20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges
20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges
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Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges;-The college years are the ideal time to develop a solid work ethic, pick up new skills, and work with others to help communities both domestically and overseas. Numerous variables need to be taken into account by students looking for the best service-oriented institutions. We investigated and ranked the 20 organizations below, emphasizing the qualities that are most important to someone who wants to give back to society. Comparatively speaking, these universities are less expensive than others of a similar size and academic specialization.

Based on the availability of charitable organization collaborations, financial aid packages, service-learning curriculum programs, and any other aspects that support the development of a life in service, points were given. The 20 colleges listed here had the best ratings among institutions with a maximum enrollment of 7,000 students and a net price of $33,000 USD or less, as determined by College Navigator.

The schools profiled below are ranked according to the number of points they received. The institutions with the lower net price are rated higher if there is a tie in the points. Students looking for the greatest bargain on small colleges for writing can use the information below as a guide.

20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

In This Article we have analyzed about 20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges that you may look For:

1.Bates College

Lewiston, Maine

16 points
Student body: 1,773
Tuition/Net Price: $22,062

Bates College, a small liberal arts college located in a charming college town in Maine, has a significant influence on the local neighborhoods. Learning at this college is primarily oriented on practical experience, peer collaboration, and creating workable solutions to real-world issues. Being a service-oriented college, Bates College has a long tradition of getting active in community outreach and “informed civic action.” Students from BC leave with the skills and motivation to keep advancing society. The Harward Center or Community Partnerships help the college’s service and involvement initiatives.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

2.Otterbein University

Westerville, Ohio

16 points

Student body: 2,791
Tuition/Net Price: $26,200

Otterbein University in Ohio was established in 1866, and its founding principles have always been progressive ones. These ideals include lifelong learning, service, diversity, equality, and inclusivity. OU is frequently praised for its involvement and giving in the local communities near the school. Any interested students are offered volunteer opportunities by the Center for Community Engagement (CCE). These volunteer options could involve helping the elderly, teaching young people, delivering food, walking dogs, and other things. Through the Otterbein Sports Pals initiative, collegiate athletes are matched with low-income kids attending nearby elementary schools.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

3.Vassar College

Poughkeepsie, New York

15 points
Student body: 2,421
Tuition/Net Price: $19,661

Vassar College is a highly regarded academic institution known for its academics, first-rate facilities, and forward-thinking ideas. It is situated in the picturesque Mid-Hudson Valley. The Community Action Office was formed to connect interested students with volunteer opportunities in the adjacent city of Poughkeepsie because this college is regarded as being very service-oriented. These outreach initiatives include working in soup kitchens, helping those who are developmentally handicapped, and other kinds of charitable action. A comparable department is the Vassar Student Organization (VSA), which offers extra placement opportunities in fundraising, local politics, and other fields.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

4.Brandeis University

Waltham, Massachusetts

15 points
Students: 5,945
Tuition/Net Price: $26,367

The prestigious Brandeis University is renowned for its broad range of programs, which include top-notch academics, instructors with advanced degrees, and a spirit of altruism. A community service division within the Division of Student Life and Success exists to help students find volunteer activities. Currently, there are over 20 student-run groups devoted to connecting students with partner organizations on a local, a national, and an international level. Brandeis views citizenship, politeness, honesty, respect, and lifelong learning as its basic values in terms of its outreach initiatives.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

5.Antioch University

Seattle, Washington

15 points
Registrants: 809
Tuition/Net Price: $26,991

Antioch University has five campuses across the country, with Seattle’s campus being one of the best known for its comprehensive curriculum and ongoing commitment to the community. Students that are interested in doing good deeds will have several possibilities to participate, some of which include the Women’s Education Project and the Peace Corps. The “Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award” is given to students who uphold a competitive GPA and exhibit a high level of devotion to charity. Antioch also offers a variety of service-related awards.

