10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama

10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama
10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama
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Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama;-High school seniors are almost definitely considering total cost when they decide where to reside for the next four years, and if they aren’t, then we bet their parents are! Making the decision to attend a college in a community with a lower than average cost of living can help you save money while obtaining your college degree. Fortunately, Alabama has a large number of these places and already has an average cost of living that is around 11% cheaper than the national average.

Our editors compiled a list of every college town in Alabama using Wikipedia before ranking them according to general affordability using Sperling’s Best Places. We analyzed housing, food, healthcare, transportation, and utility expenditures to the national average in order to determine which college towns are the most cheap. Before reducing our list to the top 10 college towns in Alabama, we took into account aspects like amenities, crime rates, public transit, and general quality of life.

Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama

There are several college towns in Alabama, each with its unique charm and character. Some of the most notable college towns in Alabama include:

  1. Tuscaloosa: Home to the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa is a lively college town with a bustling downtown area, a variety of restaurants and shops, and a rich football culture.
  2. Auburn: Located in eastern Alabama, Auburn is home to Auburn University and offers a mix of small-town charm and college town energy. The downtown area is full of restaurants, shops, and bars, and there are plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities nearby.
  3. Birmingham: While not a traditional college town, Birmingham is home to several colleges and universities, including the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Samford University. The city has a vibrant arts and culture scene, great restaurants and nightlife, and plenty of outdoor spaces to explore.
  4. Huntsville: Located in northern Alabama, Huntsville is home to the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Alabama A&M University. The city is known for its space and science industry, but also has a growing arts and culture scene and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities.
  5. Mobile: Home to the University of South Alabama, Mobile is a historic city with a rich culture and a lively downtown area. The city is located on the Gulf of Mexico, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

These are just a few of the many college towns in Alabama, each with its unique character and attractions.

Bellow We have Explained in Details About 10 best Affordable College Towns in Alabama that you may look For:



Tuskegee University Cost of Living: 12.3% below state average; 23.7% below national average
Despite the fact that Tuskegee is a small town that initially appears to be somewhat isolated, a closer look reveals a thriving community where students can flourish both during and after their college experience. Tuskegee’s cost of living is typically 24% lower than the national average, and housing, transportation, and entertainment are among of the most reasonably priced regions. Students can locate a one-bedroom apartment for an average monthly cost of $475 even in the town’s safest neighborhoods close to the university campus.10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama


Samford University, Birmingham School of Law, Cumberland School of Law, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham-Southern College, and Miles Law School
Cost of living: 9.5% less than the state average and 20.9% less than the national average.
Birmingham saw a bleak mid-century fall marked by Civil Rights issues and economic problems, despite formerly being referred to be the “Pittsburgh of the South” due to its past as a significant steel production hub. Birmingham is currently undergoing a significant economic rebound, in part because to the vigor that comes with being home to several colleges and universities.

Living expenses here are 21% lower than the national average. The large student population of the city will be delighted by.Food, healthcare, transportation, entertainment, and particularly housing have the lowest prices. Students may really rent a studio or one-bedroom apartment for roughly $702 or $765 per month, respectively, in Birmingham, where housing costs are on average just about 34% of the national average.10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama

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School of West Alabama
Cost of living: 8.8% less than the state average and 20.2% less than the national average.
Livingston, which is in Sumter County, is primarily a rural town and home to University of West Alabama. Living in Livingston is around 20% less expensive than the national average and almost 9% less expensive than the average in Alabama. The healthcare costs, which are often less than half the national average, are the major variations affecting this reduced standard of life. In fact, Livingston offers one-bedroom apartments for rent for around $560 per month, which is almost $100 less than the rest of Alabama.10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama


Alabama State University, Faulkner University, Huntingdon College, and Auburn University at Montgomery
Cost of living: 19.9% below average nationally; 8.5% below average in the state.
Although Montgomery is the state capital of Alabama, it is not a large, busy, or overwhelming city. Montgomery has a long history of importance in the area and exudes Southern charm. Even though it now has many universities and a growing economy, students can still live there and pay less than $750 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. Students will likely save the most money on housing, while average prices for entertainment, transportation, and food are also significantly lower than the national norms.10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama


