Top 10 Best Value On-Campus and Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship 2022

Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship
Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship

Best Value On-Campus and Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship 2022;- The top 10 offers for bachelor’s degrees in entrepreneurship from on-campus and online institutions are listed in this article. Initially, we had planned to list 10 or more bachelor’s degrees in entrepreneurship offered online, but there just weren’t enough options. Consequently, we made the decision to compile a score that incorporates both on-campus and online entrepreneurship degrees. As a result, you may compare your online alternatives to your in-person options and make a well-informed decision.

Top 10 Best Value On-Campus and Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship 2022

The online entrepreneurship degrees we highlight in this ranking are undoubtedly worth a second look if saving money is a priority for you. Online degrees aren’t for everyone, but they are a terrific method to do so. Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship

Brigham Young University

Entrepreneurial management is a bachelor’s degree option at BYU’s Marriott School of Business. The program’s courses cover a wide range of important topics, including compensation, benefits, and performance management; management ethics; professional selling and sales management; managing start-ups and family businesses; commercializing innovation; entrepreneurial innovation; and entrepreneurial analytics.

Grove City College

The Habbershon Family Innovation Zone at Grove City, a liberal arts college, provides numerous possibilities for students of all majors to work with one another and share their own specialties. With the intention of making a positive difference in the world, the Christian college adopts a faith-focused redemptive approach to entrepreneurship that incorporates the Christian idea of redemption into the business process. Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship

Oregon Institute of Technology (Online)

Employers like IBM, Intel, Boeing, Google, Uber, and Universal Studios have recently hired recent graduates from OIT’s online entrepreneurship bachelor’s program. Business manager, business analyst, marketing research analyst, public relations specialist, business development, account executive, and human resource manager are among the professions offered to program graduates.

Florida State University

The first independent college of entrepreneurship was founded in the US by Florida State University. Undergraduates have the option of majoring in commercial, STEM, or retail entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs in residence and full-time FSU instructors work together to develop the curriculum. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Accounting, Corporate Social Responsibility, Negotiations, Measuring Financial Success, and Go-to Market Strategies are just a few of the classes that students will take.

Iowa State University

A degree in entrepreneurship from Iowa State University will provide you with the skills necessary to launch your own firm and, in the interim, to contribute significantly to any organization you work for. If a student has a certain type of business in mind that they want to launch, they can major in that field in addition to earning a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship. This is known as a double major. Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship

University of South Florida (online)

Many of the courses for the University of South Florida’s bachelor’s in entrepreneurship are offered online, but not all of them. Numerous opportunities for experiential learning are included in the curriculum, including business plan and pitch contests, student innovation incubators, internships, study abroad courses with an entrepreneurship focus, chamber of commerce events, and activities at the Greenhouse Entrepreneurial Academy.

University of Minnesota – Duluth

Graduates of the University of Minnesota Duluth’s bachelor’s program in entrepreneurship have a 100% placement record. The curriculum will equip students with the skills necessary to launch their own company, run a family business, engage in social entrepreneurship, or even hold management and administrative positions with non-profit organizations. Recent graduates are employed as executive marketing assistants, national account managers, business development managers, and small business owners who work for themselves. Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship

University of Houston

With courses including introduction to entrepreneurship, revenues, expenses, capital, entrepreneurial perspectives, and implementation, the University of Houston provides a BBA in entrepreneurship. Additionally, certificates in social entrepreneurship, technical entrepreneurship, and corporate entrepreneurship are offered. Each year, only 35–40 students are accepted into the program after a rigorous application and selection procedure.

University of Houston

A BBA in entrepreneurship is available from the University of Houston, including courses like “Introduction to Entrepreneurship,” “Revenues, Costs, Capital, Entrepreneurial Perspectives, and Implementation.” Additionally, certificates in corporate, social, and technological entrepreneurship are offered. Through a rigorous screening and application process, only 35–40 students are accepted into the program each year. Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship

Ohio University – Main Campus

The bachelor’s degree program in entrepreneurship at Ohio University offers courses that incorporate real-world learning through case studies, research projects, group projects, and guest lecturers. Entrepreneurship leadership, entrepreneurial business consulting, ideation and business models, entrepreneurship theories, social entrepreneurship, and market assessment and entry on foreign markets are among the topics covered in the courses taken by the students. Online Bachelors in Entrepreneurship


Your Master of Science in Management (MSM) degree can be obtained online. However, the Master of Business Administration (MBA), which provides a variety of specialties like marketing, finance, and operations, is by far the most widely accepted master’s degree in business.

However, according to other metrics, graduates with an entrepreneurial degree are in great demand across a wide range of industries and job categories. Both new and established firms are in need of candidates with the skills to expand and enhance their operations.

  1. Management Foundations.
  2. Business Environment.
  3. Basic Mathematics & Statistical Techniques.
  4. Computers in Management.
  5. Financial Accounting – I.
  6. Introduction to Family Business Management.
  7. Polity & Society.
  8. English – I.
  • What jobs are in demand entrepreneur?

3.6 percent is the projected growth rate for the number of self-employed workers by the BLS between 2012 and 2022, which is substantially less than the average for all occupations. However, job prospects differ by profession.


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