Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online
Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online;-Over the past five years, the number of top-notch online graduate degrees in education has skyrocketed. This is advantageous to educators in many ways. You are no longer forced to think about uprooting your life and profession in order to get the degree you want. Instead, you can pick from a wide selection of high-quality and reasonably priced online master’s degrees in educational leadership.

You can not only locate excellent programs, but you can also buy them for a very low cost. Our list of the best affordable online master’s in educational leadership programs includes courses from throughout the nation that are available at unbelievable costs. They are ranked based on their accessibility. The tuition amount is the total price of the program. In just one year, several of these programs can be finished. Why not give some of these amazing finds a try given the easy formats, unbelievable costs, and availability of earning a degree from anywhere in the nation?

Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

1. Western Governors University

We included a range of tuition for this entry in our ranking because of the distinctive tuition structure at WGU. 78 percent of students finish their degrees in 12 to 22 months. WGU imposes a per-term fee as opposed to a credit-based fee (terms are six months). Therefore, the degree will cost less the quicker you complete it. The curriculum complies with both professional requirements for educational leaders and national preparation standards for educational leadership. Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, and Minnesota are the only states that do not now accept this program.

$6,480 to $12,960 for tuition

2.Evangel University

K–12 leadership is the main subject of Evangel University’s online M.Ed. in educational leadership program. The 30-credit program favors candidates with a teaching certification and two years of classroom experience. Additionally, applicants must submit their Praxis or GRE scores. Action research, special program administration, school law and ethics, and communications for effective leadership are a few of the courses available in this curriculum.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

$9,000 for tuition

3.Northwest Missouri State University

In as little as a year, you can get this online master’s in science in education with a concentration in educational leadership. The 30-credit program has several start dates each year and uses a 7-week course format. Students will study classes in multicultural education for diversity, equity, and inclusion, relational school leadership, managerial school leadership, data literacy and assessment for schools, and visionary school leadership.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

$9,750 for tuition

4.Delta State University

In just one year, you can earn this 30-credit online M.Ed. in educational administration and supervision. This educational leadership program was ranked among the best eight in the US according to a Stanford University case study. Students will enroll in classes on learning psychology, historical underpinnings, and a school leadership internship.

Fees: $11,252

 5.Arkansas State University

Arkansas State’s 36-credit online MSE in educational leadership program can be finished in 20 months. Courses on educational theories, moral leadership, school law, school and community relations, planning and resource allocation, monitoring and evaluating instruction, and curriculum management are all part of the curriculum. For those pursuing a license in the state of Arkansas, there are more specialized courses available.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

Fees: $11,412

6. University of Texas of the Permian Basin

The 12-month master’s in educational leadership program provided by UTPB is 100% online. There are six start dates every year for the program, and the courses last eight weeks. Courses in educational psychology, cultural diversity in social services and education, school finance, school law, theories of educational leadership, and school human resource management are among those offered to students.

$11,761 for tuition

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7.Dordt College

The 15-week semester length with eight-week summer terms is used for the online master of education with a specialty in school leadership. The duration of the program is two to three years. Issues in education, learner development and learning principles, foundations of special education, instructional leadership, administration, and school improvement are some of the courses that are available.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

$11,880 for tuition

8.Fitchburg State University

The 33-credit online Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Management degree offered by Fitchburg State can be finished in as little as a year. Courses like Education Law for the Administrator, Effective Administrative Strategies, Using Data to Improve Student Learning, Managing Human Resources and Budget Development, and Researching Perspectives in Education are among those that students will take.

$12,276 for tuition

9.Northwestern College

A principal and supervisor of special education endorsement track is offered by this online master’s degree program in educational administration. The entire curriculum consists of 37 credits and is taught in an eight-week timeframe. Creating a culture of learning, data and school improvement, operations management, and social, legal, and ethical challenges in special education are among the topics covered in the courses.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

$12,395 for tuition

10.Carson-Newman University

Candidates for the online master’s in education program at Carson-Newman University must be in possession of a valid teaching license, have a minimum of three years of classroom experience, and successfully complete the Praxis Leaders Licensure Assessment. The 36-credit curriculum includes classes in management of the school, language and culture, educational research, legal and ethical issues, and evaluation for continual development.

$14,040 for tuition

11.Bridgewater State University

This 30-credit online master’s in educational leadership program has received regional and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education accreditation. The following courses are offered to students: Introduction to Educational Leadership and School Reform; Managing Human and Financial Resources; Designing the School/District Professional Learning Community; and Technology for School Administration

$14,258 in tuition.

12.Bethel University-Indiana

The 36-credit online M.Ed. in educational leadership program from Bethel University is taught through seven-week courses with six start dates each year. The program can be finished in in one year by full-time students. Introduction to professional development and leadership, curriculum creation and school reform, meeting the needs of different learners, educational research, and ethics of school leadership are a few of the courses offered in this program.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

$14,400 for tuition

13.Columbia College

Only the instructional leadership and instructional coaching emphasis of the online master of education in educational leadership is available to students without a Missouri teaching certificate. Research design, communication-counseling, gender and cultural diversity, and theory and philosophy of instructional coaching are among the topics covered in the courses.

$14,700 for tuition

14. Wheeling University

School/system leadership and instructional leadership concentrations are available in Wheeling University’s 33-credit online master of education leadership program. For educators who aspire to obtain their supervisor of instruction, principal, or superintendent certification, the school/system leadership emphasis is available. Teachers who desire to develop their leadership abilities while obtaining a master’s degree in education might consider the instructional leadership track.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

$14,850 for tuition

15.Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca offers a 30-credit online M.Ed. degree that takes 16 months to complete, including getting your license. The program doesn’t charge a fee for applications. Curriculum for Instructional Leaders, Assessing Learning for School Improvement, Technology for Instructional Leaders, Using Research and Data for Improved Student Learning, and Decision Making for Instructional Improvement are just a few of the courses that students will study.

