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NGO Jobs in Tanzania at Action on Poverty Tanzania:- Find and search for the NGOs Job Vacancies at Tanzania, Submit your Application to work at Action on Poverty Tanzania (APT), Is a UK based international development organization (NGO)..

APT Action on Poverty is a UK-based international development organization (NGO) with a focus on supporting African employment and projects, addressing issues with social impact such as child labor and gender inclusion. We have been working in local communities in Tanzania on livelihoods and group development since 2013.

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at Action on Poverty Tanzania

Job Tittle: Tanzania Private Sector Consultancy

Location: Tanzania

Deadline: 7th February 2022


The purpose of consulting is to define the business:

  • Which have connections to large numbers of smallholder farmers/low income individuals as part of their supply chain. While we have an interest in Arusha and Moshi in the Kilimanjaro region, these are not exclusive. It is understood that the company’s headquarters may not be based in these areas.
  • Who work to bring innovations such as solar energy or irrigation solutions to smallholder farmers/low-income individuals.
  • Who might consider working with APT to develop their own supply/value chains, with broad reference to the key challenges they face.

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at Action on Poverty Tanzania

Choosing the business and required information:

Appropriate action will be:

  • A type that adds value to crops or agricultural products, such as beans, peanuts, sesame seeds, coffee, cotton, cashew nuts, tobacco, tea, sisal and food/beverage processing (this is not an exclusive list).
  • Where production/labor is provided by many individuals – including farmers/small cooperatives, artisanal miners, rather than large scale mining/monocrops.
  • A company legally registered and operated, preferably Tanzania owned, with links to (preferably) Moshi and Arusha.
  • One is open to further engagement with APT to discuss partnership.
  • A person who would like to consider a joint investment of £50,000 – £250,000 as a 50% contribution to apply jointly with APT for a business type scholarship.

We will request a brief profile for each business including the following information:

  •  Trade name, address and contact details
  • Clear confirmation and status of 1-5 selection criteria above
  • The role of business in the value chain
  • Describe the current difficulties the business is facing
  •  The relationship with smallholders and their estimated numbers

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at Action on Poverty Tanzania

More information will be collected by the consultant (see process below) about three or more firms that fit the selection criteria, to include the following topics, depending on what the firms wish to disclose at this early stage:

  • Business ownership structure, with details of subsidiary/parent businesses and outlines of existing agreements and relationships with other businesses
  • The number and details of the officially appointed employees. Description of other informal employees/suppliers of goods or services
  • A description (business perception) of their current and potential market
    business expansion plans; Focusing on those whose income exceeds £100,000 per year
  • Challenges in the supply chain or potential areas where value can be added; For example by increasing or developing the productive capacity of smallholder farmers or by improving the impact on local communities.
  • Comments on potential improvements in gender equality or women’s empowerment (eg, women’s participation in the value chain or directly in business).


  • Scoping exercise – the consultant prepares a list of appropriate actions.
  • The counselor discusses the results with the APT and then together decide on a shortlist.
  • The consultant collects more detailed information about the selected business through discussion with senior employees (minimum of 3 companies).
  • The counselor submits an oral and written report to the APT two weeks after the end of the work visits. The written report must include the profiles of the specific companies.

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at Action on Poverty Tanzania

Experience and qualifications

  • This advisory is for Tanzanian citizens.
  • The consultant will have a good understanding of the agricultural sector in Tanzania and regional and local economic trends.
  • Understanding of the NGO/CBO sector is an advantage.
  • The consultant must have written and spoken English.
  • The consultant will have significant experience writing reports as well as experience developing and implementing (market) research, including interviewing stakeholders.

NGO Jobs in Tanzania at Action on Poverty Tanzania


To apply

  • All applicants must submit a cover letter explaining their interests and how they meet the counseling requirements.
  • Applicants must submit a sample of two reports or other written work of which they were a part, and a suggestion of how they could use the eight days to produce the results.
  • Send your Application to





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