640 Names of Students Selected For Samia Scholarships

Samia Scholarships
Samia Scholarships
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640 Names of Students Selected For Samia Scholarships

The names of 640 students who qualified for the Samia Scholarship due to strong performance in science studies were released by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology.

Today, the ministry formally launched the list of students deserving of the Samia Scholarship who successfully completed Form 6 and took exams administered by the Tanzania Examinations Council (NECTA).

Admission to nearby colleges to pursue a degree in science, engineering, or medicine is one need for funding. Even if their name appears on the list of candidates for the money, students who are accepted into courses that are not in the sciences will not benefit from it.

Note that you would lose this possibility if you passed your science courses and were on the list that was released but went to study abroad because someone funded you. It is crucial for a kid to have passed science classes because there is no lobbying and the results of who performed well are visible to all.

3 billion Tanzanian shillings have been allocated by the ministry, which is enough to cover 640 sponsored students’ first year’s tuition.

What is a Samia Scholarship?

In order to assist Tanzanian students in completing their sixth year of high school, the Samia Scholarship was established. All graduates who perform better than average are eligible for the scholarship. Graduates who receive the Samia Scholarship have the chance to follow their passions and aspirations without having to worry about how they will pay for their education.

Carefully Read The Announcement From the minister of the relevant ministry

How to Apply for Samia Scholarships?

Below are the specific criteria:

  • A scholarship known as the Samia Scholarship is given to individuals participating in undergraduate degree programs.
  • Students who have proven both academic distinction and financial necessity are given the scholarship.
  • You must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at an approved college or university,
  • You Must be a citizen of Tanzania or a permanent resident, and exhibit academic distinction and financial need in order to be considered for the Samia Scholarship.

What Are The Advantages Come with a Samia Scholarship?

What are the advantages of receiving a scholarship? Benefits of receiving a Samia scholarship

  • A prize known as the Samia Scholarship is given to students who want to major in science. Students who have showed promise for achievement and excellence in their field are given the scholarship.
  • Winning a Samia Scholarship has the following advantages:
  • benefit from the Samia Scholarship.
  • An acknowledgment of achievement
  • Access to the Samia Scholars Alumni Network

What are the Requirements for Receiving a Samia Scholarship?

Qualifications for winning a Samia scholarship and requirements to be eligible include: A scholarship known as the Samia Scholarship is given to individuals participating in undergraduate degree programs.

The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for a Samia Scholarship:

-Be enrolled in a program leading to an undergraduate degree.

-Must be a citizen or permanent resident of Tanzania

-Must perform better on your form six exam.

-Must have financial necessity that has been shown

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Samia Scholarships?

Who may apply for the samia prizes and the qualifications for eligibility All students who are enrolled in a college or university are eligible to apply for the Samia Awards. The Samia Awards are given each year to the students who have made the best work in the fields of science, engineering, and medicine. All students who are enrolled in a college or university are eligible for the rewards.


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