Fees: $15,900

16.Columbia International University

The online 30-credit master’s in educational administration program at Columbia International University can be finished in around 24 months (5 semesters). The program complies with the Association of Christian Schools International’s certification standards. Courses like Understanding the Learner, Curriculum Development and Instruction, Educational Research, Educational Administration, Institutional Advancement, and Law and Personnel are among those offered to students.

Fees: $16,500

17.Concordia University Irvine

The 30-unit master of arts in educational administration program at Concordia University Irvine can be finished in 18 months if you work full-time. The curriculum design and evaluation, legal and political issues in education, instructional and transformational leadership, supporting teacher growth, and advanced administration practicum are among the courses offered.

$17,100 for tuition

18.Brandman University

Graduates of this program have gone on to work as pre-K and child care program administrators, postsecondary instructors, postsecondary administrators, and education administrators in K–12 schools. Courses on learning theory, social foundations of education, research and evaluation techniques, and democracy, education, and social change are all part of the curriculum.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

$19,800 for tuition

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19.Arkansas Tech University

Students who are residents of Arkansas and have two years of teaching experience may be admitted without condition to this program. Administrative law, school organization and leadership, organizational transformation, school finance, action research and data analysis, communication with schools and communities, and instructional leadership are just a few of the courses offered in the 34-credit online master’s in education program.

$19,856 for tuition

20.Granite State College

Teachers working in a P-12 environment can benefit from Granite State College’s online master’s in teaching and leadership program. The program offers courses like establish and maintain a professional culture, evaluate teaching and learning, think strategically, plan, implement, and evaluate, as well as a leadership project that involves all four of these elements.

$20,700 for tuition

 21.Northwestern Oklahoma State University

You can complete Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s online educational leadership master’s program for a master’s degree or just for certification. Teaching psychology, multicultural education, school personnel and administration, teaching supervision, and public school administration concepts are just a few of the classes that students will attend.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

$21,344 for tuition

22. Western New Mexico University

Online educational leadership at WNMU Although the curriculum is only 30 credits if the student already holds another master’s degree, the MA is a 36-credit program. Courses on professional growth and assessment, legal elements of education, education in a pluralistic society, current challenges and trends in education, and qualities of an effective leader are all part of the curriculum.

Fees: $20,664

23.Central Washington University

The goal of this 45-credit online M.Ed. program in education school management is to assist students in obtaining their principal’s certificate. Diversity leadership, educational administration, school and community, school supervision, the principalship, and school law are just a few of the subjects that students will take. Candidates must have three years of recent contract teaching experience in a K–12 setting.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

$21,583 for tuition

 24.Arizona State University

The principalship specialization of the online M.Ed. in educational leadership is a 36-credit program delivered over a total of 11 units. It takes 7.5 weeks to finish each course. School, family, and community linkages, school finance and human resources, important issues in educational leadership, and competency/performance in educational administration are among the courses offered in this program.Top 25 Most Affordable Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees Online

$21,960 for tuition

25.Heritage University

The Heritage University online M.Ed. in educational administration is designed especially for seasoned teachers who desire to take on a leadership position in a K–12 school or school system. There are two tracks, each with 32 credits: principal and program administrator. Data and student achievement, data analysis and project results, reducing the achievement gap, data collection/field work, and foundational understanding of behavioral research are just a few of the courses that students will take.

$24,896 for tuition


  • What can I do with an online education administration/leadership degree?

Numerous career prospects are available for those with a degree in education administration. Each school’s daily operations are managed by its principal and vice principal. Directors of curriculum also supervise entire school districts in addition to superintendents. Administrative positions in higher education include those of dean, provost, chief academic officer, and college president.

The majority of degrees in educational leadership are geared toward either K–12 or higher education aspirants. A doctorate in education is required for those who want to work at the top levels of educational administration, even though an M.Ed. in educational leadership is an excellent first step.

A doctorate is extremely important for those who aspire to hold leadership roles in higher education because deans and provosts are responsible for supervising numerous faculty members who hold that degree, and there is fierce rivalry for these jobs. The typical annual salary for administrators in postsecondary education is $94,340, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Depending on the profession, elementary and secondary school administrators have a median compensation of between $70,000 and $120,000 annually.

  • Will an online master’s degree in educational administration be respected?

Yes, to answer briefly. However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind. The majority of online degrees don’t even state that they were achieved online (unless they were obtained from an institution that only offered online courses). This is so because universities don’t believe there is a fundamental difference between earning a degree online and receiving it in person. This is particularly true in the field of education, which is highly theoretical and requires conducting the majority of its research in classrooms rather than laboratories.

The fact is, nevertheless, that online graduate degrees for teachers are increasingly the standard. Since it would be too disruptive to their early careers, most instructors cannot afford to take two years off to complete their master’s degree. Many school systems, however, mandate that teachers start working toward their master’s degree within the first few years of employment.

Teachers put in a lot of hours, especially when you consider the time they spend outside of class organizing courses and marking assignments. Teachers are able to squeeze graduate school into their already hectic schedules thanks to the flexibility of online degrees. The subject of teaching generally accepts online degrees. This is one of the reasons why masters degrees in online teaching are some of the

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