NYDA Funding Requirements -Who qualifies for NYDA funding?2022

NYDA Funding Requirements -Who qualifies for NYDA funding?;- The Agency for National Youth Development A South African organization called NYDA works to improve coordination on matters pertaining to youth development. The National Youth Commission and the Umsobomvu Youth Fund merged to become NYDA. The National Youth Development Agency additionally offers young company owners financial and non-financial support so they can expand their enterprises. This is made possible by their scholarship program, which is covered in full in the next section on NYDA Funding Requirements.

NYDA Funding Requirements -Who qualifies for NYDA funding?2022

NYDA Funding Requirements
NYDA Funding Requirements

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Who qualifies for NYDA funding?

  • The prerequisites for receiving NYDA funding are listed below.
  • The candidate must be between the ages of 18 and 35 and a resident of South Africa.
  • Additionally, they need to have a profitable business concept.
  • They must have the knowledge, experience, and potential skills necessary for the business they are advertising.
  • They must be enrolled in or possess documentation of their completion of the Business Administration course.
  • The entire membership must be made up of young South Africans.
    The company must conduct business in South Africa.


  • In order to qualify for the grant, previous microloan customers who received less than 50,000 rand must have settled their bills.


  • At least one member must work full-time.


  • The candidate should be a full-time employee, it is advised.


  • If a successful grantee does not already have a mentor who has been certified by the agency, the agency will designate one.


  • The applicant might be asked to leave their full-time work if their application is accepted.


  • A resignation proof may also be required.

    You can Read More Here from NYDA official Page

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