North Alabama University and Heritage Christian University
Cost of living: 15.9% less than the average for the country; 4.5% less than the average for the state.
In the Tennessee Valley, close to the Tennessee border, Florence is a tiny, economically sound city. Aluminum, rubber, and steel are the main local industries, and manufacturing has kept Florence relevant. Despite housing being the best value for the local student population, Florence’s cost of living is lower than the national average in every area. The average cost of housing is just 61% of the national average, with one bedrooms renting for $583 on a monthly basis.10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama


University of Jacksonville State
Cost of living: 3.8% below the state average and 15.2% below the national average.
The Anniston-Oxford-Jacksonville metropolitan area includes the small town of Jacksonville, Alabama. Although the area has some charm and is conveniently close to Talladega Mountain, which offers a variety of recreational opportunities, students attending schools in Jacksonville aren’t likely to find a lot to do off campus.

Even yet, the cost of living is rather alluring, and Birmingham is conveniently close by for those who need the occasional big night out. Jacksonville’s monthly average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $480, which is less than the state, regional, and national averages. Additionally less expensive than the national average are food, transportation, and entertainment.10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama


Troy University’s cost of living is 2% below the state average and 13.4% below the national average.
Troy, Alabama is a little town, thus there isn’t much to say about it as there isn’t much there. Locals in Troy have a wide range of opinions about their town, with some comparing it to a Norman Rockwell painting and others calling it “backwards.” However, both groups appear to concur that there isn’t much to see or do in Troy aside from what is related to the institution.

The reasonable cost of living is also mentioned by both parties. Every major area of cost is lower in Troy than the national average, and a one-bedroom apartment can be rented for about $540 per month, which is almost $100 less than the Alabama average.10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama


Wallace Community College, Troy University at Dothan, and Fortis College-Dothan
Cost of living: 13.1% below average nationally; 1.7% below average in state
A prestigious community college, two significant satellite campuses, and an osteopathic medical school can all be found in Little Dothan, Alabama. Dothan has one of the lowest cost of livings of any college town in Alabama, which is fortunate given the surrounding population of students.

Food, housing, utilities, transportation, and entertainment all have prices that are lower than the national average. Dothan has a ton of entertainment options, speaking of which. Dothan’s official dish is barbeque, and every year the city hosts two professional competitions in this area. In addition, Dothan hosts the three-day Toadlick Music Festival, which honors all things country and southern rock, and the yearly National Peanut Festival in November.10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama

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Spring Hill College, University of Mobile, and University of South Alabama
Cost of living is 1 percent lower than the state average and 12.4% less than the national average.
As a hub for shipbuilding and a port city, Mobile, Alabama, has a lengthy and distinctive history. Due of the extent to which its native culture still reflects the Spanish and French influences that aided in its creation, it is frequently contrasted with New Orleans (though with fewer problems).

Mobile’s rising paper, automotive, and aerospace sectors have contributed to the city’s expanding economy. Students in the area benefit from this because they can rent a one-bedroom apartment for roughly $681 per month, which is about $220 cheaper than the national average. In addition to housing, utilities, entertainment, and food costs are lower than the national average.10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama


Huntsville Bible College, Oakwood University, Alabama A&M University, and the University of Alabama
Cost of living: 3.6% more expensive than the state average; 7.8% more expensive than the national average.
The term “Space Capital of America” refers to Huntsville, Alabama, a quaint southern community recognized for its desirable neighborhoods, proximity to the Appalachian mountains, and robust local technology sector.

Huntsville is home to large operations for Boeing, Lockheed Martin, LG Electronics, Intergraph, and DirecTV, so there is no shortage of well-paying employment opportunities. While the average monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Alabama is $764, the average monthly cost of food, utilities, and transportation is all significantly lower.10 Best Affordable College Towns in Alabama

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