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NGO Jobs in Tanzania at SWISSAID Tanzania:-Find and Search NGO Job Vacancies in Tanzania, Apply for Country Representative Job at SWISSAID Tanzania, If you have been looking to work at any NGOs here is where you can apply for.

SWISSAID is a Swiss Foundation for Development Cooperation, Working in 9 countries with partner organizations to fight hunger, Poverty and inequality. SWISSAID has been an active and supportive partner Organizations in Tanzania since the 1970s. CURRENT COUNTRY PROGRAM 2019-2024 focus on the following goals:

  • Improving sustainable rural livelihoods for smallholder farmers.
  • Enhance transparency and accountability in the extractive industries sector and increase responsible mining in the ASGM sub-sector.
  • Improving women’s livelihoods and leadership.

SWISSAID has a coordination office in Dar es Salaam and field offices in Lindi and Mtwara regions. The current team has 25 employees plus 5 Seconded and apprentices. Management Committee, led by Country Representative, consisting of Senior Program Officers, Monitoring and evaluation officer and program manager. A local advisory committee made up of national experts advises and Supports the work of the Management Committee on strategic matters Importance.

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at SWISSAID Tanzania

Job Tittle: Country Representative

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Tanzania

Company: SWISSAID Tanzania

Main responsibilities and duties as a representative of the country

  • Oversease and support  annual project cycle management (PCM) in the country program and project level, ensuring that the main themes of SWISSAID are dealt with in a related manner.
  • Oversee implementation, analyze and anticipate challenges and suggest modifications as necessary.
  • Make sure Report results in a timely and qualitatively appropriate manner
  • Monitoring and evaluation data to headquarters and donors, in detail
  • Aggregate program and (key performance) reports based on indicators
  • Take overall responsibility for the finances
  • Monitor projects and mandates, review financial reports and
  • Budget forecasts and technical support to ensure compliance.
  • Maintain relationships with government stakeholders and ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Leading the development of the next Country Program 2025+

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at SWISSAID Tanzania

Managing the coordination and human resources office

  • Lead the team by providing clear direction, addressing staff development,
  • Implementation of performance appraisal and management. coach and motivator Team members through regular meetings, dialogue, feedback and mentoring.
  • Support senior program managers in their duties towards Their sub-teams and project areas of responsibility, identify
    Training needs and professional development support for team members.
  • Monitor and review compliance and compliance on a regular basis Safety and security, anti-corruption and protection from sex
  • Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Guidelines. monitoring Program and project implementation environment, including security, Political, environmental and personnel issues that may affect implementation.
  • Overseeing and submitting contracts Recommendations for extensions, promotions, terminations, etc.
  • Amendments to contracts and lead local staff recruitment processes.

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at SWISSAID Tanzania

Partnerships and networking

  • Establish and Maintaining good relationships with implementing partner organizations
    and support them in their organizational development if necessary.
  • Develop and maintaining partnerships with other development organizations, International organizations, bilateral institutions and international NGOs,
  • Executive ministries and key government offices, promotion and Participate in networking, sectoral meetings, working groups, etc. on Thematic priorities of the SWISSAID country programme


Resource mobilization and advocacy

  • Actively engage in fundraising and writing value propositions in collaboration with SWISSAID Headquarters.
  • Actively advance new donor partnerships at the country level.
  • Participate In advocacy and lobbying activities in the country, either indirectly Together with partner organizations or directly on behalf of SWISSAID.

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at SWISSAID Tanzania

Cooperation with headquarters

  • Interact regularly with program managers to plan and report on program and project progress.
  • Participation in corporate processes at the global corporate level (such as developing strategies and concepts, sharing knowledge meetings and communities of practice)
  • Ensure field contributions to communications and fundraising, as well as for participation In global initiatives managed by headquarters.

Your perfect profile

  • To Succeed in this position, you are experienced Professional and experienced practitioner and manager.
  • As a leader You are mature and value-based, with a commitment and work ethic, The expertise and tools to support your employees to succeed in their roles.
  • As a Country representative It is very important that you have excellent ability for this Organizing, planning, prioritizing and communicating your business. That’s why you have Great analytical skills and a strategic approach. you work
    Innovatively, learn how to identify and act on opportunities responsibly.
  • You know what it takes to achieve and achieve results
  • Well-timed and well-analyzed decisions. YOU SHARE THE SWISSAID VISION
    and values.

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at SWISSAID Tanzania

Education and work experience

  • Master’s Degree in Development Cooperation, Public Administration, and Business
    or other social, legal or environmental/agricultural areas Sciences.
  • At least 7 years of related professionals
  • Experience in international cooperation in government or NGOs, design and implementation of the complex
  • At least 3 years experience in an elderly person Administrative position with human and financial responsibility
    Resources and program management and program management. expertise
  • In program management in the areas of ecological / organic agriculture Agriculture and/or gender mainstreaming and/or in sustainability and Responsible extraction is a feature.
  • Proven fundraising and communication skills.
  • Work experience in Tanzania is an advantage.


  • Full professional competence in written and oral communication in English is essential
  • Working knowledge of Swahili is an advantage, willingness to learn it is mandatory.

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at SWISSAID Tanzania

Technical skills

  • Knowledge With standard software and data management tools, as well Results-based management approach, monitoring and evaluation, and Tools.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Efficient use of any other common ICT and Internet software.
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


Applications (including letter of motivation and CV) should be sent by e-mail to

Deadline: Do not exceed 31th January 2022


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