6.Springfield College

Springfield, Massachusetts

15 points
Student body: 3,178
Tuition/Net Price: $28,292

Springfield College is well-known around the country for its academic programs and its long-standing commitment to helping active members of society. The Carnegie Foundation has given this college recognition for its consistent student and staff commitment in meeting the needs of many communities. Students from Springfield put in more than 120,000 hours of volunteer work for affiliated groups and local initiatives. America Reads, a literacy tutoring program in the Springfield school district, is another service opportunity provided by the institution. Students who take part in America Reads may accrue work-study or tuition assistance hours.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

 7.Willamette University

Salem, Oregon

15 points
Student body: 2,780
Tuition/Net Price: $30,672

Willamette University is well renowned for its hands-on learning style, unconventional curriculum, and service-oriented programs. It was recently named one of the “Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Think About Colleges.” Tutoring, Boys & Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, hospice care, and regional literacy activities are just a few of the many options for community engagement. Willamette was one of five colleges and universities to be selected a finalist in the Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll during the 2010 Presidential Service Award selection process.

8.Augsburg College

Minneapolis, Minnesota

14 points
Students: 3,548
Tuition/Net Price: $18,460

Augsburg College takes pleasure in turning out law-abiding, considerate, and kind citizens. The religious community of Augsburg, which is founded on Lutheran principles, actively participates in local, international, and national philanthropic endeavors. This university was listed as one of the top 25 universities that emphasize service-based learning by U.S. News & World Report. All students, regardless of major, are required to complete volunteer hours, and one of the most well-liked ways to do so is through Augsburg’s Campus Kitchen. Over 2,000 meals are provided to low-income families each year via The Campus Kitchen.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

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9.Morehouse College

Atlanta, Georgia

14 points
Student body: 2,109
Total Cost/Tuition: $31,707

One of the most prestigious colleges in the country is Morehouse College, a black all-male university. Students who are interested in serving others are invited to take advantage of the numerous options provided by the Bonner Office of Community Service (BOCS). The mission of the Morehouse BOCS is to create a culture of volunteerism, instill discipline and humility in young men, and foster enduring ties with partner organizations. To create a financial aid package that is appropriate for each prospective student, Morehouse works directly with them. More than 90% of the student body receives financial assistance in the form of grants, loans, and scholarships.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

10.Elon University

Elon, North Carolina

14 points
Registrants: 6,483
Tuition/Net Price: $32,205

Elon University is a thriving, forward-thinking community with strong academic standards and a focus on active community involvement. This college places a high value on community service, and the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement is a well-known hub for partnerships and volunteer work. The goal of Kernodle is to mold its students into leaders in the local and global outreach scene. One of the top universities in the US for producing Fulbright Scholars, Teach for America teachers, and Peace Corps volunteers is Elon University. The Department of Corporation for National and Community Service of the federal government also commends initiatives to involve the EU.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

11.Rollins College

Winter Park, Florida

14 points
Student body: 3,207
Tuition/Net Price: $32,621

Winter Park, Florida’s Rollins College is a diverse school with intelligent, engaged students who are deeply devoted to a broad range of societal challenges. Any volunteer-minded person has the opportunity to work on vital causes including environmental conservation, global poverty, and social and civic justice through Rollins University’s Center for Leadership and Community Engagement program. As part of the college’s annual SPARC (Service, Passion, Action, Rollins College) Day of Service, new freshmen engage in a day of action, service, and education in the neighborhood of Central Florida.

12. Lee University

Cleveland, Tennessee

13 points
Student body: 4,965
Tuition/Net Price: $14,084

The goal of Lee University in Tennessee, a Christian liberal arts institution, is to create students who are both intellectually and spiritually well-rounded. Participants in this school’s service-learning program are given the opportunity to earn college credits in exchange for completing a set number of community service hours. With “Deke Day,” Lee’s service-learning program is introduced. Freshmen are brought to nearby nursing homes, retirement communities, and other facilities for a day of giving and engagement.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

13.Eckerd College

Saint Petersburg, Florida

13 points
2,200 students enrolled; tuition/net price: $18,251

Eckerd College is one of the most known universities for its service-oriented environment and was recently included in a list of the 40 “Colleges That Change Lives.” The tiny student body and 95% terminally educated professors at Eckerd offer a mentor-based instructional experience. The college’s Reflective Service Learning approach, which mandates that students complete 40 hours of community service before graduating, is one of its most distinctive features. Eckerd is steadfast in its conviction that outreach and learning are closely related.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

14.Birmingham Southern College

Birmingham, Alabama

13 points
1,185 students are enrolled; tuition is $22,250.


