engage in outdoor activities. Find out more about enrollment from abroad here!Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Australia

4.CAULFIELD GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Melbourne (Australian Boarding School – Anglican, Co-Ed)

Given that Caulfield Grammar has been enrolling international students for more than a century, it is safe to conclude that it has achieved its objective of being a top, globally renowned coeducational school that fosters responsible global citizens. The school’s five campuses—two of which offer an outdoor program and an international one—allow for the development of close-knit communities while providing a wealth of resources and a wide selection of comprehensive and balanced curricula.

Students who board here enjoy the advantages of living close to Melbourne’s parks, beaches, cafes, and stores, making their experience both within and outside of the school’s walls vibrant. Read more here about admissions for international students!

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5.WENONA SCHOOL, Sydney (Australian Boarding School – Non-Denominational, Girls-Only)

Wenona’s mission is to provide girls with a top-notch, modern education that is relevant to their lives, with a culture that values leadership and service and is founded on pleasant, respectful relationships. Its holistic educational philosophy and wide-ranging curriculum produce Renaissance women who are talented, strong, articulate, educated, funny, and adventurous.

In addition to welcome international students, the school provides girls with life-changing opportunities abroad, such as their Service Learning tours, where girls engage in humanitarian and community development work in nations including Tanzania, Cambodia, Laos, Borneo, Thailand, Fiji, and Peru. Students can participate in sports tours, music tours in North America and Europe, and post-school exchange programs, depending on their interests, as well as travel to major art centers across the world. Find out more about enrolling here!Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Australia

6.ANGLICAN CHURCH GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Brisbane (Australian Boarding School – Anglican, Boys-Only)

Since it was established more than a century ago, Anglican Church Grammar School, also known as Churchie, has made boarding and academic distinction an essential component of its community. Although the institution is proud of its traditions, it advances via a modern perspective. Boarding at Churchie only accelerates this intellectual, interpersonal, and social growth since it educates its students to serve others, to grow in breadth and depth, and to become leaders. Churchie offers cutting-edge facilities, specially designed learning spaces, a variety of contemporary programs like Emotional Intelligence Initiatives, and an unrivaled selection of extracurricular activities. Find out here how to enroll!

7.JOHN PAUL COLLEGE, Daisy Hill (Australian Boarding School – Christian Ecumenical, Co-Ed)

John Paul College inspires, educates, and empowers its students to change the world. They are treated as unique people with unique needs, abilities, and interests. Students are increasingly given opportunities as they advance through their educational careers to select courses they are particularly interested in, from highly academic to vocational courses, traineeships, and apprenticeships (the vast majority of our go on to tertiary education regardless of their choices). A “global village at the heart of the school,” the school’s boarding village offers a home away from home environment, vegetable gardens, and on-site academic and pastoral care. Learn more about enrollments here!Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Australia

8.HILLS INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, Jimboomba (Australian Boarding School – Non-Denominational, Co-Ed)

With a motto like “A place to belong,” you can be sure that your child will attend a school that is particularly amiable, inclusive, and accepting and that also promotes this spirit outside. Hills provides pupils with a top-notch education that promotes empathy for all cultures and peoples and prepares them to become global citizens. The school maintains small class sizes and encourages parent involvement in order to quickly discover students’ strengths and limitations. International students can either a homestay with a local family or a room in the campus dormitories. Get information on admissions and read more about boarding here!

9.IPSWICH GIRLS’ GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Ipswich (Australian Boarding School – Non-Denominational, Girls-Only)

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School has once again garnered Excellence Awards from the 2021 Australian Education Awards in three categories: Best Student Wellbeing Program, Best Strategic Plan, and Principal of the Year (Non-Government). The literacy and numeracy results at IGGS are also consistently among the top in Queensland, as are the results for tertiary entrance. One of the eight original Queensland Grammar Schools, it was founded in 1892, and several of its buildings are on the Queensland Heritage Register! You can learn all about IGGS’s boarding program for female students in grades 5 through 12 here. Go here for information on foreign enrollments!Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Australia

10.KNOX GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Sydney (Australian Boarding School – Uniting Church, Boys-Only)

One of the top boys’ day and boarding Uniting Church schools in Australia is Knox. Along with outstanding facilities and unmatched care for boarders (and their parents), it offers supplementary courses in independent living, citizenship, social justice, cookery, etiquette, and other topics as part of its Whole of Life program for boarders. The school is equally dedicated to fostering excellence in academics, the arts, culture, and athletics. Visit this page to learn how to enroll!

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