Birmingham Southern College, one of the most prestigious universities in the country, holds that “the objective of education is to make the world a better place.” With two departments devoted to possibilities for student volunteerism and civic engagement, BSC is recognized as a service-oriented organization. The Bunting Center for Engaged Study and Community Action has numerous ongoing relationships with organizations in the Birmingham area, each of which has specific requirements for student assistance. The Hess Center for Leadership and Service offers in-depth instruction on how to be proactive citizens beyond graduation.

15.Lebanon Valley College

Annville, Pennsylvania

13 points
Students: 3,423
Tuition/Net Price: $24,394

Lebanon Valley College, one of the 2016 America’s Best Colleges, has a long tradition of excellence in academics and a vibrant campus life. This organization thinks that college is the best place to start preparing for a life of service. Students are urged to choose outreach projects that align with their post-graduation objectives. Awards are given to students as a token of appreciation for their outstanding dedication to volunteer work. Recipients of LVC awards have worked directly with persons who experience physical restrictions, substandard living situations, abuse, ill health, and related issues.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

16.Wagner College

Staten Island, New York

13 points
Student body: 2,231
Tuition/Net Price: $29,226

Staten Island’s Wagner College is a distinguished university with a selective admissions procedure and is located just outside the NYC metro area. With a faculty to student ratio of just 14:1, over 90% of the faculty members hold the highest degree available in their fields. Wagner University prides itself on being a national leader in civic engagement, and it maintains a long list of collaborations that maximize student involvement. The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Wagner Cares, Imagining America, and other initiatives are available through the Center for Leadership Engagement (CLCE).

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17.Emory and Henry College

Emory, Virginia

12 points
Student body: 1,038
Tuition/Net Price: $18,661

The close-knit community at Emory and Henry College values both academic competition and service-based learning. The college takes a special interest in the area’s Appalachian community, which is largely poor. To provide students with chances to participate in a wide range of public service efforts, the Appalachian Center for Community Service and Civic Life was founded. E&H also maintains close ties with the area’s religious and educational institutions. Emory and Henry’s main objective in getting students involved in service is to foster a lifetime desire to address social injustices.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

18.Warren Wilson College

Swannanoa, North Carolina

Points: 12
Enrollment: 890
Net Price/Tuition: $23,617

North Carolina’s Warren Wilson College is a liberal arts school whose approach to learning is called the “Triad.” The three components of this triad are academics, work and service. Students  seeking a well-rounded education that incorporates community outreach will find a good home at Warren Wilson. This institution requires a minimum amount of volunteer hours for the entire student body, regardless of major. There are over 100 work crews on campus with involvement opportunities in landscaping, recycling, blacksmithing, community food service, and many others.

19.Clark University

Worcester, Massachusetts

11 points
Students: 3,423
Tuition/Net Price: $24,394

A vibrant academic community with a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree offerings, Clark University was established in 1887. This college places a big emphasis on teamwork between students and teachers when it comes to learning. For students looking for a service-oriented college experience, Clark is committed to provide continued employment both locally and internationally. A wide variety of neighborhood organizations pay a visit to the Clark campus every September to inform both incoming and existing students about service internship possibilities.20 Best Deals on Small Service-Oriented Colleges

20. Hope College

Holland, Michigan

11 points
Students: 3,455
Tuition/Net Price: $25,770

Hope College is a top college for both challenging academics and civic engagement. The combined volunteer hours of the staff and students at this college total an amazing 129,000. The Carnegie Foundation’s Community Engagement Classification recently acknowledged Hope College’s commitment to service. This college holds a variety of charitable events. A couple of these are “Time to Serve,” which inspires freshmen to pursue volunteer opportunities in the neighborhood, and “Dance Marathon,” a student-run fundraising initiative for a nearby children’s hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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